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  1. Holiday Entertainment Ideas & Hot Tub Party Tips

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    With winter holidays just around the corner it’s time to begin planning any parties or celebrations to help you and your friends relax and enjoy the merriment of the wintry season. When you own a hot tub your list of options for party themes and ideas expands.

    In winter months Scandinavians are well known for enjoying outdoor hot tubs and spas as a way to relax, heal and enjoy intimate settings and conversations with loved ones. Yes, our arctic cousins can be found outdoors amidst the snow and freezing temperatures cosily bubbling inside their warm, luxurious hydro-spas.

    If you’re thinking about your plans for an indoor or outdoor holiday themed hot tub party, you found an ideal way to encourage your guests to shake off the mid-winter chills and celebrate Christmas or ring in the New Year.
    When thinking of fresh ideas for holiday themed hot tub parties the sky is the limit. Remember that the best parties take a bit of time in advance to plan, prepare, get out invites and set up simple yet discrete ground rules that will make the hot tub experience more enjoyable for all, so prepare in advance. Here are some tips and suggestions for your holiday hot tub event.

    Theme Ideas
    Halloween Hot Tub Party, Thanksgiving Day Feast with Pilgrim / Native American theme, Posadas Navideñas, White Christmas (in the snow), Indoor Christmas hot tub party, Christmas Day soak and relax, La Navidad with close relatives and family, Festejos de fin de Ano, Ring in the New Year, New Year’s Eve celebration, New Year’s Day celebration, Ano Nuevo, or Soak and Relax watching the 2012 Rose Bowl game on January 2nd.

    With many winter holidays to choose from, the possibilities for themed parties this season are plentiful. Your parties don’t always need to have wild or crazy themes to spark friends and families’ interest. Just the promise of a soothing, relaxing time in the hot tub with delicious snacks, exotic ambiance and fine wines will naturally draw a crowd.

    Tips to Help Make your Party a Success

    When planning your invites, decide whether you want an intimate setting with close friends and relatives, or a larger event. Intimate settings should typically include the number of people that your hot tub will comfortably hold. If you invite a few extra guests make sure you have other entertainment they can enjoy while waiting. For larger parties plan other activities and entertainment that your guests can do and enjoy while waiting for their turn in the hot tub. The activities and entertainment you chose should somehow follow the theme of your party.

    A few days before your party prepare your hot tub. Clean it well and wash the inside of the tub and disinfect. Fill up the water, set the temperature to the right setting, and have chemicals prepared ahead of time. You don’t want your guests to be kept waiting once they arrive. Everything should be prepared, decorated and the ambiance set.
    The hot tub area should be decorated and inviting, bring in a buffet set-up and drinks corner, soft lights safely strung overhead, or citronella candles for outdoor settings to keep bugs and flying insects away. Another nice touch is to be prepared with extra towels, bathrobes, or swim suit if a guest forgets to bring theirs.

    Light snacks such as finger foods, small hor d’oeuvres, crepes, wraps, cocktail dishes veggies sticks and dips are best for hot tub parties. Drinks can be simple, light wines, liqueurs or warm brandied wine with cloves, orange zest and spices to add holiday cheer.


    The hot tub area and decorations should not obstruct or block the entrance or exit to the tub. Keep any lighting, cords and electrical outlets safely away from the water. If your hot tub is outdoors, make sure your guests have a warm place to change when exiting the tub so they don’t get a chill. It’s also a good idea to have a set of simple protocols for guests to follow while enjoying a hot tub party, such as where to hang wet towels, no adjusting water temperature, and being aware that the hot water intensifies the effects of alcohol.