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  1. The 5 Best Natural Hot Springs in America You Should Visit

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    With forests, deserts, mountains and thousands of species of animals, our Earth is truly an amazing place. One of the most incredible features on our planet is natural hot springs. Many of these therapeutic springs have been enjoyed for thousands of years, and continue to provide health and relaxation benefits to soakers today. They contain natural minerals that heal and soothe both the mind and body, and are usually surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery.

    Because of our love of all things hydrotherapy, we here at ThermoSpas have rounded up a list of the best natural hot springs in America. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of life to connect with nature and rejuvenate your mind and body at these amazing spots.

    sykes hot springs big sur california

    Skyes Hot Springs – Big Sur, California

    Image from BackToEarth.org

    If you really want to connect with nature, make your way through the beautiful Big Sur to Skyes Hot Springs. A serine hike down the creek will lead you to this stone-lined natural hot spring. Tucked away just above the Big Sur River, these small springs are about 8 feet across and are knee deep. They average about 102° F, perfect for a relaxing soak. Best of all, you will be surrounded by tall redwoods, a beautiful river and everything else Big Sur has to offer.

    truth or consequences new mexico

    Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

    Image from Riverbend Hot Springs’ Facebook Page

    Hot springs have contributed so much to the growth of this New Mexico town that it was originally named Hot Springs. Now renamed Truth or Consequences, after a popular 1950s NBC radio show, the town is still home to some of the most heavily mineralized spring water in the U.S. These warm waters, that range in temperature from 98 to 115° F, come from a rift along the Rio Grande that is more than 50 million years old. Now, the resort town offers a plethora of ways to enjoy these natural spring waters, from spas to private baths in hotels.

    dunton hot springs dolores co

    Dunton Hot Springs – Dolores, Colorado

    Image from Duntonhotsprings.com

    When you walk into this 800-acre cabin community, you’ll feel as if you’ve taken a step into the past. Dunton hot springs were enjoyed by 19th century gold and silver miners, and the ghost town has been carefully restored to maintain the culture and environment of the original romantic mining town. This unique resort features several ways to enjoy the earth’s spring waters. You can sit in the soothing water under the stars at the source, inside the restored 19th century bathhouse, inside the Well House cabin, or out on the river. Depending on which you choose, the temperatures range from 85 to 106° F. Visitors can also enjoy Dunton’s saloon & dance hall, library, chapel and vineyards.

    rainbow springs pagosa springs co

    Rainbow Hot Springs – Pagosa Springs, Colorado

    Image from Uncovercolorado.com

    Getting to these hot springs is a challenge that is well worth the effort. After a 4.5 mile hike with a 1,000 foot elevation, you’ll reach the two secluded pools filled with hot spring water, which feature incredible views and therapeutic, 95 and 105° F waters. The lower pool is the larger and cooler of the two and fits about 6 to 10 adults. The upper pool is closer to the source of the springs, and can hold about three people. The springs are a great place to camp and get in touch with nature.

    chena hot springs fairbanks alaska

    Chena Hot Springs – Fairbanks, Alaska

    Image from Chenahotsprings.com

    If you’re looking for a really unique hot water experience, try relaxing in Chena Hot Springs during an Alaskan winter. The 106° F waters will keep you warm while chilly snow surrounds you. If you’re lucky, you’ll see the aurora appear overhead. The geothermal area that the springs are located in produces water at a blistering 165° F.  Of course, this water is cooled before visitors soak in it. Miners discovered and used the mineral-filled springs in the early 1900s, and there is some evidence that indigenous people used the water too.

    We hope you get the chance to travel this beautiful country to reconnect with nature in one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating ways possible: soaking in a natural spring. If you’re interested in hydrotherapeutic getaways, you can have one every day by buying your own hot tub. Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis with acustomizable ThermoSpas hot tub. To learn more, feel free to contact us today.

  2. Best Secluded Hot Springs in America

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    Looking for a relaxing and natural spot to hide away this summer? If you’re as big of a hot tub enthusiast as we are, you’ll want to find yourself some of the most secluded hot springs in America.

    The best part about hot springs in America, especially if you want to find one with a little privacy, is that it takes some work to find them. Isn’t that the most rewarding part though? Pushing your body through invigorating hikes, around desert land or a heavy-forested mountain to finally relax in a soothing spring of hot, steaming water that only mother nature could have delivered. All of these American hot springs are open to the public, but take some time to find. A dedicated person, with the desire of a good view and a little privacy will find these hot springs to be right up their alley.

    Montana, Weir Creek Springs

    Our first of the secluded hot springs we love is Montana’s Weir Creek Hot Springs. There’s a 1.5 mile trail just along the Montana and Idaho border that takes you to the secluded rock pool. Take a soak while looking over the Clearwater National Forest. In the winter, when it’s most rewarding to visit it, the pool is not an easy spot to reach. The trail can disappear under snow and ice and you’ll have to do some tricky maneuvering over rocks and the river to find it. But once you dip a toe into the warm waters, you’ll know that the excursion was worth it.

    California, Mammoth Lakes Hot Springs

    Here’s some of the best hot springs you’ll be able to find in America, if you’re allowed up there. Some of the area has closed due to serious volcanic activity. Long Valley Caldera is where you’ll want to try and make it to. The spot rests on top of a volcano and is home to the famous Hot Creek, as well as Hilltop, Crab Cooker, The Tub, Shepherds, and Wild Willy’s, to name a few. If you can find your way up there, don’t miss these amazing hot springs, you won’t have another like it in your life.

    Colorado, Conundrum Hot Springs

    Over 8 miles of hiking to an elevation of 11,200 feet, this hot spring will have your gasping for air when you get there- quite literally. But as well, the scenery will take your breath away. From the hot springs, you’ll be able to look down onto Maroon-Bells Snowmass Wilderness with peaks of mountains scattered among wilderness. For Colorado hot springs, this is the one to check.

    Utah, Mystic Hot Springs

    One of our favorite hot springs in the world resides among the high plains of Utah. While other hot springs are made of natural pools, Mystic Hot Springs were first travertine rock formations which hot water flowed down from. Many years ago, a few residents placed bathtubs beside these travertines to collect the water. Throughout the years, the mineral deposits have formed rock around the tubs for a beautiful sight. Spend a day traveling around the the different tubs in the area to find your favorite, it’ll be a hard choice to make.

    Washington, Olympic Hot Springs

    Along the Elwha River Valley are a collection of hot springs completely uninhabited. For a time, they were developments around the hot springs but they have long vanished and an array of rainforest plants have made the surrounding area its home. To find these secluded hot springs, you’ll have to take a 2.5 mile walk through the forest, but once you find this private spot, you’ll be happy you made the trip.

    If you’re not a big traveler, but still want a secluded spot to take a hot water soak, consider a ThermoSpas hot tub in your house or backyard. While it may not have the breath-taking sights of a mountain-top, the ease and simplicity of walking a few feet to your own private spa will make up for it. Contact ThermoSpas today if you’d like more information on owning your own hot tub, we’d be happy to help.

  3. Five of the World’s Best Hot Springs

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    Before the age of modern hot tubs, men and women found another way to soothe their sore muscles and relieve the stress of the day: natural hot springs. For centuries men and women used hot springs for their wonderful health benefits and relaxation. There are thousands of hot springs around the world in almost every corner of the earth. We’d like to share five of the best hot springs around the world.

    Evia, Greece

    The second largest Greek island, Evia, is a heavenly spot that is as popular today as it was during the days of Aristotle. With over 80 natural hot springs available and man-made canal routes to send the steaming water into public and private bath houses, there are plenty of places to enjoy the revitalizing water of Evia.

    The only way to reach Evia is by bus or ferry, and it’s about a two and a half hour trip but definitely worth it. The best months to go are between June and October with a simple hotel room costing about €55 (approx. $75) per night that includes access to thermal bathes and amenities.

    Waikite Valley, New Zealand

    In this small town of north central New Zealand, just south of Rotorua, you will find the largest source of pure boiling water in New Zealand. Of course, it’s quite unwise to take a dip in the ‘Living Waters’ of Te Manaroa Spring, you can watch the water cascade to main splash pools where you can enjoy the (non-boiling) warm temperatures of the water.

    We love these springs because they’re accessible via wheelchair and are family-friendly which allows everyone that’s willing to take a trip to enjoy these great pools. Of course, after the long flight to New Zealand, you’ll need a good warm bath (About 24 hours flight from New York).

    La Fortuna de San Carlos, Costa Rica

    Originally known as El Borio, the city changed it’s name after the eruption of the Arenal Volcano which devastated the east side of its base, destroying two villages and a mass of land. El Boria remained untouched and changed it’s name to what translates to “the fortunate.”

    You’ll feel quite fortunate when you visit this beautiful small town with Thermo-mineral rivers that flow through tropical gardens to reach bathing pools that you can relax all day in. Of course, there is plenty to do around the area such as visiting the monstrous Arenal Volcano and La Catarata de la Fortuna, a waterfall 70 meters high. With daily excursions to take, it will be easy to enjoy the warm baths of La Fortuna at night while taking it easy.

    Strawberry Springs, Colorado

    Back in the States, there are plenty of hot springs to visit, and one of our favorite is located deep inside the Colorado forest. A collection of stone pools make up Strawberry Park Hot Springs.

    Open year round, this is a great spot to visit in the middle of winter, when you can spend a long day skiing or snowboarding on Colorado’s famous Champagne Powder snow before relaxing inside the steaming waters.

    Myvatn Nature Baths, Iceland

    Here is a great year-round hot spring that’s perfect for a long day of relaxation and hydrotherapy. Whether it’s summer or winter, you’ll find an experience like none other. If you’re there the right time in the summer, the sun never sets.  And in the winter, it may stay dark longer, but it just gives you more time to enjoy the breath-taking Northern Lights.

    Located just south of the Arctic Circle, the water’s view reveals a landscape of lava and lava formations that have developed throughout the centuries. Sure, there’s plenty of other activities to participate in, but who could leave the springs when such amazing views are all around you.

    Of course, not everyone has time to galavant around the world to find their very own favorite hot spring. That is why ThermoSpas has created a full line of affordable hot tubs that bring the joys of a hot spring right to your own backyard. With options ranging from a modest two-person hot tub, to an impressive 12-person Swim Spa Trainer, we know you’ll be able to find the hot tub of your dreams.

    [image courtesy of Strawberry Hot Springs]

  4. Amazing Geothermal Pools and Hot Springs Around the World

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    We discovered five of our favorite spas in America, and even found some of the coolest locations for hot tubs in the world. But today, we liked to extend the idea of a hot tub to some of the most interesting natural pools in the world.  Some man-made while others are completely natural, hot springs and geothermal pools are the original hot tub. Take a look and be amazed by some of these wild hot tubs and their jaw-dropping locations.

    Shirahone Onsen – Gifu Prefecture, Japan


    Here’s an amazing spot in Japan that sources its hot water from natural hot springs. After a long drive up the mountain ranges of the Alps new Kamikochi, this little village has about 13 hotels to bunk at, or you can just visit for a public dip before 3 pm. Shirahone is one of the most popular hot springs in the Alps with hot water that’s milky white and known to help relieve muscle tensions and cure a number of illnesses. Though, we recommend visiting this hot springs to relax, as the 100-some steps down to the hot spring can be a rough travel for anyone who’s not feeling too well.

    The Homestead Crater – Midway, Utah


    While ThermoSpas hot tubs can take only a few days to install, this warm water geothermal spring took over 10,000 years. Melting snow atop the Wasatch Mountains seeped into the earth, two miles below the surface. As the Earth heated the water, it picked up minerals and percolated upward back out the Earth creating a volcano shaped limestone deposit. The top opening of the hole allows sunlight and fresh air while the interior stays surprisingly warm (between 90 – 96 degrees). Jump in for a light swim, a relaxing dip, or practice your scuba diving.

    Pamukkale – Turkey


    Translated to mean Cotton Castle, you can see exactly why one might name these hot springs as such. With beauty that’s almost blinding, this geological wonder sits at the ancient site of Hierapolis, a Turkish city that is long past but still part of this amazing area. A series of travertines and hot springs, the water is filled with calcium carbonate with gives the location its sheer white beauty. But don’t be fooled with what may look like snow and icicles. These hot springs can reach almost 200 degrees Fahrenheit. While there’s no spa locations on site (no one can use motorized vehicles, build, or even where shoes here), there are plenty locations close enough to find this destination one of the most relaxing in the world.

    Blue Lagoon – Reykjanes, Iceland


    One of the most visited attractions in Iceland, this spa and hot spring are located atop a lava field in southwestern Iceland. This is a man-made lagoon which receives water from a nearby geothermal power plant. Extremely hot water is heated near a lava flow then used to run turbines to generate electricity. After which the water is sent to the lagoon for recreational use. The Blue Lagoon is one of the leading researchers for warm water treatments of illnesses as well one of the best resorts and spas to visit in Iceland.

    Mystic Hot Springs – Monroe, UT


    For those looking for more of an adventure and less of a pampered excursion, we recommend the Mystic Hot Springs of Monroe, Utah. Originally developed by Thomas Cooper in 1882. Cooper, built wooden boxes to collect the water and later developed an entire building resort around the hot springs. Unfortunately, by the 1950s, the building had closed and now the Mystic Hot Springs are better enjoyed by campers and travelers from all over the world. The water comes from the ground at around 168 degrees at about 200 gallons per minute. A channel was created to cool and contain the water in several pools and tubs. The water is rich in calcium, magnesium, and iron which makes it great for soaking.

    While of these destinations may make your jaw drop to the ground, they can’t beat the ease of a hot tub in your own backyard. With massaging jets and bubbles to sooth away your pain and relax your every muscle, ThermoSpas are a great option for anyone who loves a good hot spring but doesn’t have the time to take the trip. Contact ThermoSpas today and get started creating a warm water resort in your backyard.