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  1. The Ultimate Guide to Throwing a Festive Christmas Hot Tub Party

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    ‘Tis the season to be jolly, and nothing makes us jollier than keeping warm in a bubbling hot tub during a cold winter evening. So we’ve created the ultimate guide to throwing a festive Christmas hot tub party to help you host the best and most unique Christmas party around! Here’s what you’ll need to do.

    First, Make Sure Your Hot Tub is Squeaky Clean

    Your hot tub water should be glistening like fresh snow for your Christmas party. Before inviting guests over:

    Transform Your Hot Tub into a Winter Wonderland With Christmas Decorations

    Festively decorate your hot tub and the area around it to get your guests in the Christmas spirit when you:

    • Get your hot tub looking merry by setting your ThermoSpas® hot tub LED lighting to green or red inside and finish it off with waterproof Christmas lights.

    • Transform your hot tub into one of the best presents of the year by wrapping a long waterproof ribbon around it and adoring it with waterproof bows.

    • Add wintery details by hanging plastic snowflakes and lights in the trees around your hot tub, place reindeer décor and inflatable snowman around your backyard, and mark the path to your hot tub with cardboard candy cane pathway markers.

    Celebrate With Christmas Music & Entertainment

    Kindle the Christmas spirit with some merry-themed media, from Christmas music to holiday flicks:

    • Plug in your audio source, pull up our playlist of the best classic Christmas party songs and turn on your ThermoSpas® hot tub with a deluxe sound system. You can find the playlist at the bottom of this post.

    • Play classic Christmas movies on your hot tub cinema, such as Home Alone, A Christmas Carol or  It’s a Wonderful Life. Just make sure to put the movies on mute so that they don’t conflict with the music.

    • Make your own holly, jolly music with a karaoke machine your guests can use when they aren’t in your hot tub.

    Serve Festive Food and Drinks

    Provide some easy-to-eat finger food for people to munch on when they’re out of the hot tub:

    • Serve sweets, like green and red Christmas M&Ms, candy canes and gingerbread cookies.

    • Balance your pallet with savory treats like red and green tortilla chips with guacamole and salsa, and put your favorite nuts in a bowl for your friends to enjoy.

    • Keep your guests toasty when they’re outside of the hot tub with hot drinks such as hot chocolate with marshmallows, peppermint tea.

    Plan Out Your Christmas Hot Tub Party Guest List

    Like with any hot tub party, the amount of people you invite is important to think about:

    • Set up tables and chairs outside of the hot tub so that people who can’t fit in the spa have somewhere to relax.

    • Throw a more intimate party, make sure you’re limiting the number of guests to the number of people who can comfortably fit in your hot tub.

    • Remind people to bring towels, slippers, a warm robe and a swimsuit. It’s likely that someone will forget to bring these essentials, so make sure to have extra.

    Throwing a Christmas party with a hot tub is a blast. We hope this guide helps you to host a Christmas party that gets everyone in the holiday spirit.

    For more winter fun, check out ThermoSpas’ Pinterest page, where you can feast your eyes on beautiful images of hot tubs in snowy places. There’s nothing quite like enjoying your hot tub in the dead cold of winter. If you haven’t yet prepared your hot tub for winter, find out how to do so safely and easily in our blog.

  2. Preparing Your Hot Tub for Winter

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    Soaking in your hot tub during a snowy winter evening is a beautiful and relaxing experience. You keep warm in the heated hot tub water while ice-cold snow surrounds you, steam rising up. It’s a picturesque moment.

    Even if it doesn’t snow where you live during the winter, a hot tub helps you to keep toasty on the chilly evenings. We suggest you use your hot tub in every season, including winter.

    We have put together some steps you should take to prepare your spa for winter, whether you’re planning to use it or not. If you’re not planning to use your hot tub regularly during the freezing cold winter or are going out of town, you’ll have to follow simple steps to winterize and close your spa to avoid freezing damage.

    Replace Your Hot Tub Cover if You Need To

    You always want to make sure your hot tub is well covered up, but it’s especially important to do during the winter. A good quality hot tub cover will keep your water warm and keep snow and rain outside. If your cover is sagging or bowed, you’ll want to replace it before winter, even if you’re not planning to use your hot tub. Puddles of rain or snow can form on bowed or sagging hot tub covers, causing them to sag even more and possibly even crack.

    Make sure to clean and condition your hot tub cover regularly during winter, and always push water off of your cover after rainfall, snowfall or your time in the hot tub.

    Drain, Inspect and Clean Your Hot Tub

    Whether you plan to close your hot tub for the winter months or not, you’ll want to drain and clean it. You’ll be creating a safe and clean environment for all of the relaxation you’ll be having throughout the winter months, or for when you begin using your hot tub again. It’s better to clean your hot tub before the cold winter months than during.

    To drain your hot tub, follow these simple steps:

    1. Close all therapy control valves and open all jets.

    2. Then, turn the spa breaker off.

    3. Now it’s time to drain the water out. We recommend doing this with a submersible pump. If you don’t have one of those, you can attach a garden hose to the hose spigot, which is on the primary water pump within the spa interior.

    4. Finally, open the spigot to allow your spa to drain.

    When your spa is drained of all water, inspect the jets, pumps, valves, pipes and filters for any damage and built up dirt. You should also check your shell and the mechanics behind the panels of your tub for any cracks or leaks. If you do find any damaged parts, you can replace them or contact us. Our representatives are available for service and repairs year-round.

    After you have inspected your hot tub for any problems, dry it off and clean the shell’s surface with an all-purpose cleaner. Then, apply ThermoGloss to your shell to polish and protect its acrylic surface. Next, clean your hot tub filters to ensure that they work effectively during the winter. Finally, if you plan to use your hot tub during winter, detach your hose, close the spigot tightly and refill your hot tub with fresh, clean water. When you’re spa is filled up to normal operating levels, turn your spa’s circuit breaker back on.

    If you’re not going to use your hot tub regularly in the winter, skip down to the Winterize Your Spa section of the article.

    Check Up on Your Hot Tub Regularly if You’re Using It

    The winter season is the perfect time to use your hot tub regularly because it keeps you warm! If you’re planning to use your hot tub during the winter (which we hope you do), it’s important check the water temperature everyday to make sure the heater is working properly. If you detect a problem, contact ThermoSpas’ Customer Care department right away.

    If your hot tub is not working properly or a power failure occurs during freezing cold weather, you’ll need to winterize your spa by taking the steps below. You can also contact our service department to come fix your hot tub. Just give us a call at 1-800-876-0158 to make an appointment. While you’re waiting for service, you’ll want to make sure your hot tub doesn’t freeze. A good trick is to place the submersible pump in the hot tub and let it circulate the water so that it doesn’t freeze up.

    Winterize Your Spa if You’re Not Using It

    Many people go out of town during the winter months and won’t be using their hot tub regularly. If this is the case for you, you will want to winterize your hot tub. It’s an easy, but important process.

    If you don’t want to winterize your hot tub yourself, ThermoSpas can do it for you! Our service department can  You can give us a call at 1-800-876-0158 to make an appointment.

    Follow these simple steps to winterize your spa after you’re already drained and cleaned it:

    1. Remove the cabinet panel in front of the spa’s equipment compartment.

    2. Open the hose spigot, if you haven’t already, to drain any leftover water and keep it open. You can find the hose spigot near the primary pump.

    3. View your owner’s manual to locate the heater. Then, turn the heater unions counter-clockwise to open them at both ends.

    4. Use a canister-type wet vacuum to clear all of the water from the water pumps suction and return lines.

      1. You must use a canister-type wet vacuum to ensure that the lines are emptied of all remaining water.

    5. Remove the drain plugs from all of the water pumps.

    6. After all of the water has been drained from the water pumps, replace the pump plugs.

    7. Turn the heater unions on the heater clockwise to reconnect them. Turn until tight. Make sure the O-ring gaskets are sealed properly so as to not pinch O-rings. Do not over-tighten.

    8. Replace the cabinet panel in front of the spa’s equipment compartment.

    9. Turn on the spa circuit breaker.

    10. Turn on the blower to expel water from the plumbing and air channels.

    11. Turn off the spa circuit breaker.

    12. Remove the insulated hot tub cover from the spa.

    13. At each fitting, use a wet vacuum to assist in removing any remaining water in the fittings, water lines and spa shell.

    14. Sponge out any remaining water from the spa shell.

    15. Replace your hot tub cover and make sure that rain water and/or snow is not entering the spa through the cover.

    We hope these steps help you to prepare your hot tub for the cold winter months ahead. If you need help winterizing your hot tub, don’t hesitate to contact us at 1-800-876-0158.

  3. Preparing Your Hot Tub for the Spring

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    Here it comes, just around the corner, spring is on its way and I know we’re all dying for a little warmth. If you winterized your hot tub to not, there are some good measures to take in the beginning of spring to prepare yourself for the warmer seasons. Here are a list of tips and instructions to best prepare your hot tub for the spring.

    A Full Flush

    Whether you use your hot tub all year or need to winterize it, the spring time is a great chance to revitalize your hot tub and get it in top shape for the upcoming warmer months. To do that, you’ll want to drain and refill your hot tub, if it’s year round tub. Or for a winterized tub, perform a system flush. During the winter months, residue and dirt can build up inside the plumbing. It’s a good idea to fully flush your lines before filling your hot tub for good. Check your owner’s manual on the proper way to flush your lines.


    If you winterized your hot tub, you’ll want to reattach any/all components before flushing the lines. However, more goes into an inspection of all hot tub elements. This is a time to confirm all parts of your hot tub are functional and working efficiently.

    Pay close attention to any areas that may be leaking. If you see any signs of water in areas that should be dry, don’t hesitate to inspect further and possibly call a technician. Leaking hot tubs cause a lot more damage when the leak becomes a serious problem, not just a minor inconvenience.

    Take a look at your spa filters, and mechanics behind the panels of your tub. Look for any damage or fraying. Anything that looks out of the ordinary, or has a sense of damage requires a closer inspection. The only thing worse than finding damage in your hot tub, is discovering the damage halfway through your first relaxing night under the stars. Don’t hesitate to scrutinize and make sure all of your hot tub parts are looking good and in working order.

    An Atmosphere Clean

    While you’re flushing, draining, and refilling your hot tub, take some time for a little yard maintenance around your spa. Or if you’re inside, a little spring cleaning in the spa’s room. Make sure pathways to the hot tub are cleared away and safe for walking barefoot. It may be time to pull a few dying plants from the ground and replacing them with something a little more vibrant. Also consider setting up lights to guide the path and create a great ambience around your hot tub if you haven’t already.


    While waiting for your hot tub to refill and flush, you can also start conditioning the other parts of your hot tub, especially your hot tub cover. Use ThermoSpas Cover Conditioner and Spa Cover Wipes to give your cover not only the shine it needs, but the protection to help it last for years to come.

    As well, wipe down the exterior cabinetry to remove and dirt and debris from the harsh winter months. With ThermoSpas cabinetry, no chemicals are needed to clean and maintain the wood, instead a quick hose down and a wipe from a clean sponge or rag is all that’s needed.

    The Jet Check and More

    Once your water is finally filled for good, start by adding the recommended chemicals to your water (see next step for full instruction). As those take some time to circulate, you can now check your hot tub’s system to guarantee all parts are working.

    Start by checking all of the buttons and components of your control panel, making sure that each button is functional. Next, turn on all jets, and check one by one that they’re working at full force. Remember, that jets can be switched off by twisting the face of the jet. If a jet is not working, make sure to try and open the jet by twisting the front face.

    As well, check that your ThermOzone ozonator is working properly, your filters are functioning, and all pumps are in working order. By the time you’ve checked all of these components, you should be ready to move onto your final step:

    Chemical Balancing

    You may be a little rusty if you winterized your hot tub, but you’ll need to start checking your chemical balances to first understand what might need adjusting. Then, add your proper chemicals to balance your hot tub.

    You should not add all your chemicals at the same time. That is why it is good to start adding, and switch to checking the components of your hot tub for functionality so you can allow time for your chemicals to disperse.

    With all of those steps in place, you’re ready to enjoy your hot tub for the coming year. Make sure to check back to ThermoSpas blog to keep updated on your yearly maintenance suggestions as well as fun party and entertainment tips for you and the whole family. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas today.