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I am a business owner and understand that sometime things do not go as planned with a sale. Such was the case with my recent hot tub purchase. I purchased a hot tub and a significant order of accessory items later. Upon arrival some of the components did not fit together. Lillian Matias in service got involved and resolved the issues of making the bar fit with the cover and the steps fit with the hot tub. This took a significant amount of coordination but it was all completed. The problems were a pain to deal with, however, Lillian’s continued updates and total follow through made the pain go away. All companies have problems with orders. It is how the problems are handled that measures the true quality of the company. My experience with customer service and Lillian specifically made me confident that you will stand behind your product moving forward. The tub was a significant investment, the problems are now behind us and we can begin to enjoy the tub thanks to the efforts for your service department. I will continue to call and ask for Lillian. Because Iknow that she will get it done for me. As a business owner of a sales and service company I offer you this feed back . when I receive info good or bad it helps us to become better. You are a better company with people like Lillian following up for ThermoSpas My thanks to her. Kevin Kelaher

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