Hot Tub Bubbling System

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Hot Tub Bubble Systems for Hot Tubs and Spas

No other hot tub feature reduces stress and adds more fun than Bubbles!

ThermoSpa’s Bubble Systems offer the most important elements of hot tub ownership: stress reduction, relaxation and FUN! Many ThermoSpas owners say that relaxing in their hot tubs with the Bubble System on is like sitting in a giant glass of champagne! And while three out of four of our competitors don’t even offer a bubbling system, ThermoSpas finds it to be the number one feature that our customers request.

Hot Tub Bubble System

The industry’s best Bubbling System.
Take a look at some of the features that make ThermoSpa’s Hot Tub Bubble System so unique:

  • Blower Regulator Valve that allows you to adjust the bubbling action from champagne-like effervescence, all the way up to an exhilarating surge.
  • The quietest motors in the industry. While you are enjoying that tingling sensation of stress relief, the only sound you hear is the soothing harmony of bubbling water.
  • A computerized Air-Cleaning System to keep your hot tub’s bubbles perfectly clean so your hot tub water stays crystal clear.
  • Co-Generated Heating System to warm the air that rushes through the bubble jets so you can enjoy your spa’s bubbles even on the coldest of nights.