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  1. How a Hot Tub Can Help You Sleep

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    For those of us that have trouble falling asleep, wake up in the middle of the night, or just never get the rest you wish you could, hot tubs can provide a helping hand. By using your hot tub an hour or two before you go to bed, you can find yourself getting deeper, more concentrated sleep that will leave you refreshed and ready for the morning.

    Insomnia and sleep disorders are not a walk in the park by any means. A general sleep disorder often comes from being over stressed and emotionally drained. It can cause fatigue throughout your day, emotional imbalances, and a decrease in productivity.

    Larger sleeping issues, or long term sleep disorders are often caused by severe depression or stress. Loss of job or loved one, an illness, emotional troubles, and other factors can cause long term sleep disorders. Often genetics and age can play a role as well. Just as general sleep disorders, this can cause fatigue and emotional instability and can affect your work in a negative way.

    Although there are plenty of medicines that doctors might recommend, we believe that a more natural and relaxing process with a hot tub is a great solution to helping prepare you for sleep and keep you on a consistent sleep cycle.

    How Can a Hot Tub Help You Sleep?

    Hot tubs are a great tool for relieving stress and muscle pain. It is one of the best ways to relax after a hard day’s work and can help aid in joint tension and other ailments. As well, immersion in a hot tub can help ease a person’s body into a deeper sleep at bedtime. So how does that happen?

    A few factors help make a hot tub a great tool for aiding sleep. First, as you might assume, a hot tub puts you in a very relaxed and calm state. Often, going to bed with your mind racing and muscles aching can make it hard for someone to fall asleep. A hot tub allows you to take time before bed to release any tension in your mind and your body.

    Second, hot tubs help create a temperature change in your body that can trigger sleep. When a person goes to bed, their internal temperature will drop. Of course, when using a hot tub, you’re raising your body temperature. Seems counter-productive right? In fact, it helps because once you leave the hot tub and let your body cool down, your body thinks it’s preparing for sleep. When using the hot tub before bed, allow at least an hour between using the hot tub and sleeping. Going to bed warm can cause your body to overheat, but by letting it naturally cool for a short amount of time before laying down, your body will feel more comfortable and better prepared for sleep.

    Last, when in the hot tub, the buoyancy of the water delivers a sensation of weightlessness, as if you drifting in a dream. This helps relieve muscles and joint tension, but also gives your body a serene sensation that leaves you ready for a long rest.

    If you’re looking for a natural way to reduce stress and help you sleep better at night, consider soaking in a hot tub an hour before bed. The more you practice the routine of a hot tub before bed, the better it will help trigger a long and deep slumber.

    For more questions on the benefits of hot tubs or how to invest in a hot tub of your own, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.

  2. Where were Hot Tubs 35 Years Ago?

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    “Hot Tubs Are In” according to Dan Oliver from NBS news 35 years ago today, on April 11th, 1978.

    The news report covered the emerging hot tub trend that was moving from California to the east with a record number of spas being sold coast to coast.

    Why were hot tubs so popular? Purely social, they concluded. Hot tubs are a place “where people can sit around and have good conversations, and get to know each other better.” It’s also noted that “acquaintances always come out of a hot tub better friends than they were when they went in.”

    Check out the NBC News brief from April 11, 1978:

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    35 years of research has concluded that hot tubs, though very ‘social’, also reduce stress, helps us sleep better, and provide other warm water therapy benefits that are greatly needed in the fast-paced and stressful world we live in today.

    The modern hot tub movement did in fact start in California during the 1960’s, when creative hot tub enthusiasts were designing hot tubs out of oak wine barrels. It was even rumored somewhere that the first hot tub was conceived the  day a winemaker fell into a barrel of warm mulled wine during a wine tasting. (If wine and hot tubs is your thing – check out our last article on that subject here.)

    Oak, as it turned out, wasn’t the best material for hot tubbing and manufacturers moved to redwood, then to fiberglass by the 1970’s.

    By 1978 the trend had made its way to the east coast, as most Californian trends eventually do, and the rest is history.


    Only 5 years after this report on the hot tub boom hitting the east coast, ThermoSpas opened it’s doors in Shelton, CT. The new hot tub company expanded so quickly that it grew out of two locations before settling into it’s current home – a 140,000 square foot warehouse plant on 14 acres in Wallingford, CT.

    From there ThermoSpas went on to revolutionize the hot tub industry by redesigning many aspects of the modern hot tub from patented shell fabrication, to plumbing, manufacturing, and water testing technologies. These innovative redesigns are what helped to make ThermoSpas hot tubs the best and most reliable hot tubs in the world.

    To learn more about ThermoSpas and it’s patented technologies, visit our website at thermospastest.info or request a free DVD and brochure today.

  3. How Aquatic Exercise Helps Arthritis

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    Immersing the body in water has many physiological effects, which have been reported since nearly the beginning of recorded history.

    Aquatic exercise is especially beneficial to arthritis sufferers for several reasons. Water provides a remarkable medium for heat transmission, buoyancy, and resistance, which makes it possible to carry out exercise with minimal stress for those with limited mobility.  (more…)

  4. Top 25 Benefits of Owning A Hot Tub

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    1. Family. Enjoy your hot tub as a family. Talk about your day, your next vacation, or simply spend quality time together.

    2. Sleep. Soak for 20 minutes and fall asleep faster and sleep deeper, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Sleep deprived?  Take our sleep quiz.

    3. Less Tax. Bypass an increase in property tax with a portable vs. in-ground hot tub or pool. Read: Should I Buy A Pool or A Swim Spa?

    4. Save Money. Ditch the gym fees. With an Aquacisor or Swim Spa you can perform most of the same exercises as a traditional gym.

    5. Kids. Host a fun party for the kids or teach your child to swim from the safety of a Swim Spa. Read: Hot Tub Safety and Children.

    6. Unplug. Being “plugged in” and hot tubbing don’t mix for dangerous reasons. Enjoy the quiet time for self-reflection.

    7. Lose Weight.  Soak in a hot tub and lose weight. Studies show that those who soaked in a hot tub lost over 1 pound a week.

    8. At-Home Therapy. Access the age old ritual of warm water therapy in the convenience of your own home.

    9. Massages. Get a free massage when you want, as long as you want, with powerful hot tub therapy jets.

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