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  1. Swim Your Way to A Healthier Heart with a Swim Spa

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    February is National Heart Month.

    Heart Disease is a serious condition that is the #1 leading cause of death among men and women in the United States.

    Scary numbers, but the good news is that with simple lifestyle changes, the risk of heart disease decreases substantially.

    Simple steps include proper food choices, an effective exercise program, and stress reduction.

    The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of physical activity for a healthy heart.

    Physical activity includes anything that makes you move your body and burn calories.


    Exercise is good for your heart

    Swimming is an excellent calorie burning workout that is low-impact, fun, and suitable for the whole family.

    If you want to learn more about the benefits of water exercise, read our popular article 5 Little Known Ways Water Exercise Can Help You Get (and Stay) Fit.

    Unfortunately, not everyone has the resources or space for an in-ground pool in their home, or the time to travel to the local swimming pool several days a week.

    This is why a portable Swim Spa is an appealing alternative to those looking to enhance their health and lifestyle.

    What is a Swim Spa?

    The Swim Spa by Thermospas is a self-contained hot tub that delivers a continuous water current you can swim against. The Swim Spa doubles as a relaxation and entertainment hot tub that fits up to 12 people comfortably.

    A swim spa can fit in most any space, inside or outside and it provides endless hours of continuous swimming, entertaining and relaxing – all in one portable unit!


    Thermospas Swim Spa for Exercise & Relaxation

    How much does a Swim Spa cost?

    Many people are surprised that a portable Swim Spa is much more affordable than an in-ground pool!

    Not only is a Swim Spa less expensive; Swim Spa owners get more use out of their spa than pool owners because they can use their spa all year long  for both swimming and entertaining.

    Thermospa Swim Spas require less maintenance than a pool, are portable and can be taken with you when you move, do not require expensive building code regulations, are space efficient, and won’t effect the saleability of your home.


    Thermospa Swim Spa for Family & Entertaining

    Free delivery and installation are included in the price, so you can have your unit up and running within a matter of hours.

    If you want to hear about one couple’s Thermospa installation experience, you can watch Jim and Lynette’s Hot Tub Installation Slideshow.

    All of Thermospas hot tubs are custom built and sold factory direct, so you don’t pay for features you don’t want.

    Learn More at Thermospas


  2. Thermospa Healing Spa – The First Arthritis Hot Tub

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    About The Healing Spa

    The Healing Spa was designed for Arthritis sufferers in collaboration with Thermospas and the Arthritis Foundation. The Healing Spa was the very first hot tub that specifically addressed the needs of people with Arthritis symptoms.

    Specially designed warm water therapy jets target joints commonly affected by arthritis, as well as a unique hot tub design that is easy for people with limited mobility to use.

    The prestigious ‘Ease of Use’ Commendation was awarded to the Thermopa Healing Spa, the very first hot tub to receive the award (a Foundation program encouraging the development of products that allow for ease of use by everyone, including people with arthritis who may have pain and limited movement).


  3. 5 Little Known Ways Water Exercise Can Help You Get (and stay) Fit

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    Water exercise in a hot tub will not only make you look better and feel younger; it can also improve your posture, sleep, muscle definition and weight. All these benefits while doing something you enjoy, without ever needing to leave your driveway!

    1. Core Strength for Better Posture, Balance and Performance

    Walking or jogging in water while keeping a vertical position works your abdominal and lower back muscles at the same time. These are the core muscles that are required for good posture, balance and overall strength.

    Resistance exercises like walking in water,  are the best types of exercises to strengthen bones and enhance balance and coordination, helping to prevent Osteoporosis and reducing the risk of falls and injuries [Aquatic Fitness Research Journal, 2005, Volume 2, Number 1].

    The Aquicisor Fitness Hot Tub by Thermospa is the deepest hot tub available, so it’s ideal for walking and jogging with full body water immersion and getting those core muscles toned.


    2. Sleep More, Weigh Less

    Exercise in general improves sleep patterns and burns calories; but combine exercise, water fitness, and a soak in the hot tub and the sleep benefits are enhanced. Better sleep is attributed to the increase in blood flow, changes in temperature, and enhanced muscle conditioning from hot tub exercise.

    The National Sleep Foundation notes that soaking in a hot tub before bed is an excellent way to help you achieve a deeper sleep, and WebMD has linked better sleep to weight loss.

    Studies show that insufficient sleep, and sleep disruption, may affect our ability to lose weight. The studies found that people who sleep less often weigh more. Insufficient sleep may inhibit weight loss by creating hormonal imbalances that cause you to overeat when you’re awake.


    3. Cross-Training to Prevent Exercise Plateau

    Why cross-train? Doing the same exercise over and over can cause your body to experience exercise plateau. When this happens, you will stop seeing changes in your body, and this can hurt your motivation. Anyone who has ever plateaued knows the frustration of working out without shedding a pound!

    An effective exercise program needs variation, and aquatic training is perfect for adding diversity to your fitness routine.

    In water, you can perform exercises that you can’t do on land. Jog, strength train, or stretch in the resistance of submerged water and you will be working your muscles in a completely different way.

    With the Thermospa Aquacisor, you can perform virtually every exercise offered at a regular gym with the variety of tension bands now available.

    In addition, you are giving your joints a break since water exercise is zero impact, and relaxing in hot tub after a workout helps your muscles recover so you can give more to your on-land exercise later.

    Keep things fresh. Continually add new movements to your routine and prevent an exercise plateau by cross-training in a fitness hot tub.

    4. Create a Balanced Workout Effortlessly

    Did you know that water provides 12 times more resistance than air?

    Submerged water movements work multiple muscles at the same time, effortlessly creating a well-balanced muscular workout that traditional exercise strives for.

    With traditional exercise, a proper training regimen must be followed to reduce muscle imbalance. This is produced effortlessly with water exercise.

    Here is an example – on land, when you do a bicep curl, you work the bicep. In water fitness, the same movement will work both your bicep and your tricep, effectively getting much more from the same movement.

    Get more out of your workout by using bands to strength train for a balanced muscular workout in your hot tub.

    5. Create a Fitness Routine You Can Stick With

    Studies find that if people don’t have fun with a workout routine – they’ll find every excuse not to do it. People report that water-based exercise is more fun than exercising on land. This fact combined with the pleasures of using a hot tub is what make hot tub fitness the type of exercise ritual you will want to stick with.

    Finding time to workout is another hindrance to people who want to lose weight. The last thing you want to do after work is head straight to the gym. With hot tub fitness, you can work out, have fun, AND relax, without having to leave your driveway. Plus, you save money on all those hefty gym fees.

    Water fitness is an activity the whole family can do. It’s an ideal workout for people of all ages because its a fun, low-impact workout.

    If you make fitness a priority for yourself and your family, you will start to see physical and mental changes that will improve your whole life.

    Ready to start? Request your free dvd and brochure today:



  4. A Journey Through The Constellations… From Your Hot Tub

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    Stargazing From Your Hot Tub

    Impress your hot tub date with a guided journey through the constellations.

    What could be more romantic than exploring the universe together?

    Summer evenings provide an optimal opportunity to check out the stars and planets in the night’s sky. Usually it’s too cold to sit outside and star gaze in the winter months, but with a hot tub it’s ideal.

    The constellations that you will be able to see depends on your location and the time of day. We’ve compiled a chart of the constellations that you have the best chance of seeing during the month of February in the Thermospa Stargazing Chart (printable PDF file):

    [button link=”http://www.thermospas.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/constellations-thermospas.pdf?utm_source=pdf&utm_medium=blog&utm_campaign=StarGazing%2BChart%2BPDF”] Download The Thermospa Stargazing Chart[/button]

    Turn off all the lights around your hot tub, even the lights inside your spa. You will be warm and cozy in the bubbling waters of your spa, so relax and gaze up at the night’s sky and see what you can find.

    The mythological stories are great to share with your loved one or kids during a special evening in your hot tub:

    The Constellations of the February Night Sky

    Gemini – The Twins

    This is the highlighted constellation for February. This is a relatively easy constellation to find in because of the bright twin stars at the head of ‘the twins’ – Pollux and Castor.

    According to Greek Mythology, Castor and Pollux shared the same Mother, Leda. Castor’s father was the King of Sparta and Pollux’s Father was the god Zeus, making Pollux mortal while his twin was mortal.

    In China, they represent the dual forces of the ying and the yang.


    Gemini Constellation

    Orion – The Hunter

    Orion is the most popular of all the constellations and the easiest to spot from most locations. This constellation is most clearly visible from November to February.

    Just look out for the three stars that line up Orion’s belt – there are no other formation of stars in the sky that line up in this way.

    You can use Orion to try and locate the Milky Way.

    Orion proclaimed himself to be the best hunter in the world. The wife of Zeus had him killed by a scorpion, and Zeus put him into the sky as a constellation.


    Orion Constellation

    Canis Major – Orion’s Hunting Dog

    The ‘Big Dog’ is best visible in this month. The brightest star in the night sky, Sirius, is contained in this constellation.

    This star is bright because of it’s proximity to the solar system, it is also one of the closest stars to Earth.

    The stars of Orion’s belt point to the star of Sirius, and the star marks the neck of the dog constellation.

    In mythology, the dog, Canis Major, was a gift from Zeus to Europa. It was so famed for it’s speed, that Zeus sent it flying into the sky as a constellation.

    It also represents one of Orion’s hunting dogs, helping Orion fight Taurus the Bull (another constellation).


    Canis Major Constellation


    There are also some interesting astronomical events happening this month, like the chance to get a glimpse at Mercury.

    This month Mercury will reach it’s greatest eastern elongation, providing the best evening view of the planet all year.

    Other planets within view this month are Jupiter and Saturn. This is the third best month to view Jupiter. It is best seen in the south after sunset (a perfect hot tub time).

    Saturn is a planet to look out for if you are outside in the early morning.

    You may even be able to spot a passing Near Earth Object on February 15, the closest this particular object may ever get to earth!

    If you are one of the Thermospa hot tub owners that uses your spa every night, you will have plenty of chances to spot some of these amazing celestial events!

    Not a Thermospa owner yet? Click below to get your free brochure today: