David Lash

Nevin and I want to thank-you very much forcoming out to Long Island to do our home analysis fora ThermoSpa. Generally we are not fond of sales people. Wehave found in the past their demeanor to be toaggressive, which is a terrible turn off to us. Nevin and I were so blown away by yourpresentation. Not only did you show extremeprofessionalism, but your knowledge of the product wasproficient and passionate.You not only educated us, you listened to usattentively when we had a question. That is animportant attribute to have in dealing withprospective buyers. ThermoSpa should be proud to have you as avaluable team member. We were honored to have you astheir representative in our home. As the result turned out of our home analysis, wehave alot of prep work prior to purchasing a spa. Ourelectric needs to be redone. We also need to make ourfoundation larger and level to accept the size spa weare looking for. We will be in touch down the road. David, once again thank-you for making thisexperience a pleasant one. Sincerely, Sue and Nevin Matsil

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