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  1. Hot Tub vs. Pool: Comparing Pool & Hot Tub Benefits

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    Many people dream of adding a hot tub and pool to their house. The two make an excellent pair, each serving slightly different purposes for entertainment, exercise and relaxation. While most of us would love to own both a hot tub and a swimming pool, sometimes space and money forces us to choose one. But no matter which one you get, you’ll be making an investment that will enhance your life.

    Let’s compare pools and hot tubs now to see the benefits of each and help you make the best choice if you have to decide between the two.

    Your Friends and Family Will Love Your Pool and Hot Tub

    Whether you get both or choose between the two, your friends and family will love spending time with you in your pool or hot tub. Both allow you to connect with the people you love without distraction. No one will be using their electronics in the water. Instead, they will be spending quality time enjoying the water with you.

    Pool Entertainment vs. Hot Tub Entertainment

    Typically, pools can fit many people and have a lot of room for movement. The downside to this is that they usually take over most of your backyard, and some people can’t fit a pool on their property.

    The great thing about hot tubs is that you can choose what size you want depending on your desires and space. You can purchase an intimate 2-person spa for romantic evenings, which will take up very little room. If you’re more interested in having lots of people in your hot tub, you can buy a larger 6-7 person hot tub or a 12 person swim spa. Best of all, you can use your hot tub with your friends and family year round.

    Make Exercise Safer and More Efficient With Hot Tubs and Pools

    For the best workout possible, look no further than a hot tub or pool. Both offer a more efficient, low-impact workout; water buoyancy allows for cardio exercises that don’t put stress on your joints, making your exercises safer for you. This is especially helpful for people with physical disabilities or ailments. Water resistance gives you a full-body workout during most exercises and helps you develop flexibility, balance and muscle symmetry much quicker.

    Pool Exercise vs. Hot Tub Exercise

    Having enough space to workout is almost never an issue in a pool. You have a large body of water to swim laps, do strength exercises and stretch in.

    Though many people don’t think of hot tubs as exercising machines, they definitely can be. Swim spas have enough room to swim against a powerful jet for a great cardio workout, and exercise spas feature resistance band attachment mounts for strength training. Smaller and more traditional-sized hot tubs are perfect for stretching and low movement exercises.

    ThermoSpas® Spa Trainer combines both cardio and strength training to make the ultimate workout machine. Because the spa trainer is so large, you can swim in place against a powerful jet stream, or work on building your muscles with resistance bands and structural bars.

    Hot Tubs and Pools Are Great for Relaxation and Therapy

    Both pools and hot tubs offer soothing ways to relax and forget about the busy world outside your home in your own personal water oasis. Imagine coming home from a long day of work, getting into your pool and floating on the surface, allowing your body and mind to completely relax. Or, stepping into your hot tub after a busy day to receive a powerful back massage in bubbling, warm waters.

    Pool Therapy vs. Hot Tub Therapy

    Both are also great for therapy. Hydrotherapy has been used for years to help people suffering from physical injuries or diseases to exercise and get pain relief. Hot tubs have the added bonus of warm water and jets. Together, heat, buoyancy and massage can help relieve joint, head or muscle pain, sleep problems and stress. Warm water therapy has also been proven to help with arthritis, restless leg syndrome, multiple sclerosis and more issues.

    Pools and Hot Tubs Increase Your Home’s Value

    When you add a pool or a hot tub to your house, you’re creating an area that will generate endless hours of fun. People who are looking to buy homes know this. Pools and hot tubs generally increase home values, though the actual amount they increase it by varies from place to place.

    If you have a portable hot tub, you can always take it with you if you want to keep it. While a portable hot tub can increase the perceived value of your home for the potential buyers, your property taxes shouldn’t be affected. In most states, property taxes only increase when permanent fixtures, like in-ground swimming pools, are added to your home.

    We hope this guide to hot tubs and pools helps you see the benefits you can get from both of these wonderful water oases. If you’re interested in purchasing a hot tub, we would be happy to help you find the perfect ThermoSpas® hot tub to fit your needs and budget. All you have to do is schedule a free, no obligation hot tub site inspection here. ThermoSpas® hot tubs are custom built to meet each of our customers’ personal needs. You can choose everything from the number of jets, color, features and elegant spa accessories. Contact us today!

  2. How to Protect Yourself From the Sun in a Hot Tub or Pool This Summer

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    Summer is a great time for outdoor fun in the sun in your hot tub or pool. While you’re enjoying the summer heat, it’s extremely important to make sure you’re taking the steps necessary to protect yourself from the sun. Skin exposure without protection can lead to premature aging and skin cancer, and too much heat can cause sunstroke. But don’t fret. Lots of people safely take advantage of the sunny days of summer by being outdoors. Follow these simple steps to safely enjoy the summer in your hot tub or pool.

    1. Apply and reapply sunscreen

    Sunscreen can protect you from many of the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays. In fact, applying sunscreen is one of the most effective and important actions you should take in order to protect yourself from the sun. The chemicals in sunscreen work to reflect UV rays, keeping them from damaging your skin.

    Most people don’t apply enough sunscreen, so make sure to put on more than you think you need. We recommend applying at least two tablespoons of sunscreen to your body and face. When you’re planning to go into the pool or hot tub during the day, put on sunscreen that is waterproof and has a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of 30 or higher 15 minutes before getting into the water. You should reapply the sunscreen to your skin at least every two hours. If your skin is wet, make sure to dry it off before reapplying sunscreen.

    2. Plan your time in the sun

    The sun is strongest between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so try to avoid being outdoors during this time. It’s best to enjoy your pool and hot tub before or after these times because you will be exposed to less UV rays. Consider spending time watching movies in your hot tub at night or stargazing in your spa.

    If you do want to spend time in your hot tub or pool during the middle of the day, which we understand, make sure to follow all of the steps in this article and limit your time in the sun. The longer you are in the sun, the more you are exposed to UV rays.

    3. Wear swimsuits with UV protection

    Wearing protective clothing is another effective way to protect yourself from the sun. Unfortunately, many swimsuits leave a lot of your skin exposed, including your shoulders, arms, stomach, back and legs. It’s best to wear swimsuits that cover as much of your skin as possible. Rash guards are great swimwear options for optimal sun protection, especially for children. They usually cover your upper arms, chest and stomach and are made to be worn in the water and dry quickly. Try to avoid wearing bikinis, short swimming shorts and other swimsuits that expose a lot of skin.

    Swimsuit fabric is also important to take into consideration when buying a swimsuit. Darker fabrics are better than lighter ones because they absorb more UV radiation, stopping the rays from entering your skin. Tightly-woven and dense fabric is also better than loosely-woven ones. You can check the Ultraviolet Protection Factor (or UPF) of swimsuits to see how effective they are at protecting you from the sun. Fabrics with a UPF of 50 or higher are best. Keep in mind that not all swimsuits are specifically designed to reflect UV rays, so make sure to apply sunscreen before you put on your swimsuit.

    4. Use Shade

    Shade shields you from the sun, giving you a break from its heat and protecting you from harmful UV rays. If your pool or hot tub isn’t shaded, we recommend that you make your own shade. Install an umbrella or buy a portable umbrella to cover your hot tub or a part of your pool. Shade sails and pergolas are other great and attractive options to create shade in your backyard.

    5. Wear hats and sunglasses

    Hats and sunglasses help by protecting you from the damaging effects of the sun. Hats with large brims shield your scalp, ears and parts of your face from UV rays. Although baseball hats are popularly used in the sun, hats with big brims provide much better sun protection.

    Sunglasses are also important to wear because they protect your eyes and the surrounding skin from sun damage. Eyes are prone to melanoma and cataracts, so try to wear sunglasses as often as possible while you are in the sun.

    6. Stay hydrated

    As the temperature outside heats up, we begin to sweat more because our muscles regulate heat by releasing sweat. When we release sweat, we lose fluid from our body, and if we don’t replace that fluid, we get dehydrated. Before you get into the hot tub or pool, make sure to drink a full glass of water to ensure that you are hydrated. Whenever you begin to feel thirsty again, listen to your body and drink some water. Dehydration can lead to a number of problems, such as heat exhaustion and heat stroke. To avoid these issues, listen to your body and take breaks from the pool or hot tub to drink water.

    These steps to protect your skin will help you to feel your best throughout summer so that you can make the most out of it. If you’re interested in buying a hot tub to fill your summer months with even more fun, feel free to contact us.

  3. Relax, Swim, Entertain – Thermospas 12 Person Swim Spa

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    If you and your family love to swim, then the Swim Spa is a dream come true! 

    Completely portable, easy to install and maintain, the swim spa offers the benefits of a pool, without the headaches.

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