thermospas hot tub customer review

The Recliner in the Platinum Model is Excellent

“We absolutely love our hot tub and are overall very pleased with our purchase.   There is nothing better than relaxing for awhile in the evenings before going to bed.  It is much easier to fall asleep and I find myself sleeping much better at night.  My husband especially enjoys the shoulder massage jets.  My son is a cross country runner and sits in the hot tub almost every night to relax his muscles.   It has become an entertainment center for the kids. They have their friends over and enjoy swimming and playing games in our hot tub. We are very pleased with the Platinum model as we are not crowded with friends and family.  I was very tentative about having a recliner and when looking at other brands did not like them and we did not originally want to have this feature.  Our salesperson did a great job in explain the Platinum double recliner feature.  The recliner in the Platinum model is excellent and to my surprise I find myself using it all the time for that calf muscle massage.”

- Michelle


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