Teaching Children How to Swim in a Swim Spa

children swimming

on October 27, 2011 in Fitness

When it comes to teaching your child to swim, whether your baby is still quite young, or your child is a toddler, owning your own swim spa provides an ideal and safer environment. Of course, as any parent or teacher knows, a child should never be left alone when there is water around, as it is simply too dangerous. Teaching a child to swim in a secure, safe and private environment can help your child gain the confidence they will need for becoming a confident swimmer as they grow up.

Parents also have the assurance that comes when their child learns to swim in water that is clean, free of any potential parasites that often give babies and children diseases such as those associated from swimming in public swimming pools.

Another very important point to remember is that when children swim recreationally, or are learning to swim they will need a water temperature that is comfortable for them. You want them to be able to enjoy the water and the experience it without shivering or getting cold, or vice versa, without the water being dangerously hot. Experts are in agreement that the ideal water temperature for children to learn to swim is about 28 to 30 degrees Celsius, or 82 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit. Babies will do better on the warmer end of this temperature range as they feel very uncomfortable in colder water. If your baby or child begins shivering or their lips are turning blue, the water is too cold. A child’s body temperature drops much more quickly in water than on land, so if they are shivering and lips are blueish, get them out of the water right away and re-set your temperature before getting in again. The converse is true if the water is too hot; above 86 degree F will be too hot for their little bodies to handle.

The advantage of owning your own swim spa is that you are easily able to regulate and monitor the temperature yourself when teaching your baby or child to swim. The jet streams also have a control gauge, making it easy for a parent to maintain the best jet water streams and currents that can help the child with the water resistance they need to make them a strong swimmer. Later when you or other adults are training, working out or swimming you can reset the water temperatures cooler or hotter and jet stream controls to a stronger current depending on your preference.

Swim spas come with a durable heavy weight cover, making it difficult for a child to remove. Another added safety feature for parents who choose to use a swim spa as opposed to a sunken hot tub or swimming pool is that the swim spa sits high up from the ground; children are not able to wander over and fall in.

There are a number of excellent methods that parents can use to prepare and teach their baby or child to swim. You will want to find the technique that you and your child feel most comfortable with and that makes it a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

Teaching your child to swim may be one of the most productive things you can do with them, as it prepares them at a young age to handle water safely.


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