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on September 8, 2011 in Fitness

Swim spas: the benefits of a pool and a spa … simply better.

Swim in all four seasons, 365 days a year!

  • With a ThermoSpas you don’t have to wait all winter to have a pool party — go ahead, have it in January! Swim, exercise, play and entertain whenever the desire strikes because no matter the weather, your SwimSpa is always ready!

Portable, with no excavation, no mess … use it the day it’s delivered!

  • ThermoSpas SwimSpas are designed as free standing units so they usually do not require a building permit, or the need for excavation. Each of our Fitness Series spas can be installed indoors or out, on or within a deck or patio. Most importantly, there is no major excavation needed — as soon as we install it, jump right in! Plus, you’ll seldom have to worry about any effect on the value of your home because it is so portable you can take it with you if you move!

So safe … and easy to maintain, too!

  • ThermoSpas’ locking cover helps reduce concerns of unsupervised children getting into your pool. Equally important are our multiple water intake valves that meet Virginia Graeme Baker Spa Safety Act standards to eliminate suction hazard fears. To limit the chore of maintenance, our patented ThermOzone automatic sanitizing system means you usually will only need to change your water once or twice a year!

Massage therapy …

  • ThermoSpas’ patented Throttle Control Valve allows you to control the intensity of all the jets positioned in one entire seat. Now you can start with a powerful full body massage and then slowly dial it down to a gentle tingling sensation without disturbing the jet performance of any other seating area. Many models even include our patented Pillow Jets that provided that much needed massage to both your neck and shoulders. These types of unique features help stimulate the release of endorphin, the body’s natural feel good chemical.

Year ‘round entertaining and romance!

  • A SwimSpa is the perfect place for both family fun and entertaining friends — and what could a couple find more romantic then lying under the stars in the warm relaxing water of a ThermoSpas? Our owners use their spas an average of 200 times per year no matter what the climate — a lot more often than one can say for owners of traditional swimming pools.



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