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  1. 5 Amazing Products to Clear Up Your Cloudy or Foamy Water

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    Keeping your hot tub water clear not only makes it look great, but it also increases the longevity of your hot tub. No one wants a cloudy or foam-filled hot tub. That is why ThermoSpas offers five effective products to help keep your spa water clear with as little maintenance as possible. Let’s take a look at them now to see how each of them can help you.

    Stain & Scale Preventer

    If you have colored water problems, stains or cloudy water, Stain & Scale Preventer can help put an end to them. These problems are usually caused by the presence of metallic impurities, such as iron, copper and magnesium salts. Metallic impurities can come from the water used to fill the spa. These metals are oxidized by chlorine, and then become visible, causing the stains you see on your spa’s surface or colored, cloudy water.

    Our Stain & Scale Preventer can help to eliminate these problems. By combining with metallic and mineral impurities, this product keeps them dissolved and invisible. We recommend using Stain & Scale Preventer once a week if you have high amounts of metal impurities in your water.

    Protection Plus

    This exclusive ThermoSpas product works to dissolve metals just as Stain & Scale Preventer does. The only difference is that Protection Plus also has a powerful clarifier. What does this mean? In one easy step, Protection Plus prevents colored water and stain problems, and clarifies your spa’s water. The end result is clear and purified water, increased filter performance and an unaffected chemical balance.

    We recommend that you add a small amount of Protection Plus to your spa each week. This will keep your water clean, clear and protected.

    Natural & Clear

    Just like it sounds, Natural & Clear is a natural enzyme that works to keep your water clear by breaking down organics and contaminants that sanitizers can’t destroy. By doing this, Natural & Clear purifies your water and helps to prevent oil slicks and common water scum lines.

    Most synthetic products in the market can harm your filter and are not as effective at keeping your water clear or preventing water scum lines. Because Natural & Clear is all natural, it does not create any of these problems and effectively does its job. We recommend adding 6 ounces on the initial fill and then 1 ounce each week thereafter for a 300-gallon spa.

    Spa Foam Away

    Although foam is not harmful to you or your spa, it can be an annoying and unattractive sight to see while you are trying to soak. It can also minimize the effectiveness of your sanitizer. Foam buildup can be caused by a variety of sources, including soap residue on bathing suites, shampoo, body oils or cosmetic products.

    Luckily, ThermoSpas’ Foam Away quickly eliminates foaming. Foam Away is an exclusive formula that breaks up existing foam in spas, hot tubs and whirlpools. Because of its high concentration, you can easily get rid of foam with just one small capful. Foam Away can also be used as a preventative to safely keep foam from forming on the surface of your spa’s water.

    Liquid Calcium

    If you live in a part of the country that has soft water, low calcium may be the source of your unclear water problem. Soft water can be so low in calcium that the water eats away at your spa’s metal components to satisfy its need for minerals. This can corrode and damage parts of your spa, stain your water and shell surface and cause foaming. To avoid or eliminate these problems, you can add ThermoSpas’ Liquid Calcium to your hot tub water. This will raise the water’s “hardness” level.

    To test if you have soft water, try measuring the hardness of your hot tub’s water with Water Hardness Strips. The ideal range for calcium hardness is between 200 and 400 ppm. If you do need to add more calcium, just one ounce of our Liquid Calcium product raises the calcium level 15 parts per million (ppm). It’s easy to use and extremely cost-effective. Continue adding and testing the water until it is in the recommended range.

    If you’re having trouble keeping your hot tub water clear, try using the products above. You can find all of them here on our online store. If you have any questions about these products or about water clarity in general, feel free to contact us today by calling 1-800-876-0158. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer care experts are available to help you keep your water clean, clear and beautiful.


  2. How to Fix Cloudy Hot Tub Water

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    Hazy or cloudy hot tub water is a problem that some hot tub owners face. It can stop you from wanting to enter your hot tub and can make soaking a much less relaxing experience than it should be. Like with foamy hot tub water, cloudiness can be caused by a variety of factors. But luckily, it’s very easy to fix. Let’s take a look at some simple steps you can take to eliminate a hazy appearance from your hot tub water.

    Change the amount of sanitizer you use

    Hot tub users add sanitizer to their water to reduce the presence of microorganisms. If your sanitizer is low, these microorganisms could be causing the water to appear cloudy. Likewise, high sanitizer levels can change the pH balance of the water, making it look hazy.

    To maintain the proper chemical levels and keep your water clear, it’s important to use chemical test trips. After testing the chemical balance in your water, you can add the necessary chemicals to balance out your water. When your chemical levels are balanced, the water may become clear.

    Clean Your Filter

    If you haven’t cleaned or inspected your filter in a while, it could be the cause of your cloudy spa water.  Filters are an extremely important component in keeping your water clean, clear and free of bacteria. You should be doing a quick rinse of your filter with a garden hose at least every four weeks. You should also thoroughly clean your filter at least every three months to ensure that it functions efficiently. While you are cleaning your filter, install a replacement filter in your hot tub. Finally, you should replace your hot tub filter with a new one every year.

    Avoid adding too many dissolved solids to the spa water

    Every time you enter your hot tub, you add to the total amount of dissolved solids in the water. When body lotions, detergents, hair products and other body products accumulate in the hot tub, they can cause hazy water and foaming.

    Although we recommend that you rinse off in a shower before entering the hot tub to avoid this problem, we also recognize that this is sometimes impractical. If you don’t have the time to shower before you soak, put your hair up and try not to apply any lotion before you enter the hot tub. Also, make sure to thoroughly rinse out all of your soap and hair products when you shower, and avoid using detergents on your bathing suit.

    Refrain from using spa salts in your hot tub

    Some people use spa salts to enhance their relaxation experience in hot tubs. However, excessive use of spa salts can alter the pH balance in your spa, causing it to become cloudy. This is why we do not recommend using spa salts.

    Instead, consider using spa fragrances. These spa-safe fragrances promote relaxation and contain therapeutic qualities for a luxurious spa experience. No need for spa salts that may damage your hot tub and its water.

    If none of the above works, drain, clean and refill your hot tub

    Sometimes, the only way to get clear hot tub water is to fill your hot tub with fresh water and continue the practices above. If you haven’t refilled your water in 4 months, it might be time to do so. But before you drain your hot tub, use ThermoSpas Jet Cleaner to clean out the dirt, soap and bacteria hidden in your plumbing. When using our Jet Cleaner, all you have to do is add it to the water, run your pumps and jets at full power for 15 minutes, let the hot tub water sit for an hour, and then run your pumps and jets for 15 minutes again. It’s as easy as that.

    Next, drain your hot tub. After your spa is empty, use ThermoSpas All Purpose Cleaner to clean the jets and shell. Then, use a hose to refill your squeaky clean hot tub with fresh water. After this thorough cleaning, your water should remain clear and clean for a long time, as long as you follow all of the steps above.

    If, after following all of these steps, your hot tub water remains cloudy, feel free to call our customer care representatives at 1-800-876-0158. They are knowledgeable in every facet of water chemistry, so they will be able to help you with your hot tub water problems by giving you personalized advice and suggestions. We are always happy to help.

  3. 16 Hot Tub Safety Tips Every Hot Tub Owner Should Know

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    As the hot tub owner – you are responsible for the safety of anyone who uses your ThermoSpa.

    Check your home owner’s policy to see if it covers occasional guests who use your hot tub, because if something happens – you are liable.

    But don’t let that take away all the fun!

    You can provide a safe environment for you and your guests by following some basic safety guidelines:

      1. House rules. Make a clear list of guidelines and clearly communicate them to your family and friends before using the hot tub.
      2. Diabetes, high or low blood pressure and other illnesses could effect hot tub use – know about the hot tub safety guidelines for these conditions.
      3. Medications that cause drowsiness can cause complications with hot tub use. Ask your guests in advance about medication use.
      4. No infants or toddlers in the spa. If older children use the hot tub, lower the temperature to 100 degrees and do not exceed 20 minutes at a time.
      5. Prevent accidental drowning. Leave the hot tub cover on and latched when the spa is unsupervised.
      6. No electrical appliances near the hot tub. Do not use extension cords. Use battery powered appliances instead.


    1. Prevent Hyperthermia. Understand that alcohol and other medications greatly increase the chance of hyperthermia – the opposite of hypothermia. This occurs when the internal body temperature reaches several degrees above the normal temperature of 98.6 degrees.
    2. Ventilate indoor hot tub installations as vapors carrying un-sanitized bacteria may fill up the enclosed air space and cause ‘Hot Tub Lung’.
    3. Stay out of the hot tub during rainstorms and lightening because of the chance of electrocution.
    4. Glass. Don’t do it, ever. Trust us.
    5. Guest showers with soap before dipping into the spa. Don’t be afraid to ask for this – it’s basic hot tub etiquette.
    6. Cloudy Water = Do Not Enter. This type of water can cause skin infections. Call us if your water is cloudy.
    7. Prevent skin infections. The last thing you want your house to be known for is spreading a funky skin infection. Most of these infections are easily treated but it’s always good idea to keep your chemicals balanced and the spa correctly sanitized.
    8. Ban street clothes from being worn in the spa. Clothes can bring bacteria with them. Use a bathing suit or nothing – the choice is yours!
    9. Hot tub temperature – monitor it so no one gets overheated by using a thermometer. Take action if you notice someone acting lethargic and get them immediately out of the spa.
    10. Prevent slips and falls around the hot tub. Install anti-skid treads for steps, rubber mats, sand paint for decks and other similar measures.
    11. Have fun! ThermoSpas hot tubs are designed to improve your life, not give you headaches. So keep it simple, keep it safe, and enjoy.



  4. How to Solve the Most Common Hot Tub Problems

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    What feels better than crystal clear water in your Thermospas hot tub? As with every gadget the hot tub user also faces problems. Here are a few tips for troubleshooting the most common hot tub problems so can have the best experience with your spa:

    Cloudy water

    This is caused by low chlorine levels in your hot tub. Also another major cause is the buildup of soil in the hot tub. This problem can be solved adding a water clarifier. The water clarifier when added needs to be circulated for at least 30 minutes after which the clean filter is cleaned when the water has become clear. Other solutions are you can test for the PH level or totally change the water in your tab. This should make your hot tub clearer.

    Colored water

    This is caused by the presence of iron or copper in the water and a high alkalinity due to a low PH level. The solution to this is testing the alkalinity and adjusting if necessary and adding of a scale remover will also aid in this problem.

    Deposits of calcium

    This is another major problem. It is mainly caused by hard water and cases of total alkalinity in cases of excessively low PH levels in the hot tub water. Hot tub troubleshooting is done here by cleaning the shell surface with a non-abrasive cleaner will help remove the deposits while also you can add a scale control chemical. It is very important to keep checking the PH level as this can prevent many major problems that arise.

    Skin and eye irritation

    Presence of incompatible chemicals in the water in the hot-tub and a low PH level is the cause of this. Also incorrect sanitizer levels and pseudomonas bacteria are a cause of irritations. Solution to this problem is applying disinfection procedures to your hot water tub. Well the most basic solution is to adjust your chlorine levels and check the alkalinity and adjust to the necessary levels.

    Bad odor

    This is one of the worst problems you can face, an irritating smell coming from your hot tub caused by poor ventilation, chemical overdose, insufficient oxidation and poor cover cleaning. This problem can be solved by cleaning the cover with warm water or a mild soap.

    It is important to maintain your hot tub so that these problems can be avoided. If problems are present, they can easily be dealt with. If you have additional questions, please contact customer support: