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  1. ThermoSpas Smallest Hot Tubs

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    If you’re looking for a quiet and compact warm water oasis for therapy and massage, you’ll probably get the most enjoyment out of a compact hot tub. The compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are luxurious, easy to maintain, less expensive to operate than larger hot tubs and don’t take up a lot of space indoors or outdoors. Best of all, they come with a variety of incredible features and are roomy enough to comfortably fit even the tallest of bathers. Let’s take a closer look at our compact hot tubs now.

    thermospas gemini hot tub

    The Gemini

    Imagine ending your day by retreating to an intimate and steaming indoor hot tub for a relaxing night with your loved one. Our Gemini model can make this dream a reality. It’s our most compact hot tub, offering the perfect private retreat for one or romantic oasis for two. Each side of the spa features a slightly different seating arrangement and jet configuration to create a unique experience for both bathers. The Gemini is extremely economical, at less than 175 gallons. Most importantly, even the tallest of bathers will find deep relaxation while receiving a neck, shoulder, and foot massage in the Gemini’s deeply contoured seats.

    thermospas maui hot tub

    The Maui

    Looking for the most comfortable 3-person hot tub in the world? Look no further than the Maui. Not only is this compact hot tub energy efficient and soundproofed, it can also include all of the elegant features of a full-size spa, so you won’t miss out on anything with its efficient size. Both short and tall bathers will rejoice in the hot tub’s masterfully-designed deep therapy seats, which are covered with powerful massaging jets. If you’re looking for a compact hot tub that still has all of the great features of a full-size spa, the Maui is the perfect choice.

    As you can see, compact hot tubs from ThermoSpas® are as luxurious, comfortable and relaxing as our full-sized models, yet can fit in much smaller places. If you’re interested in finding the perfect spot to put your future hot tub, feel free to schedule a site inspection with our professional hot tub experts. They’ll deliver all the information you’ll need to your home and help you decide where and how to install your hot tub.

    Interested in larger hot tubs? Check out our largest ThermoSpas® hot tub models here.

  2. #1 Best Selling Hot Tub – Thermospas Concord

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    Therapy, entertainment or romance – the Concord Hot Tub is the perfect mid-size tub that “has it all”. The Concord accommodates couples, families and older adults.

    Fitting up to 5 adults, the Concord’s features and size are what make this spa a favorite for many Thermospas owners. When you need more than than the personal therapy of The Gemini, but you aren’t ready yet for The Manhattan – the Concord is the perfect fit for you.

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