The Aquacisor by Thermospa: Working Out Just Got More Fun


on September 8, 2011 in Fitness

The World’s Deepest Hot Tub is both a luxury spa and an underwater resistance training machine. Now you can work out right in the comfort of your own home – forget pricey gym fees and boring laborious work-outs.

With the Aquacisor by Thermospa, fitness just got a little more fun

The Aquacisor allows you to perform virtually every exercise available in a professional gym—but done in the comfort of your own home.

Because the Aquacisor is the deepest hot tub available it is ideal for jogging and walking. We even make available an underwater treadmill for serious walkers and joggers who’d like to vary their pace.

A center seat with foot supports and strategically positioned attachments allow you to exercise almost every muscle.

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Each movement is cushioned by water, reducing the stress on your joints, and eliminating much of the fatigue and potential for injury.

The unfortunate truth is that most people give up on their exercise programs after a few months or even just a few weeks, because it simply isn’t fun. Most become bored with an exercise routine that is now a job instead of a pleasure.

The Aquacisor turns exercise into a fun experience that you look forward to each and every day.


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