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  1. How to Throw The Best Halloween Party Around With Your Hot Tub

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    The spookiest time of the year is coming up, which means you’re probably getting ready to dress up and get your scare on. One of the best parts about Halloween parties is that they give us a chance to transform ourselves for a night and become our favorite characters. We’ve got great ways to incorporate your hot tub into your Halloween party this year to make it a unique and chilling experience. Here are some tips to help you throw the best Halloween hot tub party around.

    Clean Your Hot Tub For a Horrific Night

    Though you may want to scare your guests on Halloween, you don’t want to scare them out of your hot tub. Make sure to clean your hot tub and its water before your party. Test the water’s chemical balance and clean your filters. This will ensure that your water will stay as clean and bacteria-free as possible when your guests are in it.

    If it’s been more than four months since you’ve filled your hot tub with fresh water or you notice your water is dirty, you should drain the water before your Halloween party. Then, after the tub is drained, thoroughly clean the shell’s surface and jets. After that, fill the tub back up with water. Add in the appropriate chemicals and sanitizers, and quickly run the hot tub to move the water around with jets.

    Spooky Invitations

    As with any party, you can invite a large or small group of people depending on your preference. Whether you invite people online, with a letter or with a phone call, try to make it as spooky as possible. Call your house “The Lair,” inform your guests that you think your house may be haunted and tell them you’ll be offering freshly-brewed drinks from the cauldron.

    When making invitations for your hot tub party, think about the amount of people the hot tub can hold. If you want a small, intimate party, make sure to limit the number of people to that which can comfortably fit in your hot tub, or invite a handful more so that the people outside of the hot tub don’t feel like they are left out. If you’re hosting a bigger party, you won’t have to worry about this as much because there will be enough people both outside and inside of the spa.

    In the invitation, tell people you have a hot tub so that they bring a swimsuit and wear costumes that they can easily change out of. For even more fun, test the creativity of your guests by challenging them to make their swimsuit a part of their costume.

    Frightening Decorations

    Halloween parties are all about the decorations. To make your party a true success, you need to spend a lot of time making your party space feel haunted and spooky. We’ll start with the hot tub. We recommend transforming your spa into an “Acid Tub” for the evening. If you have a ThermoSpas hot tub with LED lighting, set your lights to green. Add submersible green LED lights to your water for an even more striking effect. Then, hang up a “Danger Acid” sign near your hot tub to create the perfect illusion.  Your guests will love it.

    If an Acid Pool doesn’t excite you, how about a large witch’s cauldron where your guests become the missing ingredients? Change your LED lighting to purple and create a sign with cardboard that reads “Boiling Witch’s Cauldron: Humans Needed.” Place some witch hats, brooms and other witch props around the hot tub to reinforce the illusion. Then, watch your spa transform into a cauldron as you take off your hot tub cover and see purple-lit steam float into the sky.

    Or, if you really want to spook your guests, turn your hot tub into a “Dead Man’s Pool” for the night. Switch your LED lighting to red and add submersible red LED lights to your water for a more blood-red appearance. Place plastic skeletons, bones, body parts and skulls on the area around your hot tub. Then, hang up a cardboard sign that reads, “Dead Man’s Pool: Enter If You Dare.”

    If your hot tub is outside, set up a fog machine somewhere in your backyard to create a truly eerie environment. Stick fake tombstones in your grass, lay skeletons on the floor and put rubber snakes, insects and rats in your bushes.  You can also cut out bat shapes from black construction paper and hang them in trees, drape fake cobwebs over your bushes and stick motion sensor props near where people are likely to be. This will be sure to give your guests a scare.

    Hauntingly Fun Games

    Games are a great way to break the ice and set the mood of your party. Here are some great Halloween games you can play to get the party started and keep it going.

    1. Costume Contest

    When everyone has arrived, kick off the night with a costume contest. Have everyone write down their favorite costume on an index card and give it to you. Make sure to check the cards to make sure no one votes for themselves. The top five winners get first dibs on going in the hot tub. You can also offer them a prize, like a Halloween basket filled with sweet snacks and candy. After the contest, invite guests into the hot tub.

    2. Scary Stories in the Hot Tub

    Once people have settled into the hot tub, invite them to share their scariest stories. Make sure you have a couple of freaky stories prepared so that you can kick it off. For a truly haunting experience, buy a submersible flashlight to pass around.

    3. Guess Who

    Have guests pull index cards from a hat. Each of these cards should feature the name of a famous character from a horror movie. Without the guest seeing their card, have them tape it to their forehead so that the other guests can see it. Then, they should ask other guests yes or no questions about the character taped to their forehead to try to figure out who it is.

    Bone-Chilling Tunes

    A party isn’t a party without music, and great Halloween tunes can really help to set the mood. We recommend playing a mix of Halloween classics (like Thriller and Monster Mash) with iconic horror movie hits (like the Jaws and Psycho theme songs) during the beginning of the party. Once people have had a few drinks in them and they are ready to really party later in the night, stop playing the movie songs and just play the classic Halloween hits with normal party songs. For the best musical experience possible, play music in your hot tub with a ThermoSpas deluxe sound system.

    Sickeningly Good Food & Drinks

    We recommend you have your party after dinner, so that it’s dark outside. For snacks, set out chips (labeled “Bone Shards”), salsa (labeled “Blended Man”) and guacamole (labeled “Blended Frog). You can also bake some “Eyeball” peanut butter balls and skeleton cookies for desserts. Wicked Ways Productions has some great Halloween recipes available.

    For drinks, we recommend serving blood-red fruit punch or black as death cola. Don’t forget to have your guests drink water, especially if they are drinking sugary drinks and using the hot tub. It’s important that they stay hydrated while soaking in warm water.

    It’s best to avoid eating in your hot tub. This way, you don’t damage your filters. Keep finger foods available on a table nearby for quick bites outside of the spa. Also, make sure to only use plastic cups in the hot tub for drinks. Remember, both hot water and alcohol cause dehydration, so if your guests are drinking alcohol, make sure they limit their time in the hot tub and drink responsibly.

    More Halloween Hot Tub Party Preparations

    Some guests may forget to bring towels, swimsuits or even a costume. It’s good to have a plethora of extra towels available near the hot tub, and a swimsuit or two incase someone doesn’t bring one. Offer a variety of old Halloween costumes to guest who forget theirs so that everyone gets to enjoy the Halloween fun.

    We hope these tips help you to throw the best Halloween party you’ve ever had. When another holiday comes along, make sure to keep an eye on our blog. We’ll be sure to keep posting more hot tub holiday party ideas.

  2. 6 Fun Hot Tub Toys and Games For Your Kids

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    Kids love hanging out with their friends in the hot tub. There’s no doubt about it. The bubbles and jets makes for a unique and exciting environment, and splashing around in a spa is always fun. You can make your child’s time in the spa even more of a blast with hot tub toys and games.

    We here at ThermoSpas have rounded up five great toys and games for your children to play with. These toys are great for children ten years old or over to play with their friends, and are fun for the whole family.

    Remember, children under five years old should not be in the hot tub, and we usually recommend waiting until they are ten years old to let them use the hot tub regularly.  You should also turn down the spa temperature a few degrees lower when children are in it. Kids tend to be more active in the hot tub, so turning the temperature down should ensure that they don’t overheat.

    Milliwik Splash Jack

    By Milliwik

    Price: $6.95

    With this 52-set pack of waterproof cards, your kids can now play all their favorite card games in the hot tub! These cards float, so that you’ll never lose them in the water, and stick to any tile surface when they are wet for extra convenience. They also come in a mesh bag, which allows them to dry.

    Playing cards is a great way to get the whole family together in the hot tub. Try playing Go Fish, Speed or Spoons for an evening of fun!

    Namits – The Game of Think

    By Namits

    Price: $13.97

    Another card game, Namits is not only fun for all ages, but is also a great way to teach your kids some new words. The goal of the game is to name as many things in one category as possible. It challenges kids and adults alike to think quickly and creatively.

    The cards are waterproof, durable and attached to a ring so that they don’t float away in the water. Created by a mother of seven, Namits is family friendly, simple and fun for kids.

    Hot Potato Splash

    By Ideal

    Price: $10.79

    Now you can bring the classic game of Musical Hot Potato to the water with Hot Potato Splash. This toy will be sure to get your kids and their friends squealing with anticipation and excitement. All you have to do is squeeze the rubber potato to begin the game and start the music. Just don’t get caught with the tater when the music stops!

    Hot Potato Splash is small, easy to carry, waterproof and comes with non-replaceable batteries that last for 2000 plays. It’s stuffed with foam for child safety and can be played by two or more people, perfect for a hot tub party or hang out.

    Coleman Blue Xtreme2 C12WP Waterproof Digital Camera

    By Coleman

    Price: $73.45

    As we’re sure you’ve noticed, kids love capturing every moment of their time spent with friends on camera. Now they can do it in the hot tub too! Coleman’s Blue Xtreme2 C12WP Waterproof Digital Camera has 16-megapixel resolution, 4x digital zoom, and has HD video and still picture capabilities.

    With this camera, your children can take pictures and video in an entirely new way in the hot tub. Just make sure you buy a memory card to store photos, as it doesn’t come with one. Also, if blue isn’t your kid’s favorite color, there are a variety of other colors available to make it the perfect camera for them.

    Cool Duck Toy

    By ThermoSpas

    Price: $5.95

    Your child will never have to feel alone in the hot tub again. Our Cool Duck Toy is a great hot tub companion, and is super soft and cuddly. Let’s not forget, he’s also a very cool little guy, always wearing shades and never leaving your side.

    He may be small, but he’s a great swimmer and always stays upright. You can check him out on our online store by clicking here.

    Solar Splash Light Show

    By ToySplash

    Price: $14.16

    Kids will have a great time with this fun light show. There are five different light show programs so your children are sure to never get bored with it. Plus, the lights turn off automatically in the day and on during sundown, so that they won’t have to do anything to get it going.

    Create a magical environment in your hot tub with moving blue, green and red colors. It will turn any child’s play time in the hot tub into a party.

    Make every time in the hot tub a party time with these fun and diverse toys. They are sure to keep your kids pleased and entertained with their friends or with the whole family. Just make sure a trusted adult or parent is present and supervising children at all times when they are in the hot tub. This will help ensure their safety, and will also make for a great bonding time for parents and their children.

    For more ideas about how to have fun in your spa, keep an eye on the entertainment section of our blog. You’ll have a hard time running out of fun hot tub ideas with us around.

  3. Child Safety in Hot Tubs: What You Need To Know

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    Hot tubs are great for bringing the family together for a time of relaxation and fun. Any time your children are in the spa, it’s important to be mindful of their safety in order to keep the fun going. We’ve listed some of the most important factors to keep in mind to ensure your children’s safety in the water.


    A generally accepted rule is that children younger than five years old should not use hot tubs. However, we recommend that parents wait until their children are 10 years old to allow them to use the spa. It’s important to make sure that your child can stand on the bottom of the tub with their head sticking out of the water. Otherwise, you should wait until they are older to let them into the hot tub.

    Water Temperature

    Children’s bodies are much more sensitive to heat than adults’ bodies are. Before your child enters the hot tub, lower the temperature to around 95 degrees Fahrenheit. This will allow your child to move around in the hot tub without overheating. Then, slowly introduce them to the water, so that they have time to adjust to the temperature change. Every five to 10 minutes, take your child out of the spa for a drink of water so that they stay hydrated and their body gets a break from the heat.


    A responsible adult should be supervising a child when they are in the hot tub at all times. We recommend that you always keep your children at an arm’s length, so that if anything happens, you can react immediately to help. Not only does this ensure greater safety for your child, but it also allows for some good quality time between you and your child. Playing with your children in the hot tub is much more fun than sitting in front of a TV with them.

    Teach Your Children Hot Tub Safety Basics

    It’s important that children know some basics about hot tub safety so that they can better stay out of harm’s way. Here’s a short list of things you should go over with your children before they start using the hot tub:

    • Don’t submerge your head under water this increases the risk of an ear infection.
    • No running around or horseplay in the hot tub area.
    • Stay away from the drain because hair or clothes can get stuck in it.
    • Don’t use any electronics in or around the hot tub.

    If your children follow these very simple rules, they will have a much safer time in the tub. You should also make sure that they know how to turn off all of the power to the hot tub in case there is an emergency.

    Clean Water

    Keeping your water clean ensures that it is as safe for your children as possible. Luckily, this is easy to do. The first and most regular step you should take is to use testing strips to check the chemical levels in your water. Do this every three to four days, and add chemicals as needed. It’s also important to clean out your filters at least once a month, and replace them once a year. Finally, we recommend draining your hot tub and doing a thorough cleaning of its shell every four to six months, depending on how much you use it. Once you’re done with that, you can refill the tub with fresh, clean water.


    You can prevent accidents from happening by thinking ahead and preparing for your children’s time in the spa. Before your children enter the hot tub, put down slip resistant mats or towels around your hot tub to make sure that your children don’t slip on wet pathways. You should also make sure that your hot tub has federally-compliant drain covers installed.

    Unfortunately, even with preparation, accidents can still happen. Because of this, it’s a good idea to take a CPR class if you have a spa or pool in your backyard. These classes are inexpensive and are offered in most cities. It’s also important that you know how to turn off all of the power to the hot tub in case of emergency, and that you have a first aid kit somewhere near the spa.

    Cover Your Tub

    When you and your children aren’t using the hot tub, it’s important to keep it secured so that your child doesn’t use it without your supervision. The easiest way to do this is to have a spa cover with a lock system. ThermoSpas sells a variety of childproof hot tub covers, which feature our tough Cam-Lock straps and spa cover lock system. This type of cover is sure to keep unsupervised children out of the hot tub.

    Following these tips will ensure that you and your children will have a fun and safe time in your spa for years to come. When in doubt, always remember: it’s better to be safe than sorry! If you would like any more information about child safety or hot tub safety in general, feel free to contact ThermoSpas today.

  4. Childproofing Your Hot Tub

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    It’s true: a hot tub is a fun and fantastic addition to a family’s home. Enjoying the warm bubbles and massaging jets of a ThermoSpas hot tub indoors or out in your backyard is a great way to spend a little family time. However, children under the age of 5 should never be allowed in a hot tub. Children above the age should only spend minimal time in the hot tub until the age of 10 when it’s safer for a child to enjoy the spa. To keep younger children away from the hot tub and out of harm’s way, you must childproof your hot tub area.

    To do this, there are two easy steps that can keep your younger children out of harms way. First you want a protective cover with lock.

    Hot tub covers are essential to saving energy and keeping your hot tub clear of debris. A well-made hot tub cover should hold in the heat of the hot tub even in the toughest weather. However, if you’re concerned about keeping your children away from the hot tub, the hot tub cover is the strongest line of defense.

    Quality hot tub covers, ones that will protect your children, will come with locking straps that hold the cover to the top of the hot tub. Locking straps are essential to keeping a hot tub cover atop the spa and in place. ThermoSpas sells several designs of hot tub covers that serve hot tub users amazingly well. Our hot tub covers come with four locking straps to ensure no movement is possible and are all ASTM approved. We believe strongly in the durability and quality of our hot tub covers and are confident, when locked, all of our covers can help keep your children away from the warm waters of the hot tub.

    The second best line of defense that can work effectively, is setting up a lockable gate around your hot tub area. While this may be harder to do indoors, this is a great way to protect your children from getting too close to the hot tub zone. We recommend a gate system that is at least four feet high.

    Some hot tubs are designed with steps that lead to the top of the hot tub to enter the water. One can also protect those steps with a small, lockable gate to keep children from walking up to the top of the hot tub.

    When it comes to childproofing your hot tub, a strong hot tub cover with lockable straps is the best line of defense. Research ThermoSpas great line of hot tub covers today to decide which might be a good fit for your hot tub. Don’t hesitate to call us too, we’d be happy to help guide you through the process.