ThermoSpas Review: It Is So Spacious And Relaxing

I absolutely love our new hot tub. It is such a great product. My kids are in it almost every single day and they love it also. This was more a gift for them but I can’t seem to stay out of it either. It is so spacious and relaxing. You can adjust the jet settings to make it lighter or stronger which I love because my son tends to make them too strong for everyone else. It isn’t that hard to take care of if you read the manual a little bit. The heat settings are adjustable so I can turn it down when I get in so that it is not that hot. It keeps all the heat in and stays warm so that no matter what time of day I go to get in, it is ready. I am just overall very satisfied with this product and the company. I really do not regret spending the money on this product. It was a great buy and I would do it all over again.

- Tami


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