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  1. 5 Oceanside Spas to Visit This Summer

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    One of the best places to relax during the warm months of summer is the beach. Last winter, we shared a few of our favorite spas in America with you. But this summer, we are featuring our favorite oceanside spa destinations for you to visit for your summer vacation. With the warm breeze, subtle sound of crashing waves and fresh ocean air, you are sure to find deep relaxation at these incredible spa locations.

    Spa Montage – Laguna Beach, California

    If you’re interested in improving the wellness of your entire body and mind on beautiful Laguna Beach beachfront, Spa Montage might be the perfect summer vacation spot for you. The spa offers a variety of facial and body treatments for rejuvenation, as well as personal training to help you achieve your fitness goals. After an intense workout session overlooking the ocean, step into a jetted bath filled with ocean minerals. Just like a ThermoSpas hot tub, this hydrotherapeutic bath will give you an underwater massage with a pressured hose to relax your muscles and joints and flush out toxins from your body, perfect before a body scrub or wrap.

    Acqualina Spa by ESPA – Sunny Isles, Florida

    Acqualina is located on 4.5 beautiful beachfront acres with 400 feet of Florida coastline. This location could not get any better. Whether you are looking to rejuvenate your skin for summer with a full body exfoliation treatment or relax with a deep tissue massage, Acqualina’s spa therapists will not disappoint. The spa features 16 treatment rooms that include quiet lounges, sauna and steam rooms, a spa pool and terrace, and a selection of delicious spa cuisine. Hot tub lovers are sure to love the spa’s heated jet pool, which features a soothing and beautiful Roman waterfall and an incredible view of the ocean. After your time at the spa is up, make sure to head over to the beach for even more relaxation.

    The Cloister Spa at Sea Island – Sea Island, Georgia

    California and Florida aren’t the only states with breathtaking oceanside spa locations. Georgia’s Cloister Spa on the private Sea Island is equally as gorgeous. The Forbes Five-Star Spa features personalized treatments for adults, kids and teenagers alike. For those who enjoy being active while they are on vacation, the spa also features a variety of wellness options, including pilates, yoga and zumba classes, squash and personal training options. From a craniosacral light-touch head massage to private 104°F soaking thermal pools, you are sure to enjoy your time at The Cloister Spa.

    The Sanctuary Spa at Kiawah Island Golf Resort – Kiawah Island, South Carolina

    Featuring a plethora of Southern hospitality and ocean views, The Sanctuary Spa at Kiawah Island Golf Resort truly is a sanctuary for your mind and body.  Enjoy a 90-minute Southern Elegance Facial and Avocado Coconut Wrap while listening to the sound of lapping waves. Or, if you’re a golfer, improve your performance and boost recovery with spa services specifically designed for golfers. Whether you’re treating yourself to a single spa service or a full day of relaxation, you will come out of The Sanctuary Spa relaxed and rejuvenated.

    EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa – Manalapan, Florida

    Feel all your worries melt away at EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa. To allow you to reach the deepest level of relaxation possible, your experience at the spa is completely customizable, featuring treatment rooms with scents, music and lighting customized for you. Step into the dipping pools in the Self-Centered Garden or relax in the hanging chairs. Or, give your skin an incredible glow for summer at the spa’s scrub and polish bar. After your scrubbing is over, return to your garden villa to bath under the sun. EAU Palm Beach Resort & Spa offers an almost limitless number of ways to relax.

    Take full advantage of your summer by visiting these incredible spas during your summer vacation. You will be sure to come back to your home rejuvenated and stress-free after spending time at the beach and receiving soothing treatments.  But why limit yourself to one incredible relaxation experience a year? You can get pampered every day with a ThermoSpas hot tub in your backyard. Relax as our customizable jets give you a full body massage and our bubbling system soothes your mind. Your backyard can become your prime relaxation destination with a ThermoSpas hot tub. Contact us today to learn more about ThermoSpas hot tubs and to receive a quote.

    [photo courtesy of The Sanctuary Spa]


  2. Five of the World’s Best Hot Springs

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    Before the age of modern hot tubs, men and women found another way to soothe their sore muscles and relieve the stress of the day: natural hot springs. For centuries men and women used hot springs for their wonderful health benefits and relaxation. There are thousands of hot springs around the world in almost every corner of the earth. We’d like to share five of the best hot springs around the world.

    Evia, Greece

    The second largest Greek island, Evia, is a heavenly spot that is as popular today as it was during the days of Aristotle. With over 80 natural hot springs available and man-made canal routes to send the steaming water into public and private bath houses, there are plenty of places to enjoy the revitalizing water of Evia.

    The only way to reach Evia is by bus or ferry, and it’s about a two and a half hour trip but definitely worth it. The best months to go are between June and October with a simple hotel room costing about €55 (approx. $75) per night that includes access to thermal bathes and amenities.

    Waikite Valley, New Zealand

    In this small town of north central New Zealand, just south of Rotorua, you will find the largest source of pure boiling water in New Zealand. Of course, it’s quite unwise to take a dip in the ‘Living Waters’ of Te Manaroa Spring, you can watch the water cascade to main splash pools where you can enjoy the (non-boiling) warm temperatures of the water.

    We love these springs because they’re accessible via wheelchair and are family-friendly which allows everyone that’s willing to take a trip to enjoy these great pools. Of course, after the long flight to New Zealand, you’ll need a good warm bath (About 24 hours flight from New York).

    La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica

    Originally known as El Borio, the city changed it’s name after the eruption of the Arenal Volcano which devastated the east side of its base, destroying two villages and a mass of land. El Boria remained untouched and changed it’s name to what translates to “the fortunate.”

    You’ll feel quite fortunate when you visit this beautiful small town with Thermo-mineral rivers that flow through tropical gardens to reach bathing pools that you can relax all day in. Of course, there is plenty to do around the area such as visiting the monstrous Arenal Volcano and La Catarata de la Fortuna, a waterfall 70 meters high. With daily excursions to take, it will be easy to enjoy the warm baths of La Fortuna at night while taking it easy.

    Strawberry Springs, Colorado

    Back in the States, there are plenty of hot springs to visit, and one of our favorite is located deep inside the Colorado forest. A collection of stone pools make up Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

    Open year round, this is a great spot to visit in the middle of winter, when you can spend a long day skiing or snowboarding on Colorado’s famous Champagne Powder snow before relaxing inside the steaming waters.

    Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland

    Here is a great year-round hot spring that’s perfect for a long day of relaxation and hydrotherapy. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll find an experience like none other. If you’re there the right time in the summer, the sun never sets.  And in the winter, it may stay dark longer, but it just gives you more time to enjoy the breath-taking Northern Lights.

    Located just south of the Arctic Circle, the water’s view reveals a landscape of lava and lava formations that have developed throughout the centuries. Sure, there’s plenty of other activities to participate in, but who could leave the springs when such amazing views are all around you.

    Of course, not everyone has time to galavant around the world to find their very own favorite hot spring. That is why ThermoSpas has created a full line of affordable hot tubs that bring the joys of a hot spring right to your own backyard. With options ranging from a modest two-person hot tub, to an impressive 12-person Swim Spa Trainer, we know you’ll be able to find the hot tub of your dreams.

    [image courtesy of Strawberry Hot Springs]

  3. Our Five Favorite Spas in America

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    While we featured a few of the coolest hot tub spots around the world just recently, which included a few American hotels, there’s a lot more amazing places to visit in America alone. We found a collection of spas in America that are as glamorous as they are relaxing. Follow us now to five of our favorite spas in America.

    The Oaks at Ojai – Ojai, CA

    Ojai is about 80 miles north of Los Angeles and definitely worth the trip. A small yet quaint town with a good attitude and beautiful scenery. The Oaks at Ojai offer some of the most relaxing Spa treatments in California including fitness classes, healthy spa cuisine, and relaxing treatments including their saunas and hot tubs. Of course, if you’re interested in a great soak, Ojai is also known for their wonderfully relaxing hot springs. Make a reservation and travel through the forest to a clearing where you can dip yourself in nature’s own hot tub. Just like a Thermospa hot tub, hot springs help relax muscle and joints and rejuvenate the skin by helping release dead cells. With a package treatment at Oaks of Ojai along with a hot springs dip, you’ll feel more relaxed than an infant cradled in its mother’s arms.

    The Homestead – Hot Springs, VA

    Speaking of Hot Springs, The Homestead has helped men and women relax since the time of our founding fathers. Opened in 1766, Thomas Jefferson was known to be a frequent visitor of this historic hotel. Newly renovated with the launch of Canyon Ranch SpaClub, there is plenty to experience with treatments that will relax your mind. Mineral wraps and herbal scrubs feel amazing after taking a soak in the natural 104 degree hot springs. Spend twenty minutes reviving your muscles and refreshing your skin before returning to the spa’s center for modern and natural treatments to rejuvenate body and soul.

    Miraval Resort – Tucson, AZ

    Here’s a perfect spot to combine a peaceful experience of a spa with the invigorating energy of an exercise routine. Miraval Resort in Tucson’s Santa Catalina mountains combines fitness, spa treatments, hiking, adventure activities, and even special classes like photography to allow a person to recharge their batteries while discovering new adventure. Each guest is given a $130 credit to use toward private classes, exquisite dinners, and even drinks. Their spa and hot tubs are some of the best in the country with classes featuring aqua therapists to help find enlightenment and discover the healing powers of water.

    Terranea – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

    What better place to rejuvenate the body and spirit than oceanside in a beautiful and modern resort. Terranea launched just this year and is already one of the hottest spots for Angelenos as well as all of America. With the option of booking small, private bungalows, you can stay for 3 to 7 nights. The retreat comes with a consultation and custom-chosen spa treatments to fill your specific needs. While their saunas and hot tubs can calm your every nerve, don’t underestimate the power of the Pacific and take a dip or go kayaking up the coast.

    Mii Amo Enchantment Resort – Sedona, AZ

    Welcome to Travel+Leisure’s number-one destination spa and resort. Part of the beautiful Sedona deserts, Mii Amo at the Enchantment Resort is the place to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit. With hour-long treatments that combine the power of guided healing visualization, energy balancing, and massage, anyone who stays here comes back home a different person. A relaxed spa retreat, there are cooking demos, makeup application classes, wine tastings and more. It’s truly an exquisite place to renew yourself.

    Although a few days away at one of these amazing resorts can help rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, what can you do for the other 360 days out of the year?  We suggest considering a Thermospas hot tub for all your relaxation needs. With varying sizes and customizable jets, you can create the perfect spa in your own house or patio. Let the warm water and active bubbles sooth your body and relax your mind. The luxury of a spa and resort in your own backyard.

    For a free brochure and quote on your own Thermospas hot tub, contact Thermospas today!