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  1. Save Time With These Hot Tub Filter Accessories

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    Filters are a hot tub user’s best friend. With the help of pumps, they work to keep your water pure and clean with very little maintenance necessary. There is some cleaning needed to keep your filter working as efficiently as possible, though. To make the process of cleaning your filters even easier than it already is, we offer some filter accessories that should make cleaning your filters a breeze.

    Spa Filter Clean

    ThermoSpas’ Spa Filter Clean is the staple of your filter-cleaning regime. Every hot tub owner should own a cleaner that is specifically designed for filters to ensure that their filters are being properly and efficiently cleaned. The better your filter is cleaned, the longer it will last. Our cleaner is specially formulated to eliminate suntan oil, grease, and scales and mineral deposits from spa filters of all kinds.

    Cleaning your filter with Spa Filter Clean is simple and should be done every two to three months. First, take out the filter and replace it with a spare one. Next, thoroughly rinse the filter with a garden hose to get rid of large debris. After that, soak it in a solution of Filter Clean and water for 12 hours. When time’s up, remove the filter from the solution and replace your spare filter cartridge with it. That’s all it takes to thoroughly clean your filter.

    Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner

    This easy-to-use cleaner can be utilized in between thorough filter cleanings with Spa Filter Clean to help make your filters last even longer. In fact, you can double the lifespan of your filter when you properly clean it every few weeks with ThermoSpas’ Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner. This cleaner breaks down invisible grime and oils that collect on your spa filter without affecting your water chemistry, allowing for improved water pressure on your jets.

    The Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner is incredibly easy to use. First, thoroughly rinse your filter cartridge with hose water to remove any debris or loose matter. Then, while the cartridge is still wet, spray Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner on the total surface area. Allow the filter to set for three to five minutes. After this short period of time, thoroughly rinse it with hose water again, and reinstall the filter cartridge.

    Water Wand Filter Cleaner

    If you want to make cleaning your filter even easier, consider purchasing ThermoSpas’ Water Wand Filter Cleaner. Unlike your hose, this magical device reaches between the pleats of your cartridge with eight pleat-separated fingers and a high-pressure nozzle, allowing for a more thorough clean. The Water Wand Filter Cleaner allows you to clean any hot tub or pool pleated cartridge in less times using less water.

    Filter Flosser

    ThermoSpas’ Filter Flosser is the ultimate filter-cleaning tool. This device is specifically designed to unleash a powerful spray that reaches between the pleats of your cartridge to blast away dirt deposits. Even better, Filter Flosser can be used on the entire hot tub area. It’s great for power washing your spa cabinets, steps and even walkways.

    You can find all of these accessories on the filter accessories page of our online store. These filter accessories can make your filters last much longer and reduce your cleaning time and effort. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for more useful hot tub information.

  2. How To Clean Your Hot Tub Filters

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    Owning a hot tub is an exciting and rewarding experience for the whole family. However, to get the most out of your hot tub experience, it is important that you perform routine maintenance to keep your spa running in top shape. The filtering system of your hot tub is one of the most important components of your spa, because it keeps your water clean, safe and clear.

    Follow these simple guidelines to proper filter maintenance:

    How often to clean the filter

    Every one to three weeks, depending on the frequency of use. Never go for more than one month without cleaning your filters.

    How do I know when a filter needs to be replaced?

    After cleaning your filter, examine the pleats. Is there built up dirt and grime? If so, you need to replace your filter. You can order a new ThermoSpas filter online.

    Why do I need an extra set of filters?

    It can take up to two days to properly clean and dry your filters. That is two days without being able to use your spa! By having a second set of filters, you can continue to enjoy your ThermoSpas while the dirty filters are being cleaned. By allowing the filter to soak thoroughly, and letting it dry out completely; you can double its lifespan – saving you money down the road.

    What’s the best way to clean my filters?

    1      Place the filter in a bucket filled with water and 8 oz. of ThermoSpas Filter Clean. If your filter is extra dirty, you may need to double the amount of cleaner.

    2      Move the filter up and down several times in the bucket of cleaning solution. This will mix the solution with the water and also aide in the cleaning process.

    3      Allow the filters to soak for 12-24 hours.

    4      After soaking, rinse away any remaining debris with a hose, pressure sprayer, or dishwasher (do not use the heat/air dry cycle).

    5      Let your filter air dry naturally.

    For additional questions or to order new filters, visit our online store or call us at (800) 876-0158.