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  1. Working Out With Your Kids in the Hot Tub

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    While there is a time for relaxing and relieving the stress of the day in your hot tub, there is also the opportunity to work out in your hot tub and burn the day’s calories. However, it can be tough to concentrate a large amount of time to working out when you have children. A good way to combat this issue is to work out with your kids in the hot tub. It’s simple when you invite your children to participate in your activities.

    Remember, children under the age of 5 should not be allowed in a hot tub. Their bodies can quickly overheat and dehydrate. We recommend these activities for children 10 years and up.

    When involving your children with your hot tub exercise routine, you must remember that they cannot work out as intense as an adult. When organizing your routines, keep this in mind. Here are a few recommended exercise techniques for you and your children:

    Leg Kicks

    A simple exercise that both you and your children can partake in during a hot tub session are leg kicks. Simply, sit flat on one of your hot tub’s therapy seats. Lift your legs in the air and kick them outward in a circular motion as if you were riding a bicycle. Do this for as long as your legs can stay up then rest for a few minutes, repeating several times.

    This is a simple exercise that can help tone leg muscle while incorporating cardio. While, at first, it may feel easy to kick your legs out as the water makes your legs feel weightless, the more you work, the harder it will become. Children can do this too because it’s simple and fun. They’ll notice the burn too, and when they do, make sure to encourage them to keep their legs up in the air. You can add incentive between a few siblings by seeing who can keep their legs up the longest.

    Body Lifts

    Another simple exercise your children can participate in is body lifts. Start by sitting flat in your hot tub seat, then use your hands to lift your butt off the seat and hold yourself up as long as possible. This exercise helps tone arm, shoulder, and chest muscles.

    For children, have them try to keep themselves off their seat as long as possible. Whoever can hold themselves up the longest wins. For adults, lift yourself up but then slowly lower yourself onto your seat and lift up again. At first, these will seem very easy as, again, the water makes you feel weightless. The more reps you do, the harder it will become.

    Both Leg Kicks and Body Lifts can be done in any of Thermospas great hot tubs, but are especially effective in our deeper Aquacisor and Olympian models that are specifically designed to provide full body workouts.

    Swimmer Legs

    Here is an exercise that’s possible in the Thermospas Swim Spa Trainer. The Spa Trainer was developed for a total workout experience. Adults are able to swim, walk, and jog in place along with row for upper and lower body strength.

    For children, the Swim Spa Trainer may be too intense for them to participate in the harder activities. However, there is a simple activity that the whole family can participate in. It will also help children become better swimmers so when they’re big enough, they can take advantage of Spa Trainer’s great features.

    The Spa Trainer works by sending a powerful jet stream of water to create a strong current that keeps a swimmer, walker, or jogger in place. At the same end of the jet stream, a bar is available to hold onto for less intense exercises. This is what you and your children can all partake it. Hold onto the bar and adjust the jet stream to a lower setting. For children is all that’s needed to hold their bodies up. Then, instruct your child to kick their legs with the current similar to a freestyle stroke.  This is a good cardio exercise that can also tone leg muscles.

    These three exercises are a great way to teach your children how a hot tub can be more than just a relaxing experience and allow you to still burn calories and tone muscles when you need them.

    If you have any more questions about Thermospas Swim Spa Trainer or exercising in the hot tub, don’t hesitate to contact Thermospas today. We’re happy to help!