Water Jets and The Bubbling System Explained

Hot Tubs are designed to work in two separate ways, waterjets and air bubbling systems. The most commonly used by all spa manufacturers are the waterjets. A pump draws in water from the hot tub and sends it through a series of jets. Topside valves mix air into the water stream creating a more vibrant water pressure. ThermoSpas unique manifold plumbing system not only allows us to install more jets but also a larger variety of water jets than any other spa.

For the best in water therapy, we recommend clustering one seat with a large number of small laser and pulsating jets. Most people prefer twenty small jets massaging their entire back versus six large jets. ThermoSpas signature wave lounge is a perfect example of a series of jets massaging every part of your body. There’s even a pause button so you can focus on critical areas that need attention. But for those who need powerful therapy, our large whirlpool jet is equivalent to eight standard jets. Everyone’s favorite is our patented pillow-jet. Where you simply push a button and melt the stress away. There’s even a valve to control the intensity.


But what sets ThermoSpas apart from all other manufacturers is our trademarked total control therapy system. ThermoSpas makes available a separate pump and control so each seating area can be activated independently. Then we invented and patented the industry’s only throttle control valve. You can adjust the pressure of an entire seating area from eight pounds per square inch to as much as 22. The result is total control therapy, where each bather can not only control their own seating area but also control the degree of water pressure. The jets in a hot tub provide the therapy for aching muscles and joints. But it’s the bubbling system that truly provides the stress relief and fun associated with a hot tub. A powerful pump pushes air to a series of jets that create a relaxing bubbling action.

Unfortunately, manufacturers that build full foam spas have eliminated bubbling systems because they feed cool outside air into the water. Our unique thermo insulation system feeds warm air into the spa no matter what the temperature is outdoors. Plus, the air pumps are sound proofed. So you only hear the sound of bubbling water. But most importantly, we offer a regulator valve that allows you to control even the pressure of the bubbling activity. Waterjet therapy is great but stress relief and relaxing fun is what hot tubs are all about.


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