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  1. How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

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    Owning a hot tub is an exciting and rewarding experience for the whole family. However, to get the most out of your hot tub experience, it is important that you perform routine maintenance to keep your spa running in top shape. The filtering system of your hot tub is one of the most important components of your spa, because it keeps your water clean, safe and clear.

    Follow these simple guidelines to proper filter maintenance:

    How often to clean the filter

    Every one to three weeks, depending on the frequency of use. Never go for more than one month without cleaning your filters.

    How do I know when a filter needs to be replaced?

    After cleaning your filter, examine the pleats. Is there built up dirt and grime? If so, you need to replace your filter. You can order a new ThermoSpas filter online.

    Why do I need an extra set of filters?

    It can take up to two days to properly clean and dry your filters. That is two days without being able to use your spa! By having a second set of filters, you can continue to enjoy your ThermoSpas while the dirty filters are being cleaned. By allowing the filter to soak thoroughly, and letting it dry out completely; you can double its lifespan – saving you money down the road.

    What’s the best way to clean my filters?

    1      Place the filter in a bucket filled with water and 8 oz. of ThermoSpas Filter Clean. If your filter is extra dirty, you may need to double the amount of cleaner.

    2      Move the filter up and down several times in the bucket of cleaning solution. This will mix the solution with the water and also aide in the cleaning process.

    3      Allow the filters to soak for 12-24 hours.

    4      After soaking, rinse away any remaining debris with a hose, pressure sprayer, or dishwasher (do not use the heat/air dry cycle).

    5      Let your filter air dry naturally.

    For additional questions or to order new filters, visit our online store or call us at (800) 876-0158.

  2. Top 5 Hot Tub Maintenance Questions Answered

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    1. I’m going on vacation for a week. What should I do with my hot tub?

    Ideally, you would have someone come to your house to perform the weekly hot tub maintenance. If you cannot do this, you are advised to drain your spa. When your hot tub is left unattended for more than a week, bacteria will build up and cause a mess in your spa. If you do end up leaving your hot tub unattended for more than a week, when you return you will need to flush and clean the hot tub lines; then drain the spa and refill. Since you will have to drain the spa when you return anyway, it’s better to save time and drain it before you leave!