Computerized Hot Tub Control Panels

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Computerized Hot Tub Control Panels.

Each ThermoSpas hot tub gives you your choice of computerized control panels. They’re conveniently located, waterproof and equipped with many money saving functions. Choose controls with some or all of these commands:

Hot Tub control panel
Hot Tub Control Panel with energy saving features.

  • Pre-Programmed Filtration cleans the water automatically, twice daily.
  • Temperature Lock keeps the spa water at the right temperature.
  • Economy Mode cuts your energy costs by preventing the spa from using any electricity until it’s time for a water filtration cycle.
  • Automatic Shut Off turns the spa jets off after you get out.
  • Automatic Freeze Protection is constantly protecting your spa.
  • Panel Locking prevents anyone from using your spa.
  • Diagnostic Center monitors all hot tub systems day and night and indicates just what’s wrong if your spa ever has a malfunction.
  • Digital Clock tells you how long you’ve been in heaven.

ThermoSpas Control Panel is a money saving marvel! Not only is it fully computerized and user friendly, it’s packed with energy saving features. The Economy Mode Function saves money, filtration cycles are easily programmed in seconds, and the Temperature Locking Feature prevents others from altering favorite settings so the spa is always ready and waiting to be enjoyed.

If bathers forget, ThermoSpas control panel also features automatic shut-off to deactivate the spa’s jets, pumps, blowers and lights. This intelligent system also features a state-of-the-art diagnostic fault display that indicates the nature of the problem should the spa malfunction.