Water exercises and aerobics using the ThermoSpas Aquacisor Hot Tub and Spa

It’s an undisputed fact. Exercise is important. For many, it is tough to stick with a regiment and the impact upon joints can cause pain. ThermoSpas had changed this with the revolutionary Aquacisor. It is a spa that combines the power of water along with resistance training. It gives you a full body workout in just 25 minutes and increases your metabolism, all in a low impact environment. Plus, during your workout, you can enjoy the music of the finest outdoor stereo available. The Aquacisor is not just for exercising it is also one of the most luxurious hot tubs ever designed and it seats up to seven people.call-to-action-button-blog-blue3

The Aquacisor makes you feel younger, look younger, and live longer. Your workout begins with a five minute mild massage that increases blood flow and prepares your body for exercise. Now you are ready for a twenty minute workout that targets every muscle in your body. The Aquacisor reduces weight bearing exercise by 70% of your body weight, allowing you to increase your workout intensity while reducing the effects of gravity. A variety of tension bands allows you to perform virtually every exercise available in a professional gym. Additional bands can be added for more resistance and can be moved to target any muscle group. There is even a rowing attachment that gives you an incredible upper body workout. The Aquacisor’s strong current lets you power walk and its deep enough for an underwater jogging treadmill for a low-impact aerobic workout. When you’re done, slide into the therapy seat, turn up the patented throttle valve, and receive the most incredible massage of your life.





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