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Custom Built Hot Tubs and Spas

Custom Built Hot Tubs
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Other spa manufacturers may say “custom built” but we mean it! ThermoSpas are the only hot tubs that give buyers so many options, that each custom hot tub’s cost matches the buyer’s budget.

First, you choose from 10 to 160 jets.

While the average number of hot tub jets in other hot tub brands is only 20, your ThermoSpas hot tub could have as many as 160 or as few as 10! Every one of our spa models has a basic, advanced and all-inclusive version.

Next, you tailor by color and feature. 

We offer a wide variety of marble and granite shell colors, plus your choice of cabinet materials and colors including a range of Thermo-Board exteriors. Some of our hot tubs offer grab bars that light, built-in ice buckets, and pillows with neck massaging jets. Or spas that let you pick the depth of a special seating area, to ensure you get a water therapy seat that’s right for you.

Now add the options that make your spa unique.

All of ThermoSpas’ hot tubs offer the ability to add an array of elegant spa accessories that help turn every spa into a beautiful, at-home retreat. We also offer you a choice of water sanitizing systems, hot tub heaters, control panels, lighting designs, hot tub stereo systems and more.