Customer Care Representative – Janet DeMarsils

I have spoken to representatives at ThermaSpas 800# quite a few times now. From the day we received our spa and had to call to go over the set up process, to calling with questions, or ordering products. Every time I called I received less than average customer service. Then I called to order some products and spoke withJanet DeMarsils, she took the time to go over some products, their benefits and just answer some questions. Where asprior the Repwould have acting as though I was wasting their time with a stupid question, she actually took the timetoexplain things. As with most people this is a large item to purchase – where it can be purchased locally for less – we chose to go with ThermaSpa for quality and what was explainedby the Sales Rep as the best customer service around.(that is until the papers are signed and then you cant get a return call) I was pleasantly surprised at the customer service Janet provided… you may want to ask her to do a "Customer Service Seminar" for the rest of your employees. **just an fyi— people will alway remember and share theircustomer service experienceover the product itself!==My rating below is on Janet alone!

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