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  1. Healing Scents – How Aromatherapy Can Boost Your Mood and Calm Your Emotions

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    Aromatherapy has been used for over 6,000 years across the globe. Holistic Health Practitioners today believe that essential oils can be used to treat ailments such as headaches and muscle-aches and to relieve stress and fight depression.

    Adding essential oils directly to your hot tub water is an excellent way to diffuse the healing scents. Depending on the size of your Thermospa, you will use between 6 to 10 drops of oil. Make sure that the essential oil of your choice is in a non-diluted form. Carrier oils could damage your hot tub.

    There are many essential oils readily available in health food stores and online. We have compiled a list of 4 popular oils known for their aromatherapy benefits on our post, Here’s A Quick Way to Enhance Your Hot Tub Experience.

  2. I Love to Swim, Should I get a Pool or a Swim Spa?

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    I love to swim, should I get a pool or a swim spa hot tub?

    One major difference between a pool and a hot tub is the ability to use a hot tub outdoors all year long. If you live in an environment where there are cold winters, this is especially important. You can use your hot tub 12 months out of the year, whereas with a pool you get an average of 3 months use out of the year. Not to mention the space efficiency of a hot tub vs. a pool. A Swim Spa hot tub can be used like a pool, with the option to swim all year long, and it takes up much less space than a pool. In addition, a hot tub requires less chemicals, making the maintenance less expensive and more Eco-friendly.

    The most notable disadvantages of owning a pool are:

    • limited seasonal use
    • large space requirements
    • expensive building code regulations
    • timely maintenance
    • expensive upkeep and negative effect to home’s resale value (more…)
  3. Hot Tub Cinema – A Hot Tub Experience to Remember

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    Looking for an idea for your next Thermospas hot tub get-together? What about a hot tub cinema night?

    A company in East London promises an “Unforgettable Hot Tub Experience” with their popular hot tub nights. The founder, Asher, explains how the company started: “One evening we decided we wanted to do both – use the tub and watch a movie. So I decided to point the projector out of the kitchen window, on to a bed sheet hung on the washing line, whilst we all enjoyed a soak in the tub! The result was unanimous – we have to do this again!”

    You don’t have to travel all the way to London to experience a hot tub cinema night! When you own a Thermospas, you can have all the fun without ever needing to leave the house. Host your own unique hot tub cinema night that your friends are sure to not forget; or set up a family movie night that will entertain the whole family.

    Share pictures of your hot tub cinema night with us on our Facebook Page, or tag us on Pinterest @thermospas! Tell us what you think of this idea below in our comment section. Do you think this sounds like a fun idea? Do you have any suggestions on creating the ultimate hot tub cinema night?