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  1. A Romantic Evening is Just Minutes Away

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    Imagine this: You and your partner arrive home after a long day; and you’re looking for something to liven your spirits.

    You decide to plan a spontaneous hot tub night, because you know how much you both need it.

    You’ve been working too much, and haven’t spent the quality time together that you need.

    The daily stresses and to-do lists are getting the best of you, and you could use some time out of the day to just “forget about it all” and reconnect with each other.

    While the hot tub is bubbling up to the perfect temperature, you find some snacks to make a plate of finger foods; and maybe even prepare some wine or cocktails for after.

    You grab your cozy slippers and fluffy bathrobes, light the tiki torches and candles, set the mood lighting, and switch on one of ThermoSpas’ romantic playlists.

    Don’t forget to add a few drops of Aromatherapy oils to maximize the mood. A sweet rose or a tranquil lavender will be just perfect.

    Now you’re ready. You slip into the warm and bubbling waters of your hot tub, feel of the massaging jets on your tired body, inhale the soothing scents, and melt the day away together in pure bliss. This is exactly what you both needed.

    Once you’re fully relaxed and rejuvenated, you put on your bathrobes and sit by the fire, or cuddle up inside while you enjoy your favorite drink.

    In just minutes, on any day, you can rejuvenate your body mind, spirit–and your relationship.

    Keep these items on hand, so you can be spontaneous and enjoy a hot tub evening whenever the mood calls:

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