Excellent Customer Service (SD home show)

We really appreciate the customer service we received at the 9/15/07 San Diego Home show. Trevor Hitch and Bob? did a fabulous job explaining the features of the Spa Trainer. We were lucky enough toreturn the second day so our kids (ages 12 and 9)could test the Swim Spa (sadly, the Spa Trainer wasn't at the show).Trevor was great with the kids in the water and adjusted the jets so they could swim agasinst the current. Both kids picked it up quickly, andtheyreally enjoyed the time in the Swim Spa. I think this helped show other kids (and their parents) that they could swim in it too. My wife and I can't say enough about how nice Trevor was with the kids in the water (while we talked to Bob about the "details"). Trevor really seemed to enjoy himself.The folks we met at the show really seemed to take customer service seriously (compared to other spa sales reps who are breathing down your neck). This seems to be a 360 degree difference from the current Better Business Bureau report. I hope to see this same level of customer service throughout the delivery and future maintenance of the product.

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