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  1. What To Do With Your Hot Tub While You’re On Vacation

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    We’d all like to take our hot tub with us when on vacation. But unfortunately, it’s not really practical. Since you can’t take your hot tub with you, we’re here to help you prepare your hot tub before you go out of town. This way, it will be ready for you to jump right back into when you get home, saving you time and energy. All you have to do is take a few minutes to follow the simple steps below.

    Test the Chemical Balance

    Before leaving your hot tub, you’ll want to analyze the chemical balance to determine if the properties are too alkaline or too acidic. By maintaining your water chemistry, you’ll be minimizing the amount of bacteria that survives in the water while you’re gone.

    Thankfully, testing your chemical balance and then adding the proper chemicals is easy! Testing strip instructions vary in their steps, so read your bottle’s instructions carefully. That being said, the basic procedure should be the same. Here are the simple general steps:

    • Before testing, turn your bubbling system or jets on for 1 to 2 minutes and let the water circulate.
    • After your water has moved around, use a clean plastic bucket to take a sample of the water.
    • Dip your test strip into the bucket’s water. Let it sit in the water for about 15 seconds. Try not to place your fingers on the pad because this may contaminate the test pad and give you a false reading.
    • Remove the test strip from the bucket and shake off any excess water that may still be on the strip.
    • The strip’s pad should change color. Compare this color to your bottle’s testing chart.
    • The testing chart will help you understand your water’s chemistry. By looking at the color, you should be able to identify if it’s too acidic or alkaline.
    • Once you’ve identified the water’s chemical levels, you can adjust them by adding the appropriate chemicals.

    Consider Using ThermoClear

    ThermoClear™ is one of the simplest ways to purify your hot tub water, especially when you’re not using your hot tub. If you have a 300 to 400 gallon spa, all you have to do is add 2 ounces of spa activator to the cartridge before you leave for vacation. It’s as easy as that. You should add 2 ounces of spa activator to your cartridge every week while you’re not using your hot tub. If you’re going to be on vacation for longer than a week, ask a neighbor to add the spa activator for you.

    While you’re gone, the spa activator will work to reduce scum lines, minimize foam, keep your water clear and enhance the efficiency of your Ozonator. With ThermoClear, you won’t have to worry about your spa being clean when you get back.

    Turn the Temperature Down

    Usually, you want to keep your hot tub at a steady temperature to help save energy. If you’re going on vacation, however, and aren’t going to use your hot tub for a while, it’s best to keep your temperature about 15 degrees lower than normal.  This way, you’ll save energy and money.

    ThermoSpas® hot tubs feature an economy mode, which you should turn on before you go out of town. It’s the easiest and most efficient way to save energy with your hot tub while you’re not using it. While your hot tub is in economy mode, its water temperature will automatically lower until it is 15 degrees cooler than the set temperature. When you get back home, all you have to do is set your hot tub back to standard mode. The water temperature will then rise back to its original setting.

    Securely Lock Your Cover

    Though it’s always best to lock your hot tub covers after use, it can be easy to forget sometimes. Before you leave, double check that your hot tub cover is securely locked in place. Gently tug on the strap to make sure it doesn’t come loose. Then, try moving your hot tub cover to check if the straps need tightening.

    A tightly secured hot tub cover will help keep your hot tub safe from outside debris, weather and bacteria. High quality hot tub covers also help insulate your hot tub, so that your hot tub will be using less energy while you’re out of town.

    We hope these steps help to make your vacation preparation a little bit easier. If you have any more questions about hot tub maintenance, feel free to give our customer service representatives a call at 1-800-876-0158. We’d love to help.

  2. Hot Tub Yoga: Relieve Stress and Feel Good

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    Unlike other forms of exercise, yoga combines physical, mental and sometimes spiritual practices. It involves balance, strength, flexibility and concentration, allowing for not only physical wellness, but also mental wellness. Although yoga is an ancient exercise, hot yoga is a relatively new and popular variation of the practice. It involves performing yoga in hot and humid conditions, allowing for increased flexibility in the poses.

    Like hot yoga, performing yoga in warm hot tub water can enhance yoga’s mental and physical benefits. The relaxing bubbling system aids in melting the stress away, and the warm water increases flexibility, making it easier to stretch into difficult positions.

    We here at ThermoSpas have rounded up a handful of easy and effective hot tub yoga poses to practice in your hot tub. Make sure to be conscious of your breathing for ultimate relaxation.

    Before doing any of the following yoga techniques, make sure to check with your primary care physician to determine if you have any health issues that might stop you from safely practicing each of these poses. Drink water throughout your exercise to ensure that you stay hydrated, and we recommend that you do not exercise in the hot tub for more than 20 minutes. If you begin to feel unwell, stop exercising immediately.  Be sure to practice these poses in a safe and careful manner. ThermoSpas is not liable for any injuries that may occur.

    Warm Up

    To boost your stretching capabilities, it’s best to warm up before doing yoga poses. We recommend going on a short jog to get your blood pumping and doing some light stretches.

    chair pose yoga

    Chair Pose

    Start by standing in Tadasana, tall, straight and with weight evenly distributed to both feet. Then, raise your arms perpendicular to the sky with your palms facing each other or joined together. Next, bend your knees. Try to keep your thighs as parallel to the floor as possible, like you are sitting on an invisible chair. Your inner thighs should be facing each other. Push the top of your thighbones towards your heels. Make sure your shoulder blades are firm and keep your lower back long. Try to hold this position for 30 seconds to a minute.

    One-Arm Advanced Bend Pose

    Carefully stand in Tadasana in the middle of your hot tub. Then, spread your feet shoulder-width and lift your right arm straight up. Curve your right arm to the left while pushing out your left hip. Now, keep your eyes on your outstretched arm. When you are done stretching out the right side, move on to the left.

    Katichakrasana Pose

    This one is a very simple, but effective stretch that will make your waist feel great. First, stand up straight with your toes together in the Tadasana position. Next, stretch your hands out in front of you with your palms parallel to the ground and facing each other. Make sure they are at shoulder width distance from each other. With your hands out in front of you, gently twist your waist to the right while looking over your right shoulder. For the best stretch possible, do not move your feet. You should feel a nice stretch in your lower back area. Repeat this movement on the other side.

    tree pose

    Tree Pose

    The Tree Pose is one of the most recognized poses in yoga. If you don’t have great balance, you should skip this pose or try practicing with someone nearby to help you balance. Like usual, you should start the pose off in Tadasana in the middle of the hot tub. Then, shift your weight to your right leg. Next, bend your left leg out to the side, placing your left foot on your inner right thigh. Keep your back straight and place your hands in Namaste above your head. Stay balanced for as long as possible, looking forward. Then, switch legs.

    half moon pose

    Half Moon Pose

    This one is slightly more challenging than the preceding poses. Take it slow, and if you have back pain, it’s best to skip this pose. Stand up straight in the middle of the hot tub in the Tadasana position. Then, place your hands on your lower back. Next, while focusing on the chest area of your backbone, slowly arch your back. Take care not to throw your head back too far or too quickly. Press your elbows together. When you become experienced at this pose, you can put your palms together and point them in the direction you are looking instead of placing them on your lower back.

    We hope these yoga positions boost your mental and physical well-being in the soothing waters of a hot tub. For the best workout environment, take a look at ThermoSpas’ Swim Spas and Exercise Spas. They are larger than average hot tubs to give you ample space to stretch out and exercise in a low impact environment. They also include attachments for you to enjoy a variety of different types of exercises in your hot tub, including rowing and swimming.

  3. How To Properly Drain Your Hot Tub

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    There are several reasons you may want to drain your hot tub. Most importantly, it’s a good idea to replace your tub’s water quarterly to avoid over-exposing your water to sanitizers and chemicals. As well, it gives you a chance to clean out the shell of the hot tub and the front ends of your jets. How tub water can last between 3 to 4 months, after which non-organic contaminants, such as sun block or lotion, and salt from perspiration (all known as Total Dissolved Solids) can make your hot tub water cloudy and begin to cause chemical imbalances. By replacing your spa’s water, you’re ensuring your water will stay sanitized and look great.

    It may be to prepare for the winter or just flush out the system in the summer, but either way, draining your hot tub should happen once every 3 to 4 months, so you should know how to properly drain your hot tub.

    It’s a simple process to drain your hot tub.

    • First, turn off the spa’s circuit breaker. You certainly don’t want your hot tub trying to heat, filter, and pump while there’s no water inside the tub. Cutting the circuit is the easiest way to guarantee this won’t happen (Make sure not to turn your circuit back on until your spa is filled to normal operating levels).
    • It is recommended to use a submersible pump to help push out the water from the hot tub. If you don’t have a submersible pump, you can use a household garden hose.  The steps continuing, are for a garden hose.
    • Remove the front panel of your hot tub and locate the hose spigot.
    • Attach the hose and unravel it to a safe distance. It’s best to bring the hose to a safe spot where the water can be drained successfully. Leaving the hose in your yard will cause flooding. Instead, bring it to a driveway and allow the water to flow into the street.
    • Once the hose is attached, open the spigot to allow the water to drain. This is called a gravity drain, which can take longer than a submersible pump, but is just as effective.
    • When all the water that can flow through the hose has finished, use a mop or wet/dry vac to remove any remaining water left at the bottom of the hot tub. You’ll want to get your hot tub as dry as possible to allow the best possible cleaning. Use a soft, dry cloth to ensure all moisture is out of the tub.
    • Now is the best time to begin cleaning your hot tub shell. Use Multi Purpose Cleaner to clear the shell surface of debris and mildew. Make sure to wipe out the front of jets and any crevices that are hard to reach, that is where mildew and debris can easily hide.
    • Use ThermoGloss to wax the surface of your tub to help create a shiny protective coat that will help keep your hot tub’s surface in great shape.
    • While doing that, consider also cleaning out your hot tub filters. As the hot tub is not running, it’s a stress free time to allow the filters to soak. Consider replacing your filters annually.
    • As well, it’s a great time to condition your cover, clean off your hot tub’s cabinetry with a garden house, check the inside of your tub to ensure no leakage.
    • Once you feel the hot tub shell is sufficiently clean, detach your hose, and close the hose spigot tightly. Then, begin to refill your hot tub.

    It can’t get any easier than that. And with ThermoSpa’s excellent cleaning products to make your hot tub shell shine, you’ll be overjoyed to drain your hot tub and give it a good clean. Nothing looks better than glistening water against a glistening hot tub shell. For any more questions, about draining your hot tub or determining how often your hot tub should be drained contact ThermoSpas today, we would be happy to help.

  4. Choosing and Caring For Your Hot Tub Cover

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    Your hot tub cover is vital to the energy efficiency of your hot tub. If your cover is not working effectively, you are losing heat, and raising your electricity bill.

    You could be losing money month after month in heating costs that could be easily prevented with the right cover and the right maintenance routine.

    Knowing what to look for in a hot tub cover, and how to correctly maintain it, will cut your energy costs and prolong the beauty and efficiency of your cover for years to come.

    Features to look for in a high quality hot tub cover

    hot tub cover diagram

    1. Foam core protection. Thermospas uses Antaeus protection—a special material that protects the foam core from water vapor and keeps the heat trapped in the foam.

    2. Insulation: The density and thickness of the foam core determines it’s energy efficiency, safety, and weight load. If you have children or pets, or live in an area with heavy snowfall—a durable walk-on cover like the Super Cover is a good idea.

    3. Handles: They should be durable since they will be used for the opening and closing of the hot tub cover. ThermoSpas uses padded handles for added comfort.

    4. Straps: ThermoSpas straps come with locking attachments to keep out intruders out, ensure safety, and restrict wind damage.

    5. Vinyl is the most common material used for the exterior of your spa cover. It needs to be treated occasionally so that it is protected from mildew, moisture and UV rays that can cause fading. ThermoSpas uses SpaTechTM vinyl, a beautiful, lavishly textured vinyl that comes with a variety of designer colors.

    6. Skirts are the part of the cover that hang over the top edge of the hot tub. The skirt helps to keep debris out of your hot tub, lock the heat in, and adds a nice, clean look to your cover.

    7. Heat seal: The fold in the cover is the #1 area for heat loss. Standard covers neglect this important feature, but ThermoSpas has added a heat seal gasket for an added layer of heat protection.

    8. Center support is needed to strengthen the foam core and reinforce the center to prevent sagging.

    9. Dual stitching: A high quality cover will have both bottom and top stitching as well as triple stitching on areas that get more use like handles and straps.

    How to care for your hot tub cover

    Covers don’t last forever, but some simple routine maintenance can go a long way in preserving the life of the cover.

    Since the vinyl on the hot tub cover is the area that is most exposed to the elements, it’s a good idea to use a vinyl cleaner and protectant on a regular basis.

    A good rule of thumb is to clean the cover each time you clean your filter.

    dirty hot tub cover

    Regularly clean both the underside and exterior of your cover

    Here is an easy hot tub cover maintenance routine to go by:

    • Remove dirt, residue, and chemical build-up on the underside of the cover with a cleaner that doesn’t interfere with your chemistry, like our all-purpose spa cover wipes.

    • Apply a protectant to prevent cracking. Our multi-use spa cover conditioner contains a silicon based ingredient that protects the cover from the harsh rays of the sun. You can also use it on any metal, chrome, or tile surfaces around your home.

    • It’s a good idea to leave the hot tub uncovered after a shock treatment. This protects the cover from erosion caused by chemical vapors.

    • Once each year, flip the inner foam core between the cover skin.

    • Try to steer guests, pets and children away from sitting and standing on the cover.

    • During the winter, periodically brush the snow off the cover to minimize wear.

    • A thermal blanket is a small investment that goes a long way. It floats between the water and the hot tub cover and not only traps more heat, but protects the underside of the cover.

    Balancing your chemicals-an easy way to take care of your cover

    Keeping your chemicals balanced is one of the most important things you can do to keep your hot tub in top shape.

    Imbalanced chemistry causes damage not only to your hot tub, but also to your cover. If your hot tub cover has any of these signs, it’s a good indication that your cover has suffered from poor water chemistry:

    The 4 stages of delamination:

    1. Discoloration – Bottom side of cover will become discolored.

    2. Ruddy and Bumpy – Bottom side of cover will become bumpy.

    3. Blistering – Bottom side of cover will blister, sometimes in large blisters.

    4. Disintegration – Bottom side of cover will fall off and disintegrate.

    When to replace your cover

    If your hot tub cover has any of the symptoms above, you need a new cover.

    Other signs you need to replace your cover are if you notice cracks, rips, or tears; and if your cover is so waterlogged and heavy that it’s difficult to lift.

    ThermoSpas hot tub cover options

    Our covers are some of the best on the market today, and we have several options to choose from to fit your needs and budget.

    ThermoSpas hot tub covers:

    1. Genesis Cover – this is the standard cover for all Genesis series spas and is 50% more dense and 40% more energy efficient than standard industry covers.

    2. Thermo Cover – a step above the genesis, this cover comes with all ThermoSpas Designer Series hot tubs. It’s lightweight construction along with easy to grip handles, make this a favorite with customers.

    3. Super Cover – The king of all covers, the Super Cover is the strongest and most efficient cover we offer. It includes all the features above, but is more energy-efficient, durable, and longer-lasting.

      super hot tub cover

    To learn more about the specifics of these covers and to compare them against other hot tub cover brands, visit our buyers guide to choosing a hot tub cover.

    To order a new or replacement cover, call our customer care department today  at 1-800-876-0158.