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  1. Getting Rid of Cellulite & Improving Your Skin With Water Therapy

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    What Causes Cellulite?

    Cellulite can affect women of all ages, from teen years to their seventies, but it is more commonly found in women after the age of 30. Cellulite has gained an unsightly reputation due to the way the skin dimples around the area of the thighs, buttocks and hips.

    The actual causes of cellulite are unknown, although certain research studies link it to heredity. Apart from hereditary links, other experts cite poor lifestyle choices in a woman’s diet and exercise routine could actually be the contributing factors. Other research points out that estrogen, the female hormone, encourage excess fat storage in a woman’s hip and thigh area. As this stored fat gets filled with toxins that build up from foods, the likelihood of cellulite increases. A woman’s lifestyle can literally contribute to making cellulite worse by becoming overweight or lacking proper exercise.

    What can a Woman Do to Alleviate Cellulite?

    Doctors, nutritionists, fitness and beauty experts agree that improving a number of lifestyle choices can help to alleviate or significantly reduce the appearance of cellulite. Healthier lifestyle choices such as changing your diet, reducing the amount of foods you eat that contain toxins, and increasing exercise is the right step. Reducing refined and processed foods, artificial sweeteners, additives and chemicals, sugar and high sugar products, and drinking plenty of fresh drinking water are keys. Beginning an exercise routine that increases blood circulation and oxygen flow throughout the body, blood, tissues and organs is a vital part of creating a healthier lifestyle habit. Regular exercise helps to burn fat before it gets stored in tissues; it improves muscle tone and reduces the appearance of cellulite.

    Choosing poor food or lifestyle choices contributes to stress and when this becomes the norm in a woman’s life she will have a harder time staying healthy and looking great. Hot tubs and spas offer a home alternative that can nurture deep relaxation and cultivate improved circulation. The hydro-therapeutic jet streams pulse invigorating warm sprays and give a deep body massage to relieve stressed muscles and nerves.

    Enjoying a hot tub spa in the privacy of your home, ideally about three times a week, allowing the body to soak in a mineralized solution can increase circulation. Brushing the skin with a natural plant fibre before bathing in your hot tub will help to remove the dead skin cells and encourage new cell growth.

    Exercising in your hot tub is not only relaxing but fun, as the body works effortlessly against the water to increase circulation, build muscle tone, and help sore muscles regain flexibility. Other forms of land exercise then become easier when it’s coupled with hot tub exercises.

    A spa experience in your own hot tub can help a person create the conditions which lead to a stress free life. When stress is not a strong driving factor, it’s much easier for a woman to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices that naturally contribute to weight loss, a daily exercise routine, and looking and feeling better.