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  1. I Love to Swim, Should I get a Pool or a Swim Spa?

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    I love to swim, should I get a pool or a swim spa hot tub?

    One major difference between a pool and a hot tub is the ability to use a hot tub outdoors all year long. If you live in an environment where there are cold winters, this is especially important. You can use your hot tub 12 months out of the year, whereas with a pool you get an average of 3 months use out of the year. Not to mention the space efficiency of a hot tub vs. a pool. A Swim Spa hot tub can be used like a pool, with the option to swim all year long, and it takes up much less space than a pool. In addition, a hot tub requires less chemicals, making the maintenance less expensive and more Eco-friendly.

    The most notable disadvantages of owning a pool are:

    • limited seasonal use
    • large space requirements
    • expensive building code regulations
    • timely maintenance
    • expensive upkeep and negative effect to home’s resale value (more…)
  2. With the high prices of gas and airfare, setup your home as a ‘staycation’

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    Why a hot tub? Because it’s fun for the family and great for entertaining!

    Did you know that Thermo Spa surveys discovered that Thermo Spa owners have fun in their spas an average of 200 times a year!

    With the high prices of gas and airfare, more families are setting up their home for a ‘staycation’ vacation – relaxing and enjoying time together in the privacy of your own home.


  3. Easy Entry System – Thermospa Hydrotherapy Hot Tub

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    The Healing Spa was designed to allow everyone easy access to warm water therapy. The features on the Healing Spa hot tub are so impressive, it was the only spa that was awarded the ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation by the American Arthritis Association.

    This state of the art Easy Entry system is not the only feature that makes this hot tub by Thermospa so special.

    To read more about this hot tub and it’s many benefits, click here: www.thermospastest.info/arthritis