Features to Look for in a Hot Tub

With the newest advancements in technology and materials, today is the best time to consider buying a new hot tub, healing and therapy Spa hot tub, or swimming and exercise spa. What are some of the main features to look for when looking into a hot tub purchase for you and your family?

The first feature that you’ll want to look at is the shell of the hot tub, both the size of the shell, and its construction and the materials used are important factors. Many cheaper hot tubs available on the market, although inexpensive, end out quickly fading, cracking or simply are not able to withstand the pressure. Of the many features of a hot tub, all can be replaced except for the shell.

Another important feature is the system of water purification you will choose. With the different chemicals and chlorine needed to purify the water in a hot tub, monthly expenses can get costly, not to mention the irritation and allergies they cause to your skin or from breathing in the strong smells. Choosing an ozonator offers a more natural way to oxygenate the water, disinfect and kill bacteria, viruses, molds and chloramines.

What type of heater, or heating system does the hot tub offer? Since you’ll be using your hot tub year round, this should be an important feature that can hold up under a variety of weather conditions and should last for several years. Many of the heaters offered in hot tub packages are simply made out of stainless steel. Although a durable and strong material, with chemical conditions such as chlorine added, along with body oils, and extreme outdoor conditions, the heating elements made from stainless steel will quickly begin to wear away, pit and corrode. The far more durable and strong titanium metal is superior, and will last up to 10 years longer.

Other important features you’ll want to look into for in your hot tub will be the jets. To get the most benefits in your spa experience you’ll want the ideal number of jets, well placed along with a solid control mechanism. These features will give you the best therapy, relaxation and enjoyment that you can with your spa.

As with all hot tub spas, safety is a paramount feature when water mixes with electricity. So, make sure that the hot tub manufacturer you choose has a solid reputation in the business and is well known to many satisfied clients. Unsafe hot tubs are simply not worth the cheaper price.

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