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  1. Thermospas Largest Hot Tubs

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    Many hot tub enthusiasts prefer a small yet intimate hot tub. Others want to enjoy the company of friends and family while relaxing. If that’s you, you’ll want to choose a large hot tub to fit as many people as you can. As last week we reviewed our couple’s hot tub, this week we’d like to show you some of our larger models. Thermospas’ largest hot tubs are quite a sight and with many features and options to make whatever hot tub your choose all your own. There’s no better time to check these out.

    There are three different designs of hot tubs that can fit a considerable amount of people inside of them. Two, the Manhattan and Olympian can both fit six people while the Swim Spa Trainer can fit up to twelve. Let’s look at each of these great hot tubs a more closely.

    The Manhattan

    Part of our Designer Series, the Manhattan is perfect for six guests to enjoy each other’s company without feeling over-crowded. With eight available seating areas, the Manhattan gives each guest a unique massage for shoulders, back, arms, and legs. In each seat, a different arrangement of jets allow for a complete new massage experience, so make sure to rotate with your friends. The Manhattan was built with an over-sized foot well for every guests’ legs to fit, a built in ice tray that doubles as a table, and stunning LED lighting like no other hot tub you’ve ever seen. If you’re looking for a classic hot tub with great features and enough room for a family or many friends, look to the Manhattan.

    The Olympian

    For someone that’s looking for everything the Manhattan entails but is also hoping for a few extra features, look toward the Olympian. Available to seat six people in a curved bench style, the Olympian also comes with an adjustable seat that raises and lowers to offer the best possible massage for any size bather. As well, the Olympian offers a wide open area of space to use for workout and fitness exercises in the hot tub. The tub comes with available attachments for resistance bands and rowing attachments. This allows for men and women of all ages to exercise in a low-impact environment yet still build and tone upper body strength. If you’re part of a big family or enjoy a good gathering of friends, yet still want to use a hot tub to the best of its advantage with exercise potential, then keep your eyes on the Olympian.

    The Swim Spa Trainer

    For the ultimate hot tub experience, the Swim Spa Trainer is the best you can ask for. Available seating for twelve people along with the best hot tub exercise on the market. A high-powered rush of water allows for any person to swim against the current and experience the full benefits of swimming. Learn to swim free stroke, breast stroke, butterfly, and even back stroke in a hot tub long enough for even the tallest guests. Or, hold onto the metal bar and let the rush of current hold you up as you exercise your legs.

    But the Swim Spa Trainer isn’t just for exercise, it’s the perfect hot tub for hosting large groups of friends of family at one time. The Swim Spa Trainer can fit twelve guests comfortably with various seating areas and an array of jets to massage legs, back, arms and shoulders. Let your friends relax along the bench seats while others experience the deep therapy seats that offer the finest water massage available. With deluxe LED lighting and convenient entry/exit design, this tub is amazing for hosting bigger parties during the day or at night.

    Last our Swim Spa Trainer is perfect for a relaxing night alone or with a friend or two. The two dedicated therapy seats work wonders after a hard workout in your Swim Spa. With built-in pillow jets and the ability to control the intensity of your jets, you get a perfect massage every time you take a break.

    Whether you’re looking for a hot tub to entertain a large group, something to help you tone your body, or a full work out, we have the hot tub that’s right for you. Call Thermospas today for a estimated quote on a hot tub customized to your needs.