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  1. How to Heat Things Up for a Romantic Night in Your Hot Tub

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    If you’re looking to spice things up with the one you love, a hot tub is a great way to do it. In fact, many ThermoSpas customers have reached out to us to let us know how much their hot tub has helped rekindle the romance in their relationships. The privacy of the hot tub and its warm, bubbling waters help bring you and your loved one closer and heat things up to get you in the mood for love.

    We here at ThermoSpas have some sensual tips to help you and your partner have the most romantic night you’ve ever had in your hot tub.

    1. Slip Into the Mood for Love

    This tip requires no work on your part. All you and your loved one have to do is step into the spa. As you sit back and relax, the massaging of the jets and the warm temperature of the water will work together to decreases stress, relaxes your muscles and improves blood circulation. Both your body and your mind will slip into a deep state of relaxation. You and your loved one will no longer be thinking about work or worrying about your kids. Instead, you’ll be ready to fall into the mood for love.

    2. Turn On the Mood Lighting

    To make your hot tub night a truly sensual experience, you will want to turn on some mood lighting. If your ThermoSpas hot tub includes an LED lighting package, you can transform your spa into a multi-colored romantic oasis with the touch of a button. We recommend changing the color to red, purple and pink. These colors are relaxing and known to set a romantic mood. If you have trees nearby your hot tub, consider hanging fairy lights or Chinese lanterns in them to make the environment even more beautiful.

    3. Play Romantic Music

    Romantic and soothing music is a must for a secluded night with your loved one. With a ThermoSpas deluxe sound system, you can control your music without ever leaving your spa. Just connect the system to an audio source, such as an iPod, mp3 player or USB memory stick, and you’re ready to serenade your lover with music.

    You can either create your own playlist, play an automated playlist based on a romantic mood using StereoMood, or listen to ThermoSpas’ romantic hot tub playlist. With our quiet spas, you won’t have to worry about any disruptive noise coming from your hot tub and ruining the sensual mood.

    4. Add a Touch of Sensual Fragrance

    Just like foods, scents can act as aphrodisiacs, getting you and your partner in the mood for love. ThermoSpas offers a wide variety of fragrances to help you slip into different moods. Some of the best for a night of romance include Lavender Palmarosa, White Musk Vanilla Jasmine and Green Tea Peony, all of which include known aromatic aphrodisiacs.

    5. Find the Perfect Hot Tub

    Though all ThermoSpas hot tubs can help create a romantic mood, we have a couple that are specifically designed for romantic rendezvous. Our Gemini 2-Person Hot Tub is an intimate spa loaded with jets. Its depth allows you and your lover to sit deeply in the water together.

    Another great hot tub for a romantic getaway is our Maui 2-3-Person Hot Tub. This compact spa allows couples to soak deeply in therapeutic waters together and its exterior cabinet lighting makes for an elegant setting for romance.

    By following these simple tips, you’re sure to have an intimate night to remember with your loved one. If you’re interested in enhancing your love life with a 2-person ThermoSpas hot tub, click here. You’ll never have to worry about where to go for a date night again.

  2. A Romantic Evening is Just Minutes Away

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    Imagine this: You and your partner arrive home after a long day; and you’re looking for something to liven your spirits.

    You decide to plan a spontaneous hot tub night, because you know how much you both need it.

    You’ve been working too much, and haven’t spent the quality time together that you need.

    The daily stresses and to-do lists are getting the best of you, and you could use some time out of the day to just “forget about it all” and reconnect with each other.

    While the hot tub is bubbling up to the perfect temperature, you find some snacks to make a plate of finger foods; and maybe even prepare some wine or cocktails for after.

    You grab your cozy slippers and fluffy bathrobes, light the tiki torches and candles, set the mood lighting, and switch on one of ThermoSpas’ romantic playlists.

    Don’t forget to add a few drops of Aromatherapy oils to maximize the mood. A sweet rose or a tranquil lavender will be just perfect.

    Now you’re ready. You slip into the warm and bubbling waters of your hot tub, feel of the massaging jets on your tired body, inhale the soothing scents, and melt the day away together in pure bliss. This is exactly what you both needed.

    Once you’re fully relaxed and rejuvenated, you put on your bathrobes and sit by the fire, or cuddle up inside while you enjoy your favorite drink.

    In just minutes, on any day, you can rejuvenate your body mind, spirit–and your relationship.

    Keep these items on hand, so you can be spontaneous and enjoy a hot tub evening whenever the mood calls:

    Find even more ideas for your romantic hot tub night on our Pinterest page.

  3. #1 Best Selling Hot Tub – Thermospas Concord

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    Therapy, entertainment or romance – the Concord Hot Tub is the perfect mid-size tub that “has it all”. The Concord accommodates couples, families and older adults.

    Fitting up to 5 adults, the Concord’s features and size are what make this spa a favorite for many Thermospas owners. When you need more than than the personal therapy of The Gemini, but you aren’t ready yet for The Manhattan – the Concord is the perfect fit for you.

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  4. A Journey Through The Constellations… From Your Hot Tub

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    Stargazing From Your Hot Tub

    Impress your hot tub date with a guided journey through the constellations.

    What could be more romantic than exploring the universe together?

    Summer evenings provide an optimal opportunity to check out the stars and planets in the night’s sky. Usually it’s too cold to sit outside and star gaze in the winter months, but with a hot tub it’s ideal.

    The constellations that you will be able to see depends on your location and the time of day. We’ve compiled a chart of the constellations that you have the best chance of seeing during the month of February in the Thermospa Stargazing Chart (printable PDF file):

    [button link=”http://www.thermospas.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/constellations-thermospas.pdf?utm_source=pdf&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=StarGazing%2BChart%2BPDF”] Download The Thermospa Stargazing Chart[/button]

    Turn off all the lights around your hot tub, even the lights inside your spa. You will be warm and cozy in the bubbling waters of your spa, so relax and gaze up at the night’s sky and see what you can find.

    The mythological stories are great to share with your loved one or kids during a special evening in your hot tub:

    The Constellations of the February Night Sky

    Gemini – The Twins

    This is the highlighted constellation for February. This is a relatively easy constellation to find in because of the bright twin stars at the head of ‘the twins’ – Pollux and Castor.

    According to Greek Mythology, Castor and Pollux shared the same Mother, Leda. Castor’s father was the King of Sparta and Pollux’s Father was the god Zeus, making Pollux mortal while his twin was mortal.

    In China, they represent the dual forces of the ying and the yang.


    Gemini Constellation

    Orion – The Hunter

    Orion is the most popular of all the constellations and the easiest to spot from most locations. This constellation is most clearly visible from November to February.

    Just look out for the three stars that line up Orion’s belt – there are no other formation of stars in the sky that line up in this way.

    You can use Orion to try and locate the Milky Way.

    Orion proclaimed himself to be the best hunter in the world. The wife of Zeus had him killed by a scorpion, and Zeus put him into the sky as a constellation.


    Orion Constellation

    Canis Major – Orion’s Hunting Dog

    The ‘Big Dog’ is best visible in this month. The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, is contained in this constellation.

    This star is bright because of it’s proximity to the solar system, it is also one of the closest stars to Earth.

    The stars of Orion’s belt point to the star of Sirius, and the star marks the neck of the dog constellation.

    In mythology, the dog, Canis Major, was a gift from Zeus to Europa. It was so famed for it’s speed, that Zeus sent it flying into the sky as a constellation.

    It also represents one of Orion’s hunting dogs, helping Orion fight Taurus the Bull (another constellation).


    Canis Major Constellation


    There are also some interesting astronomical events happening this month, like the chance to get a glimpse at Mercury.

    This month Mercury will reach it’s greatest eastern elongation, providing the best evening view of the planet all year.

    Other planets within view this month are Jupiter and Saturn. This is the third best month to view Jupiter. It is best seen in the south after sunset (a perfect hot tub time).

    Saturn is a planet to look out for if you are outside in the early morning.

    You may even be able to spot a passing Near Earth Object on February 15, the closest this particular object may ever get to earth!

    If you are one of the Thermospa hot tub owners that uses your spa every night, you will have plenty of chances to spot some of these amazing celestial events!

    Not a Thermospa owner yet? Click below to get your free brochure today: