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  1. How a Hot Tub Can Help You Reach Your Weight Loss Goal

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    At one time or another, everyone considers losing a little weight. Whether its after the holidays, when most have spent too much time at the dessert table, or right before summer to fit into that swimsuit you’ve been eyeing all spring, we all could afford to lose a few pounds one time or another. While there’s many ways to lose those few extra pounds including a healthier diet, running, swimming, and aerobics, many don’t realize that a hot tub can help you reach your weight loss goals.

    Seems crazy right? Everything that comes with weight loss seems to deal with sacrifice, pain, and hard work. And that’s exactly how it helps. When most people think about the ways they need to change, or the routines they need to set for losing weight, they tend to stress out. You need to wake up earlier every day to run three miles, then you can’t eat your favorite breakfast of two eggs and bacon. You need to walk up the stairs instead of taking the escalator and munch on raw veggies rather than some delicious salty pretzels for lunch. This can stress a person out, make it hard for them to concentrate, and take away the few things they have that help them get through a hard day on the job.

    Hot tubs can help you reach your weight loss goal because they are the ultimate stress reducer. And when your body and mind are relaxed and happy, doing those few extra sit ups before bed doesn’t seem so bad. Thinking about taking a long soak after your run makes it okay to go that extra mile. Hot tubs and hydrotherapy help improve your quality of life. When you body feels good, you want to take care of it more, and that will promote the exercise and diet that you need.

    Furthermore, hot tubs can actually help reduce your appetite. By soaking in a hot tub for 20 minutes before a meal, you’ll find yourself less hungry. When your body is heated up, it has less need to consume food. As well, you’ll be more interested in drinking plenty of water, which will help fill up your stomach and make you less hungry. This is a simple trick that can help curb your need for a second serving at dinner.

    ThermoSpas also offers hot tubs that can not only relax your body and put you in a better mood to want to lose weight, they can actually be used as your workout routine. ThermoSpas Swim and Exercise Spas allow you to get a full body workout in a low impact environment while in a hot tub. Our models The Olympian and Aquacisor both come with attachments for resistance bands that allow you to exercise in a low impact environment.

    Or check out our Swim Spa Trainer. Long enough for an adult to fully extend their body, a powerful jet stream creates a consistent currant that allows you to practice any swim stroke you like without the need of a Olympic-sized pool. Burn all the calories you want in the luxury of your backyard. And afterward, when the exercise is over, relax with friends and family while enjoying the rushing bubbles and warm water to sooth your muscles and reduce stress.

    As you can see, the hot tub is not just for entertainment. Whether you’re using your hot tub to re-energize your body to motivate yourself to fit in that workout or actually using it to perform your  exercise in, the hot tub is a great tool for reaching your weight loss goals. If you have any more questions about how ThermoSpas’ hot tubs can help you, contact us today, we’d love to help.

  2. How Hot Tubs Relieve Sore Muscles

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    One of the greatest advantages of owning a hot tub is the ability to relieve sore muscles and reduce stress through relaxing sessions of warm water and powerful jets. Anyone who has experienced the delightful feeling of a hot tub knows this. They feel their muscles relax and their entire body lose tension. Typically, men and women who use a hot tub at night are able to sleep better and experience less stress throughout the day. So how exactly does a hot tub do this?

    There are three principle elements that affect your body while in the hot tub: heat, buoyancy, and water pressure. Together, these elements work together to relieve muscles tension and reduce levels of stress.

    Heat is obviously a huge factor when it comes to hot tub relief. Even a few minutes in your hot tub can greatly reduce muscle pain strictly from the heat. When you enter a hot tub, you body will immediately begin to warm up which causes your blow flow to increase. As your blood flow increases, your blood also warms up, which helps dilate your blood vessels. This helps lower your blood pressure and allow better circulation to muscle areas that need it most.

    As well, the heat of the water is also able to carry your warmer blood deep into the body. Unlike a hot bath which immediately begins to decrease in temperature the minute the faucet is turned off, hot tub’s can remain the same temperature for as long as you want. This allows your blood to stay at a warm temperature as it recirculates throughout the body to deliver therapeutic heat where baths and heat pads cannot reach.

    Buoyancy, the second element to help relieve sore muscles and stress helps by giving all your joints a little “break”. Imagine lifting a heavy box and walking it down the street. At first, your arms will feel fine, but the longer you carry that weight, the more it strains your arms. Once you let go of the box, you feel a great amount of relief. Now think of your knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles and how much weight they carry everyday, all day. It might not seem like such an exaggerated strain, but all of your joints must work constantly to keep your body in the form that you choose. Giving them a break, even for a twenty minute session, can do wonders for your body.

    Buoyancy, the ability to float in water, takes the weight off of your joints and allows them to relax. A hot tub’s water can support the majority of your weight through buoyancy allowing your muscles and joints to receive much needed down time.

    Last, the water pressure that comes from the powerful jet streams can relax your muscles and release stress that is carried in certain areas of the body. With jet streams and air bubbles that can be set to your linking, from an intensely strong stream to a soft and light brush of water, you can find the perfect setting for a therapeutic massage that you enjoy.

    Just like a massage, the jets of a hot tub can focus on certain muscles areas that are causing you stress. The pressure from the jets help release knots in the muscles and push out free radicals which are then flushed out of the body.

    These three elements are how a hot tub can help relieve pain from sore muscles and reduce stress. For more information on how to use your hot tub to help improve your body through exercise and therapy, refer to the Fitness section of our blog. There you’ll find all the information you need to have an enjoyable time while using your hot tub while reliving the main stresses of the day.

  3. Stretching in the Hot Tub for People with Arthritis

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    The Healing Spa was specifically designed for arthritis patients and was the first hot tub to receive the Ease of Use Commendation by the Arthritis Foundation. We’re happy to have so many satisfied customers that enjoy the relaxing sensations of our high powered jets and bubbling system. For any hot tub user with arthritis, there are great stretches to help relieve muscle and joint tension while in the hot tub. Here are some recommended routines for arthritis patients.

    Stretching is most important for arthritis patients to help relieve muscle aches throughout the body. Flexibility can alleviate a lot of tension, but is hard to do when your muscles and joints are already tight and sore.

    Using a hot tub when stretching is the perfect way to loosen muscles. The heat of the water helps increase blood circulation throughout the body while the buoyancy of the water is able to deliver relief by loosen pressure and joint strain.

    Once in the water and a body’s circulation has increased, there are several stretches a person can focus on to release more pressure.

    Shoulder Stretch:

    Let your upper body and shoulders soak for 15 to 20 mins in the hot tub. After which, take one arm and lift it over your head so you can touch your upper back with your hand. Next, use your other hand to touch the tip of your elbow and gently push down, aiming your elbow to the center of your head. Take deep breaths and lean your head back into the cradle you created with your arm. Breath deep several times before slowly releasing and repeating with the opposite arm.

    As well, simple shoulder shrugs are a great way to help stretch shoulders and neck. Shrug your shoulders, bringing them up to your ears. Hold them there and breath deep.

    Hamstring Stretch:

    Stretch one leg out as long as you can and point your toe to the opposite end of the tub. Feel the muscles of the leg stretch and take a deep breath. Then, pull the leg in, bending the knee and bringing it into the chest. Make sure to sit up straight, and breath deep. Extend the leg back out and repeat with the opposite leg.

    Hand Stretch:

    Many arthritis patients have a hard time with their hands. And although you can do these stretches anywhere, they are especially helpful with the addition of warm water. With your hands underwater, interlock your fingers and rotate your wrist clockwise several times. This will help stretch out the wrists. Next, slowly make a fist with your hands and repeat to stretch out fingers. Last, bend the arm at the elbow and use your opposite arm to push your fingers down, palm facing forward. This will stretch both wrist and fingers while relieving joint pain. Point your fingers up and repeat the stretch, then move onto the opposite hand.

    Breathing is very important when it comes to stretching. With good deep breaths, effective stretching, and a warm hot tub, you’ll find arthritis pains can melt away.

    If you have questions about ThermoSpas Healing Spa and how it can help your arthritis pain, don’t hesitate to contact ThermoSpas today. We’d be happy to help direct you through the benefits of the hot tub and the buying process.

  4. Should I Exercise Before or After a Hot Tub Soak?

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    There are many advantages of a hot tub for the physically active person. If you enjoy exercising frequently, or participate in a sport such as cross country or tennis, you can find the hot tub to be a beneficial tool to making your workout the best possible. However, many ask us if it’s better to use the hot tub before or after their workout. This is not a simple answer, both provide great benefit if performed at the proper times.

    How a Hot Tub Can Help Your Workout Routine?

    How exactly does a hot tub help your body? When you soak yourself in a hot tub, the temperature of the water rises the temperature of your skin and muscles which then causes our blood vessels to dilate. This increases the blood flow to your skin and muscles. Along with the massaging power of the jets, your skin and muscles are able to relax and loosen. For the physically active this can provide essential benefits, however, only if you use the hot tub properly.

    Using a Hot Tub Before Your Workout

    Using the hot tub before you exercise is a great idea. You don’t need to spend too much time inside the tub, but even a quick ten minute soak can provide great benefit to your exercise routine. The hot tub will help warm up your body, especially on cold day, and increase the blood flow to your legs. You’ll start sweating, which is beneficial for maximum calorie burn. We do recommend to stay hydrated while in the tub though as to not lose too much essential water in your body once you move on to working out.

    Using a Hot Tub Immediately After You Exercise

    Here’s where it is ill-advised to use a hot tub. Immediately after your workout, your body temperature is already risen, your muscles are inflamed, and you’ve probably sweat out a good amount of hydration. Jumping in the hot tub would only exasperate these issues. Rather, what you need to do is cool down and drink water. Applying cold water, as in a shower, or ice will help limit the blood flow to inflamed muscles and allow them to relax. This will help your body feel better.

    Using the Hot Tub 24 to 48 Hours After a Workout

    The best time to receive the most benefit from your hot tub after a workout is 24 to 48 hours later. By this time, your inflamed muscles have calmed down. Soaking in a hot tub will stimulate the damaged muscles and increase blood flow to repair any issues. By damaged muscles, we don’t mean injury. Every time you exercise, muscle fibers are broken down and torn apart, then, rebuild themselves to a stronger state. This is how you build muscle. By increasing your blood flow, you are helping your muscles receive the oxygen and essential components to rebuild at a faster rate. Of course, if you are injured, the hot tub works in the same way. First, you should ice the injured area, then when swelling is reduced, soak in the hot tub and increase blood flow.

    So remember, before you exercise a quick soak is beneficial. You should avoid soaking immediately after a workout, but once swelling has been reduced with the help of cold/ice, you can use your hot tub to increase blood flow and help rebuild your muscles.

    If you have any more questions about exercising and your hot tub, contact us today, we’d be happy to help.