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  1. New Years Resolution: How a Hot Tub Can Help You Be Healthier This Year

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    New Year’s resolutions aren’t a new phenomenon, but using a hot tub could make it easier for you to stick to your resolutions. Hot tubs can help you meet your goals for a healthier mind and body by making the process fun and relaxing. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, here’s how a hot tub can help you be healthier this year.

    A Hot Tub Can Get You In Shape

    Not only is working out in warm bubbling waters a fun new way to exercise, but it’s also better for you than working out on land. Water buoyancy allows you to improve your body without putting stress on your joints, and water resistance makes most exercises more effective by giving you a full body workout. With ThermoSpas® exercise spas and swim spas, you can work on your New Year’s resolution of building your muscles and toning your body with resistance bands, structural bars, and strong jets for swimming.

    Relieves Stress, Headaches and Sleep Problems

    Stress, headaches and sleep problems can make every day difficult. This doesn’t have to be the case in 2015. A hot tub’s warm water jets stimulate the body to release endorphins that naturally reduce stress. Hydrotherapy jets also dilate blood vessels to help prevent headaches. And if you have trouble sleeping, soaking in the warm waters of a hot tub before you go to bed can help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep.

    Lowers Blood Pressure

    If you battle with high blood pressure and are looking for a solution this year, hot tubs can help in one of the most natural ways. While receiving a massage in bubbling waters, you fall into a relaxed state, which lowers your blood pressure. Your heart rate also increases, which works with the heat to increase blood circulation and reduce blood pressure.

    Helps With Muscle Pain, Joint Pain, Chronic Pain and Arthritis

    Hot tubs are known for their incredible pain relief properties. Water heat and massage jets allow for an increased flexibility of tendons, decreased joint stiffness, pain relief, increased pain threshold, muscle spasm relief, and increased circulation. Hot tubs also provide one of the best environments for exercising with arthritis and chronic pain. For hydrotherapy, you can’t get much better than ThermoSpas® Park Avenue.

    Whether you’re looking to transform your life this year or simply stick to a few important New Year’s resolutions, a hot tub can help. If you don’t have a hot tub yet and are interested in buying one to improve your life, click here to get a quote. ThermoSpas® hot tubs can be customized to meet your desires, allowing you to accomplish your specific goals as efficiently as possible.

  2. A Journey Through The Constellations… From Your Hot Tub

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    Stargazing From Your Hot Tub

    Impress your hot tub date with a guided journey through the constellations.

    What could be more romantic than exploring the universe together?

    Summer evenings provide an optimal opportunity to check out the stars and planets in the night’s sky. Usually it’s too cold to sit outside and star gaze in the winter months, but with a hot tub it’s ideal.

    The constellations that you will be able to see depends on your location and the time of day. We’ve compiled a chart of the constellations that you have the best chance of seeing during the month of February in the Thermospa Stargazing Chart (printable PDF file):

    [button link=”http://www.thermospas.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/constellations-thermospas.pdf?utm_source=pdf&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=StarGazing%2BChart%2BPDF”] Download The Thermospa Stargazing Chart[/button]

    Turn off all the lights around your hot tub, even the lights inside your spa. You will be warm and cozy in the bubbling waters of your spa, so relax and gaze up at the night’s sky and see what you can find.

    The mythological stories are great to share with your loved one or kids during a special evening in your hot tub:

    The Constellations of the February Night Sky

    Gemini – The Twins

    This is the highlighted constellation for February. This is a relatively easy constellation to find in because of the bright twin stars at the head of ‘the twins’ – Pollux and Castor.

    According to Greek Mythology, Castor and Pollux shared the same Mother, Leda. Castor’s father was the King of Sparta and Pollux’s Father was the god Zeus, making Pollux mortal while his twin was mortal.

    In China, they represent the dual forces of the ying and the yang.


    Gemini Constellation

    Orion – The Hunter

    Orion is the most popular of all the constellations and the easiest to spot from most locations. This constellation is most clearly visible from November to February.

    Just look out for the three stars that line up Orion’s belt – there are no other formation of stars in the sky that line up in this way.

    You can use Orion to try and locate the Milky Way.

    Orion proclaimed himself to be the best hunter in the world. The wife of Zeus had him killed by a scorpion, and Zeus put him into the sky as a constellation.


    Orion Constellation

    Canis Major – Orion’s Hunting Dog

    The ‘Big Dog’ is best visible in this month. The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, is contained in this constellation.

    This star is bright because of it’s proximity to the solar system, it is also one of the closest stars to Earth.

    The stars of Orion’s belt point to the star of Sirius, and the star marks the neck of the dog constellation.

    In mythology, the dog, Canis Major, was a gift from Zeus to Europa. It was so famed for it’s speed, that Zeus sent it flying into the sky as a constellation.

    It also represents one of Orion’s hunting dogs, helping Orion fight Taurus the Bull (another constellation).


    Canis Major Constellation


    There are also some interesting astronomical events happening this month, like the chance to get a glimpse at Mercury.

    This month Mercury will reach it’s greatest eastern elongation, providing the best evening view of the planet all year.

    Other planets within view this month are Jupiter and Saturn. This is the third best month to view Jupiter. It is best seen in the south after sunset (a perfect hot tub time).

    Saturn is a planet to look out for if you are outside in the early morning.

    You may even be able to spot a passing Near Earth Object on February 15, the closest this particular object may ever get to earth!

    If you are one of the Thermospa hot tub owners that uses your spa every night, you will have plenty of chances to spot some of these amazing celestial events!

    Not a Thermospa owner yet? Click below to get your free brochure today: