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  1. Save Money with a ThermoSpas Hot Tub Cover

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    Most people know that hot tub covers protect spa water by keeping undesired objects out. But what many don’t think about is how a cover saves you money every day. Because heat rises, much of the heat in a hot tub can be lost through the cover. The same fact holds true for houses, which is why insulated attics and roofs are so important.

    Because of this, hot tub covers are one of the primary factors that determine how much your spa costs to operate. If you buy a high-quality cover, you will end up saving both energy and money.

    ThermoSpas ThermoCover Money-Saving Features

    Every inch of a ThermoSpas hot tub cover is designed to make your spa as energy efficient as possible. Each cover is specifically designed for your hot tub to ensure a perfect fit, and thick insulation helps to cut down your energy costs. The high quality and durability of our covers allow for them to last for years. Let’s take a look at some of the money-saving features of a ThermoSpas hot tub cover.

    1.     Antaeus Foam Core Protection

    Antaeus is a special material that resists water vapor transmission, protecting the foam core from water. This will keep your cover free from water damage for a longer period of time, saving you the cost of having to replace it. In addition, Antaeus is heat sealed to the foam, preventing heat from escaping the hot tub. The more heat that remains inside the hot tub after use, the less you have to spend heating up your water.

    2.     Thick & Dense Foam Core

    Our thick and dense foam core is key to the energy efficiency, lifespan and safety of our hot tub covers. The denser the foam, the more insulated your cover is. A thick foam core also makes your hot tub cover stronger, increasing its weight load, safety, and, therefore, its longevity.

    3.     Strong Locking Straps

    Strong locking straps protect your cover from one of its biggest threats: the wind. During extremely strong winds, a hot tub cover can be dislodged and cracked. Our Cam-lock strap and spa lock system will keep your cover tightly secured. A secured hot tub also means less bacteria and contaminants will enter the tub, allowing your filters to work less and last longer.

    4. Vinyl Exterior for Protection

    There’s a reason vinyl is the most commonly used material for a spa cover’s exterior. Vinyl effectively protects your hot tub cover from its biggest threat: the sun’s UV rays. Over time, UV rays can cause your cover to degrade in appearance and functionality. ThermoSpas uses SpaTechTM vinyl, a beautiful and lavishly textured vinyl that comes with a variety of designer colors and effectively fights off UV rays. It also protects the cover from mildew and moisture, boosting its lifespan and saving you money. Your vinyl should be occasionally treated with cover conditioner to maintain its effectiveness.

    5. Perimeter Apron

    We here at ThermoSpas use a longer Perimeter Apron, or spa skirt, to keep contaminants out of your hot tub and heat in more effectively. This means that your sanitizers, filters, ozonators and wallet have to do less work.

    6. Heat Seal Gasket

    Being the most important feature in keeping heat in the hot tub, it’s a wonder why more spa cover manufacturers don’t install padded gaskets in their covers. Our heat-sealed gaskets prevent heat loss in the fold between the two cover halves. Without them, a lot of energy and money would be wasted.

    7. Strong Center Support

    It’s extremely important to purchase a cover that includes a minimum 20-gauge galvanized steel sheet center support. A strong center support will strengthen the foam’s core and prevent sagging. This will keep another one of your hot tub cover’s biggest threats at bay: puddles. A strong center support keeps your hot tub cover level so that water can’t puddle together and begin degrading it, and makes it more resistant to cracking.

    8. Dual Stitching

    Finally, dual stitching helps to keep your cover tear free. This not only helps keep it looking good, but also makes it function better. Once your hot tub cover begins tearing, it becomes much less energy efficient and allows more contaminants to enter the hot tub. Our covers include both bottom and top stitching to protect and add beauty to the vinyl cover, with triple stitching on heavily abused areas such as handles and straps.

    As you can see, a ThermoSpas hot tub cover is well worth the investment. Our hot tub covers will save you lots of money in the future by making your hot tub more energy efficient and lasting for years. To learn more about our hot tub covers and choose the one that’s right for you, visit our Replacement Covers page. We have hot tub cover options to fulfill everyone’s needs.


  2. Hot Tub Cover Care: The Biggest Threats to Your Spa Cover

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    Hot tub covers are extremely important components to spas because they protect them from the environment and help make them energy-efficient. Usually, hot tub covers last for around five years. But unfortunately, even the most durable of hot tub covers can be damaged by a variety of different sources if not properly maintained.

    Protecting your cover not only saves you money by increasing its lifespan, but it also saves you money every day by ensuring that it stays energy efficient. Even better, hot tub covers are pretty easy to take care of.

    We here at ThermoSpas have rounded up a list of simple tips to protect your hot tub cover from the elements and prolong its life, saving you money and time.

    Protect Your Hot Tub from the Sun’s UV Rays

    Over time, prolonged exposure to excessive sunlight will cause spa covers to degrade. This harms both the appearance and functionality of the cover.

    Try shielding your hot tub from the sun by making shade for it with an umbrella or trees. Our Cover Conditioner also provides excellent protection from the sun. This silicon based-product includes a UV inhibitor, and protects all forms of vinyl from hardening and cracking.

    Don’t Allow Puddles of Water To Form

    If water is allowed to form puddles on top of your spa cover for a long period of time, it can cause your hot tub cover to bow. The longer the puddle remains on your cover, the bigger it will get and the more it will bow until you eventually need to replace it. These puddles form as a result of excessive weight on the cover that causes it to bow or sag. Once this happens, water can begin to puddle on the cover.

    In order to avoid this, do not sit or place items on the cover. A heavy snow load can also cause the hot tub cover to bow. Make sure to clean and condition your cover regularly, and always push water off of your hot tub after a rainfall, snowfall or time in the hot tub.

    Keep Your Chemicals Balanced

    Balancing your chemicals is not only important to maintain safe and clean water. It’s also important to increase the lifespan of your hot tub cover. Having a low or high pH or a high sanitizer (ie bromine or chlorine) level can cause your hot tub cover to develop discoloration, bumps and blisters and can lead to degradation. Make sure to check your chemical levels with test strips periodically to ensure that they are balanced. If the levels aren’t balanced, add the necessary chemicals and test again. When you shock your spa, you can partially open your cover to allow the spa to vent. This will help prolong the hot tub cover’s life.

    Prepare Your Hot Tub for Strong Winds

    Wind is a more obvious enemy to hot tub covers than the ones above, but it’s still important to identify because it can deal serious damage. Strong winds can dislodge a cover from the hot tub causing covers to crack, ruining both their appearance and functionality.

    Luckily, ThermoSpas’ ThermoCovers come with extremely strong locking straps that protect covers from strong wind. The Cam-lock strap and spa cover lock system keep your hot tub cover tightly secured.

    Refrain From Putting Excessive Weight on the Hot Tub Cover

    Hot tub covers can support a certain amount of weight, but all have their limits. Avoid sitting or standing on your spa cover, and try to keep pets and young children away from them. If too much weight is put on your cover, it could severely crack or damage it or cause puddling. For extra strong hot tub covers, check out our hot tub covers page. The stronger the hot tub cover, the less you have to worry about it and the longer it will last.


  3. Cleaning Your Hot Tub Cover

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    Caring for your hot tub cover will help maintain the condition of your cover for many years. A hot tub cover that is conditioned properly not only helps the aesthetic look of your cover, but can actually make you hot tub a more efficient and energy-saving machine. So how do you clean and care for your hot tub cover? Here are a few easy steps to cleaning your cover.

    First, understand a few key elements to hot tub covers. When investing in a hot tub cover, you’ll want to make sure it’s durable and made to last a long time. Check for heat seals around the fold of the cover, this is the #1 area for heat loss. Make sure your cover has the insulation density that works for the weather your hot tub will need to bear. If you’re in an area that receives heavy snowfall, you’ll need a strong cover that can withstand the cold. Last, make sure your cover is made with vinyl. This is a strong material, that’s water-resistant, and easy to clean.

    Though the vinyl is a great material to ward off all kinds of nasty weather, it still needs to be maintained to ensure the best protection. Think of a car and how you wax the body to keep it extra safe, the same should be done with a hot tub cover.

    • Start by removing all dirt and residue off of your hot tub cover. Make sure to use a cleaner/rag that won’t end up interfering with the chemistry of your hot tub water.
    • Once dirt is removed, make sure your cover is completely dry. Use a towel to wipe off any excess water.
    • Use ThermoSpas multi-purpose cover conditioner to to coat your vinyl. The silicone based protectant helps diffuse the harsh rays of the sun and keeps a thin layer between the vinyl and water.
    • Consider cleaning and conditioning your hot tub every time you also clean your filter.

    You may be surprised to read that’s all there is to keeping your hot tub cover clean and conditioned. Covers are fairly easy when it comes to cleaning yet play a very large role in keeping your hot tub in top shape. For an optimal cover life span, here are a few more tips that can help keep your cover maintained.

    • Leave your hot tub uncovered when you shock your hot tub. This will help protect the cover’s bottom from the chemical vapors that are released during the shocking process.
    • If you live in a snowy area of the country during the winter, try to brush the snow off of your cover periodically to help minimize the wear of the cover.
    • Keep pets, children, or random objects that could puncture the vinyl off the top of your cover.

    Other than that, your cover is a simple puzzle piece to the whole of your hot tub. With the right care, you’ll find your hot tub cover can last for many years and help you save money on energy as it’s the number one defense in locking in the heat of your tub. If you have any more questions about hot tub covers or are interested in purchasing your own hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.

  4. How Often to Clean Your Hot Tub

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    Keeping your hot tub clean does not have to be a daunting task. If you are staying on top of your chemicals and have an efficient high-quality cover, cleaning your spa can be easier than cleaning your car!

    Below is a guideline on what needs to be cleaned and when, along with additional resources and how to’s on spa maintenance.


    Depending on how much you use your spa, filters should be cleaned in a filter cleaning solution every 1-3 weeks. You should never go more than one month without cleaning your filters.

    If you notice build-up and grime on your filters, and if the pleats look worn; it’s time to replace the them.

    A well maintained filter can last up to 18 months before needing to be replaced.

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    Give your shell a deep cleaning every time you drain your spa, which is about 3-4 times a year.

    In between cleanings, use an all purpose cleaner to wipe the shell surface just above the waterline. This will keep water lines away and make cleaning your shell easier. Be sure to use a hot tub cleaner that won’t interfere with your chemistry.

    Investing in a good cover and keeping your water clean are ways you can preserve your hot tub shell and make cleaning time a breeze.

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    Your cover is one of the most important elements of your hot tub. Keeping it clean will prolong it’s life and prevent wear and tear that can cause heat loss.

    A good rule of thumb is to clean your cover each time you clean your filters, which works out to be about once a month.

    Using an enzyme, hot tub safe cleaner, remove debris and dirt from the underside of the cover as well as the vinyl exterior.

    Then apply a vinyl protectant to condition the cover and protect against UV rays and other outdoor elements.

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    ThermoSpas uses special ThermoBoard panelling that has the rich look of wood without all the work and maintenance.

    With ThermoBoard, there is no warping, fading, or sanding; and the panels are UV resistant.

    The only care that’s needed for your ThermoBoard panels is a quick hose off from time to time. They are virtually maintenance free!

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    Have questions? Contact our customer care department at (800) 876-0158 Monday through Friday from 9am – 6pm and Saturday from 9am – 1pm for assistance with all your hot tub needs.

    If you’re local, swing by our store located at 155 East St. Wallingford CT 06492 for support or to buy chemicals and accessories.

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