The Olympian is 3 Hot Tubs in 1 Package

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on September 12, 2011 in Fitness

The Olympian is truly three hot tubs in one package! If you’re looking to get into shape or require water therapy, but are still looking to enjoy the benefits and pleasures of a traditional hot tub, then the Olympian is for you!

Three Hot Tubs in One Package

EXERCISE MACHINE: Adjustable seat and attachments for resistance bands allow you to exercise in a low impact environment. Exercise just became fun.

AQUATIC THERAPY: The only spa seat where you can face in any direction and target therapy jets anywhere (knees, back, chest, etc). Convenient valves allow you to control the intensity of the massage.

Elegant cabinetry, Deluxe LED lighting, Stereo/CD Sound System, Automatic Water Purifier, Virtually Maintenance Free, Energy Efficiency, Quiet Operation, and a Corian Surface Bar Area are just a few of the reasons the Olympian is the ultimate LUXURY HOT TUB.

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Olympian Hot Tub

Exercise Bands

Sturdy attachments are provided at strategic locations to anchor a rowing machine and exercise bands that allow for a wide variance of resistance.


The Only Adjustable Seat

The only adjustable seat in the hot tub industry! Ideal for those seeking exercise or therapy no matter how tall or short they are. Plus, it’s padded for comfort and is easily removed.By simply removing the adjustable seat the Olympian transforms into the perfect entertainment spa. Wide open space, two elegant seating areas with built-in pillows, raised child seat, and a foot well that allows everyone to stretch out and relax.


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