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  1. Total Control Therapy System

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    At ThermoSpas we are constantly looking for ways to improve the hot tub experience. We couldn’t be more proud of our patented Total Control Therapy® system, because it has brought hot tub relaxation to a new level. Our patented design helps you and everyone else in your hot tub have the perfect hot tub experience. By adjusting the intensity of the jets, you can enjoy light, soothing bubbles pushing against your back, while a friend feels intense jets massage away stress. So how does Total Control Therapy work?

    When relaxing in a hot tub with friends, we realized not every person wants the same jet therapy. Some people like very light bubble action to sooth their muscles and joints while others much prefer a hard, strong stream of water to work out knots and stress on the body. With most hot tubs, there is only one control valve to determine the water pressure of the entire hot tub. So you and your friends have to share the same experience everytime. With Total Control Therapy, each seat has its own control valve to determine the water pressure of that specific seat. Now, you and your friend can all have your own hot tub experience while still enjoying each other’s company.

    Total Control Therapy uses a patented method of multiple pumps to allow each person in the hot tub to have their own therapeutic experience. Most spa manufacturers offer one or two pumps to control the jets. Total Therapy Control hot tubs use as many as six pumps in a single hot tub. With every participant enjoying their preferred method of relaxation, you’ll find the time spent with each other in the hot tub much more fun.

    To control the intensity of your jet stream, ThermoSpas created another patent-pending design to make the process as simple as possible. The Throttle Control Valve is a breakthrough in hot tub design in which individual seats have their own valve to adjust the entire seating area. Pull the throttle back and you have a very subtle, soft sensation of bubbles. Push the throttle all the way down, and you’ll experience each jet at full power.

    As well, we offer what no other hot tub manufacturer does, an Variable Air Control valve that adjusts how much air you mix into the water jets. This is just another way to adjust the intensity of your massage. With the Throttle Control Valve and the Variable Air Control, you can adjust your hot tub to exactly how you prefer.

    Not only that, each hot tub that features Total Control Therapy also comes with our patented Pillow Jets. At the push of a button, a stream of warm water will push against your shoulders and neck for an experience that compares to nothing else. A wonderfully relaxing neck and shoulder massage that will help melt away the stress of the day and renew your body for the coming weeks.

    Total Control Therapy is just one of the many innovative features that separate us from all other hot tub manufacturers. Customers have praised the ease of use with the Throttle Control Valves and love the power of the Pillow Jets. With all of these great available features combined with our amazing hot tubs, we can guarantee a satisfying experience for you, your family, and friends. For more information, contact ThermoSpas today for a free consultation and quote.