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  1. The Secret to a Healthy Relationship

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    With Valentine’s Day right around the corner – Love is in the air, and it’s no secret that a hot tub from Thermospas will add spice to your love life!

    I mean, who could pass up lying under the stars in a warm, bubbling hot tub? Better yet, if you have the luxury owning a Thermospa with a double wide lounge area  you can even lay side by side!

    Even though we take time out on Valentine’s Day to celebrate our loved one, Romance should be practiced all throughout the year in order to maintain a healthy and loving partnership.


    Studies have shown that a healthy relationship needs 4 elements:

    1. Couples need to be able to work together as a team to tackle problems, handle finances, and other household obligations. A disconnect here can cause conflicts.
    2. Friendship is the foundation of a healthy relationship. If you can’t at least enjoy each other’s company, you may be in some trouble!
    3. Sharing a sense of purpose and meaning is another aspect of a healthy union.


    And last but certainly not least, is Romance.

    Romance is a major component of a strong and loving relationship. Romance includes physical intimacy, sharing quality time together, and feeling deeply connected and “in love” with your partner.

    Not only is romance good for your relationship, scientists have found that it’s also good for your health. Reducing stress and boosting the immune system are some of the benefits of love and romance in one’s life.

    So many Thermospa owners have expressed how a hot tub has helped bring more romance into their life.

    With a hot tub as part of a couple’s lifestyle, they not only get the benefit of spending more quality time with each other, they also get the added benefits of increased relaxation and improved well-being that comes with being a hot tub owner.

    Our physical health, sense of spiritual well being, a significantly lower stress level, and an improved love life are all benefits that both my wife and I noticed right away.

    Andrew and Doreen Laird

    The secret to a healthy, romantic relationship, is making quality time together a priority. Marriage therapists recommend scheduling regular date nights.

    Whether you plan a date night once a week or once a month, one thing is for sure – healthy couples take the time out from their busy lives to make time for each other.

    This Thermospa couple makes time every night for a little romance at the end of the day:

    My husband and I try to go in the tub every night before bed. We set it on economy mode so that the tub heats up and is ready for us each night. It is very relaxing and lets us melt away the tensions of the day. It is a great opportunity to talk undisturbed. No phone, no computer, no distractions. My husband often has to remind me to just try and enjoy the quiet of the bubbling water. (A scented candle is always a nice touch) in the winter it is especially wonderful to go to bed toasty, clean and warm, and to never have to worry about those cold feet!! This year it was a welcome experience after sledding or shoveling.

    Rosalind Gambardella

    This Valentine’s Day, think of how you can make Romance more of a priority in your life. You won’t only reap the benefits of a more loving relationship, you will improve your health too!

    Want to make a Thermospa Hot Tub a part of your lifestyle too?