Ultimate foot and leg massage hot tub and spa therapy using ThermoSpas

Heidi, ThermoSpas representative, reviews the ThermoSpas Concord model hot tub. The Concord hot tub is designed for four to five people. Heidi is sitting in the love seat area where two people can sit adjacent to each other.

0:26 Heidi begins discussing the amazing leg & foot massage capabilities of the ThermoSpas Concord model hot tub. ThermoSpas gives you the option of installing as many water jets as you want into your ThermoSpas hot tub.

0:43 Heidi points out the unique foot massage water jets available on the Concord model.

01:02 Heidi sits in the ThermoSpas Manhattan hot tub and points out the wavelounge, which is a two person wavelounge. The hot tub features an array of water jets; all are customizable. ThermoSpas has a patented, throttle control valve that enables the user to control the intensity of the water massage and pause it whenever you want to target a certain part of your body, in this case, your legs.

To learn more about ThermoSpas incredible water jet technology and its Concord model hot tub, please visit:http://www.thermospas.com/hot-tub-jet…

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