With the high prices of gas and airfare, setup your home as a ‘staycation’

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on October 18, 2011 in Lifestyle

Why a hot tub? Because it’s fun for the family and great for entertaining!

Did you know that Thermo Spa surveys discovered that Thermo Spa owners have fun in their spas an average of 200 times a year!

With the high prices of gas and airfare, more families are setting up their home for a ‘staycation’ vacation – relaxing and enjoying time together in the privacy of your own home.

Families are coming up with new ways to vacation while sticking to their budget. With a Staycation, families can get the best of both worlds by saving money and still having fun.

A hot tub is an investment for the family that reaps benefits all year long. For families looking to invest in a hot tub to use as a Staycation, larger hot tubs like the Manhattan or the Concord are ideal. If it’s within the budget, the Swim Spa is the ultimate entertainment hot tub. With the swim spa, you can fit up to 12 people and use the hot tub as an alternative to a pool. Turn down the heat in the summer, and you have an investment your family can use from season to season.

At Home Hot Tub Vacation Ideas

Thinking of hosting your own hot tub party, but looking for fresh ideas? What about including a party-set-up in your backyard with fully stocked bar, snacks, music, game boards, flat screen TV, and having a poker night for those soaking in the tub, or watch the big sports games. Just make sure there are plenty of other enjoyable activities around for guests while they’re waiting for their turn, you don’t want anyone to feel like they’re missing out on all the relaxation action.

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Couples who want to strengthen their relationship, especially after an extremely busy or hectic time find the sensual ambiance and atmosphere created by a hot tub can help
them renew their love. When couples take time to play, relax and be romantic together it enhances love bonds and intimacy dramatically. Even a few hours leisurely relaxing in a hydro-spa together provides the incentive that builds a romantic adventure. Thermo Spas has combined the calming sensation of near-weightlessness in warm bubbling water with perfectly designed seating areas so relaxing that bathers feel like they’re away on vacation.

See some of the highlights just for couples.

Families planning a staycation with the kids will find the family-sized hot tubs offer an affordable solution that creates themes of fun for the entire crew. Small children should never be left alone in the hot tub or hot water for long, but with parents around they can enjoy playing ball tossing games or splash around with new bath toys. An advantage of the Thermo Spa hot tub is that it is designed to maintain the temperature set by the user, always waiting and ready for fun 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Parents don’t need to worry about the water being overheated or too hot for youngsters. Older kids and parents can enjoy watching their favorite shows or movies, or just chilling and relaxing together. Preparing easy to serve snacks and staycation treats ahead of time that aren’t messy makes a hot tub adventures all the more enjoyable any time of year.

Thermo Spa surveys discovered that Thermo Spa owners have fun in their spas an average of 200 times a year!


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