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  1. Hot Tub Cinema – A Hot Tub Experience to Remember

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    Looking for an idea for your next Thermospas hot tub get-together? What about a hot tub cinema night?

    A company in East London promises an “Unforgettable Hot Tub Experience” with their popular hot tub nights. The founder, Asher, explains how the company started: “One evening we decided we wanted to do both – use the tub and watch a movie. So I decided to point the projector out of the kitchen window, on to a bed sheet hung on the washing line, whilst we all enjoyed a soak in the tub! The result was unanimous – we have to do this again!”

    You don’t have to travel all the way to London to experience a hot tub cinema night! When you own a Thermospas, you can have all the fun without ever needing to leave the house. Host your own unique hot tub cinema night that your friends are sure to not forget; or set up a family movie night that will entertain the whole family.

    Share pictures of your hot tub cinema night with us on our Facebook Page, or tag us on Pinterest @thermospas! Tell us what you think of this idea below in our comment section. Do you think this sounds like a fun idea? Do you have any suggestions on creating the ultimate hot tub cinema night?