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  1. ThermoSpas Filtration System

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    The number one proponent to keeping your hot tub water as clean as possible is the hot tub filtration system. Without a powerful filtration system, your hot tub water can quickly become filthy and need serious cleaning. Luckily, Thermospas has created their own patented filtration system that outlasts the competition and makes it easy for you to keep a clean hot tub.

    Filtration systems have always acted as a big part of the hot tub cleaning process. The filtration process works, for the most part, the same in every system. Water is drawn from the hot tub and pushed through the filter. Debris along with tiny particles are collected within the spa filter. The filtered water is then sent back into the hot tub.

    Typically, a filter should be cleaned every 1 – 3 weeks to remove debris and other dirt. If cleaned properly, a filter can last up to 12 months before needing to be replaced.

    While some hot tub systems only function when the hot tub is running, our hot tubs run twenty-four hours a day to guarantee your hot tub water stays clean. With energy saving modes to combat high costs, you don’t have to sweat about keeping the filtration system running. This is due to our patented mechanism known as our Thermo Filtration System.

    Thermospas’ Thermo Filtration System goes above and beyond the competition by using a special process to filter your hot tub’s water. First, we start by using a larger pump to send water to the filtration system. While most of the competition uses a pump that sends 4 gallons of water per minute, our pumps push 40 gallons of water per minute. And because of the extra amount of fast pumping water, we also make sure to use bigger plumbing, 1 1/2 inch tubing compared to the 1/4 inch standard. As well, we use double filters in most of our hot tubs with a patented filter wheel. Open the top to your filter compartment and watch as both filter wheels spin in rotation. That allows you to know they’re working. If one, or both, stop, that means it’s time to clean the filters.

    All of these special features aim for one purpose: to keep your hot tub water cleaner than any other hot tub on the market. Our Thermo Filtration System filters 100% of your hot tub’s water 144 times a day. Other, smaller filtration systems can reach about 16 times per day. That’s a large difference in filtration, and an obvious reason as to why Thermospas is regarded as one of the cleanest hot tubs available.

    Along with our patented filtration system, we’ve added our ThermOzone Ozonator which, with the help of Thermo Filtration System, makes for some of the cleanest hot tub water on the market. Most bottled water is cleaned by using an ozonator similar to ThermOzone’s. That’s because ozonator uses a chemical-free, waste-free process to disinfect water and make it the cleanest possible. With the combination of our highly effective filter and our patented ThermOzone, you can feel safe knowing your hot tub water is as clean as possible.

    If you have more questions about Thermospas’ Thermo Filtration System, ThermOzone, or about Thermospas in general do not hesitate to call us, we’re happy to help.

  2. What is a Hot Tub Ozonator and ThermOzone?

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    One of Thermospas proudest achievements when it comes to sanitizing our hot tubs is our one-of-a-kind ThermOzone Hot Tub Ozonator. This is an effective way to keep bacterias and chemicals out of your hot tub while reducing the amount of sanitizing chemicals such as chlorine or bromine. And its all used through a process which leaves no harmful by-products. To understand how our ThermOzone works, you first must understand the function of an Ozonator, and more importantly, ozone.

    Ozone, first, is a natural way to purify water and air. Made up of three oxygen molecules, ozone has the capability neutralizing bacteria and allowing water and air to stay fresh. Almost 99% of all bottled water is filtered using ozone purifying methods. The best part of ozone purifying is that it leaves no harmful by-products which allows for a fully natural and safe way to clean air and water. When it comes to a hot tub, that’s quite helpful.

    An Ozonator adds ozone to your hot tub water to help disinfect and sanitize. When adding ozone to the hot tub’s water, the third oxygen of ozone detaches from the ozone molecule and re-attaches to molecules of other substances, which then alters their chemical composition, neutralizing them, and deeming them harmless. Most Ozonator methods add ozone directly to the hot tub. While this works, it is ineffective in the way it is able to reach and sanitize all water. Thermospas has changed that.

    ThermOzone is Thermospas patented Ozonator made specifically for Thermospas hot tubs to help sanitize your water. ThermOzone is an EPA approved over-sized ozonator that produces over 6000 mg of ozone per day and is safe for indoor use. Rather than pumping the ozone straight into the hot tub water which can potentially create an excess of “off-gas”, Thermospas employs a second vessel known as a Mixing Degas Vessel (MDV). The MDV helps safely mix ozone into the water. Ozone can only disinfect water that it comes in contact with, an MDV provides a concentrated area where the ozone can mix with water for a longer period of time. This allows for a more effective and efficient kind of sanitation. If any off-gas is produced, ThermOzone uses a third vessel known as a Charcoal Carbon Canister to filter the air and safely convert it back to oxygen.

    Immediately after installing and using your ThermOzone, you’ll notice a difference in your hot tub’s water. The water will feel fresher as you’ll need to add less sanitizing chemicals. Though it is recommended that, even with an ozone system, that a 1-3 ppm sanitizer level still be maintained.

    As well, your water will smell more pleasant. Ozone if often created during thunderstorms from the electrical discharge of lightning, so the scent is similar to that of a long rainfall. All of that will help your hot tub experience by helping you feel more calm and relaxed while resting under the soothing bubbles.

    If interested in your own Thermospas hot tub, or installing a ThermOzone into your current Thermospas, contact us today. We’d be happy to help set up a visit for a quote on a new Thermospas hot tub.