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  1. 5 Ways to Conserve Water With Your Hot Tub

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    This year, there have been bad droughts across the country in states such as California, Texas and South Carolina. In light of these droughts, it’s important that we do what we can to conserve water. Luckily, hot tubs are almost always made to be very water efficient.

    Though spas may look like they need a lot of water, they actually require much less water to run than most other home appliances that use water. For example, if a person were to relax in a bath every day instead of soak in a hot tub, they would use almost as many gallons of water in a week as the average hot tub uses in four months.

    How is this possible when bathtubs are much smaller? Because hot tubs recycle water daily, so that you only need to refill them every four months. This means they don’t require very much water at all.

    Still, it’s important to save as much water as possible when you’re using your hot tub, especially during these dry times. We here at ThermoSpas have come up with five tips to help you conserve water with your hot tub.

    1. Take Care of Your Filters

    Your hot tub filters are one of the most important factors in keeping your water clean. They work to take debris, dirt, dust and even some bacteria out of your hot tub. The cleaner your filter water is, the less you have to replace it with fresh water.

    To keep your filters working as effectively as possible, you need to clean and replace them regularly.  Every two to three weeks, you should rinse your filter quickly with a hose. Make sure to inspect it for any damage while you’re rinsing it.  Give your filter a thorough cleaning every two to three months with a filter cleaning solution. Filters are only made to last for about a year, so it’s best to replace them after 12 months to ensure that your water stays as clean as possible.

    2. Put a Lid On It

    Whenever you’re not using your hot tub, you should always cover it securely with a hot tub cover. This will reduce evaporation and conserve water.

    The best way to reduce evaporation while you’re not using your spa is to invest in a high quality hot tub cover. These covers will have tight seals, strong straps, thick and dense foam cores, long perimeter aprons and should be specifically designed to fit your hot tub to ensure that as little water as possible escapes. If you’re interested in upgrading your cover to save water, ThermoSpas covers have all of these features and more.

    3. Be on the Look Out for Cracks

    Cracks in your hot tub cover shell or its plumbing can cause leaking. Inspect your spa for damage to catch any problems early before they worsen. Periodically go behind the panels to check out the mechanics and make sure everything is working properly.

    If you do notice any cracks or leaks, do some research, inspect further and call a technician if necessary. Feel free to contact our Customer Care Representatives for help and assistance. We’ll help you take care of the problem in a timely and effective manner so that it doesn’t worsen.

    4. Keep It Balanced

    Along with filters and your pumping system, chemicals work hard to minimize the amount of bacteria in your hot tub. The cleaner you keep your water with the help of chemicals, the later you’ll have to refill it with new water.

    We recommend that you test your water’s chemical levels with test strips at least once a week if you’re using basic chemical sanitizers such as chlorine and bromine. If the strips show that your water is too alkaline or acidic or that you need more sanitizer, add the necessary chemicals to your water. This will make your hot tub water last as long as possible.

    5. Recycle Your Water

    Instead of wasting it away, you can use the water you drain from your tub for good. SF Gate has some great tips for recycling hot tub water that uses chlorine by giving it to your plants. If your hot tub is sanitized with chlorine, stop treating it at least three days before you plan to drain your spa. Don’t try using the hot tub at this time because it won’t be sanitary for you. It will be great for your plants after the chlorine has dissipated though.

    Before you drain your hot tub, make sure to test the water’s pH levels and chlorine levels. The chlorine levels should be zero and the pH levels should be between 7 and 8 before you give the water to your plants. If your chlorine levels aren’t at zero yet, wait a little bit longer. If the pH levels aren’t in this range, add a product with sodium bisulfate to lower the levels or a product with sodium carbonate to increase the levels. Finally, when your water is just right for the plants, drain your water into buckets to water your garden with. After your hot tub water is drained, make sure to carefully clean your shell to get rid of any dirt or bacteria, and then refill with fresh water.

    Note: This process only works with hot tub water that is sanitized using chlorine. Also, check with your local municipality to make sure it’s legal to use gray water on your garden plants where you live. You should also ask for any rules regarding hot tub draining.

    We hope you find these tips useful as you try to conserve water. Water conservation will only be more important in the future, so it’s important to start saving water now. For more hot tub weather and maintenance tips, make sure to keep an eye on our blog.

  2. 5 Amazing Products to Clear Up Your Cloudy or Foamy Water

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    Keeping your hot tub water clear not only makes it look great, but it also increases the longevity of your hot tub. No one wants a cloudy or foam-filled hot tub. That is why ThermoSpas offers five effective products to help keep your spa water clear with as little maintenance as possible. Let’s take a look at them now to see how each of them can help you.

    Stain & Scale Preventer

    If you have colored water problems, stains or cloudy water, Stain & Scale Preventer can help put an end to them. These problems are usually caused by the presence of metallic impurities, such as iron, copper and magnesium salts. Metallic impurities can come from the water used to fill the spa. These metals are oxidized by chlorine, and then become visible, causing the stains you see on your spa’s surface or colored, cloudy water.

    Our Stain & Scale Preventer can help to eliminate these problems. By combining with metallic and mineral impurities, this product keeps them dissolved and invisible. We recommend using Stain & Scale Preventer once a week if you have high amounts of metal impurities in your water.

    Protection Plus

    This exclusive ThermoSpas product works to dissolve metals just as Stain & Scale Preventer does. The only difference is that Protection Plus also has a powerful clarifier. What does this mean? In one easy step, Protection Plus prevents colored water and stain problems, and clarifies your spa’s water. The end result is clear and purified water, increased filter performance and an unaffected chemical balance.

    We recommend that you add a small amount of Protection Plus to your spa each week. This will keep your water clean, clear and protected.

    Natural & Clear

    Just like it sounds, Natural & Clear is a natural enzyme that works to keep your water clear by breaking down organics and contaminants that sanitizers can’t destroy. By doing this, Natural & Clear purifies your water and helps to prevent oil slicks and common water scum lines.

    Most synthetic products in the market can harm your filter and are not as effective at keeping your water clear or preventing water scum lines. Because Natural & Clear is all natural, it does not create any of these problems and effectively does its job. We recommend adding 6 ounces on the initial fill and then 1 ounce each week thereafter for a 300-gallon spa.

    Spa Foam Away

    Although foam is not harmful to you or your spa, it can be an annoying and unattractive sight to see while you are trying to soak. It can also minimize the effectiveness of your sanitizer. Foam buildup can be caused by a variety of sources, including soap residue on bathing suites, shampoo, body oils or cosmetic products.

    Luckily, ThermoSpas’ Foam Away quickly eliminates foaming. Foam Away is an exclusive formula that breaks up existing foam in spas, hot tubs and whirlpools. Because of its high concentration, you can easily get rid of foam with just one small capful. Foam Away can also be used as a preventative to safely keep foam from forming on the surface of your spa’s water.

    Liquid Calcium

    If you live in a part of the country that has soft water, low calcium may be the source of your unclear water problem. Soft water can be so low in calcium that the water eats away at your spa’s metal components to satisfy its need for minerals. This can corrode and damage parts of your spa, stain your water and shell surface and cause foaming. To avoid or eliminate these problems, you can add ThermoSpas’ Liquid Calcium to your hot tub water. This will raise the water’s “hardness” level.

    To test if you have soft water, try measuring the hardness of your hot tub’s water with Water Hardness Strips. The ideal range for calcium hardness is between 200 and 400 ppm. If you do need to add more calcium, just one ounce of our Liquid Calcium product raises the calcium level 15 parts per million (ppm). It’s easy to use and extremely cost-effective. Continue adding and testing the water until it is in the recommended range.

    If you’re having trouble keeping your hot tub water clear, try using the products above. You can find all of them here on our online store. If you have any questions about these products or about water clarity in general, feel free to contact us today by calling 1-800-876-0158. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer care experts are available to help you keep your water clean, clear and beautiful.


  3. Save Time With These Hot Tub Filter Accessories

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    Filters are a hot tub user’s best friend. With the help of pumps, they work to keep your water pure and clean with very little maintenance necessary. There is some cleaning needed to keep your filter working as efficiently as possible, though. To make the process of cleaning your filters even easier than it already is, we offer some filter accessories that should make cleaning your filters a breeze.

    Spa Filter Clean

    ThermoSpas’ Spa Filter Clean is the staple of your filter-cleaning regime. Every hot tub owner should own a cleaner that is specifically designed for filters to ensure that their filters are being properly and efficiently cleaned. The better your filter is cleaned, the longer it will last. Our cleaner is specially formulated to eliminate suntan oil, grease, and scales and mineral deposits from spa filters of all kinds.

    Cleaning your filter with Spa Filter Clean is simple and should be done every two to three months. First, take out the filter and replace it with a spare one. Next, thoroughly rinse the filter with a garden hose to get rid of large debris. After that, soak it in a solution of Filter Clean and water for 12 hours. When time’s up, remove the filter from the solution and replace your spare filter cartridge with it. That’s all it takes to thoroughly clean your filter.

    Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner

    This easy-to-use cleaner can be utilized in between thorough filter cleanings with Spa Filter Clean to help make your filters last even longer. In fact, you can double the lifespan of your filter when you properly clean it every few weeks with ThermoSpas’ Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner. This cleaner breaks down invisible grime and oils that collect on your spa filter without affecting your water chemistry, allowing for improved water pressure on your jets.

    The Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner is incredibly easy to use. First, thoroughly rinse your filter cartridge with hose water to remove any debris or loose matter. Then, while the cartridge is still wet, spray Instant Cartridge Filter Cleaner on the total surface area. Allow the filter to set for three to five minutes. After this short period of time, thoroughly rinse it with hose water again, and reinstall the filter cartridge.

    Water Wand Filter Cleaner

    If you want to make cleaning your filter even easier, consider purchasing ThermoSpas’ Water Wand Filter Cleaner. Unlike your hose, this magical device reaches between the pleats of your cartridge with eight pleat-separated fingers and a high-pressure nozzle, allowing for a more thorough clean. The Water Wand Filter Cleaner allows you to clean any hot tub or pool pleated cartridge in less times using less water.

    Filter Flosser

    ThermoSpas’ Filter Flosser is the ultimate filter-cleaning tool. This device is specifically designed to unleash a powerful spray that reaches between the pleats of your cartridge to blast away dirt deposits. Even better, Filter Flosser can be used on the entire hot tub area. It’s great for power washing your spa cabinets, steps and even walkways.

    You can find all of these accessories on the filter accessories page of our online store. These filter accessories can make your filters last much longer and reduce your cleaning time and effort. Don’t forget to keep an eye on our blog for more useful hot tub information.

  4. What is Bio-Film and How to Get Rid of It

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    At ThermoSpas, you often read on how important is to maintain a clean and sanitized hot tub. While the process of cleaning your hot tub is rather simple, some can still neglect to do it. Unfortunately, this creates bio-film, a collection of bacterias and living organisms that collect on the walls of your pipes and plumbing. While simple bacterias and impurities in your hot tub are easily neutralized with chlorine or ThermOzone, bio-film is much tougher and demands more serious actions.

    We’ll tell you how to free your tub of bio-film, but we must emphasize that it’s a moot point as long as you keep your hot tub sanitized and maintained. Bio-film forms when spas are unused for a good amount of time, or when they are used, but the proper cleaning techniques are not maintained. Not replacing filters regularly, inconsistent use of sanitizers, and incorrect use of cleaners, can all lead to the forming of bio-film.

    It’s very hard to determine if your spa contains bio-film, but you may notice a strange odor, cloudy water, slime, floating debris, and possible skin irritations that appear days later. If you do suspect your hot tub is contaminated, regular sanitizers will not help, and often your pipes and filter can aid in the growth of the bio-film. Here is how we recommend you treat a hot tub contaminated with bio-film:

    Clean all Elements

    With normal maintenance, we recommend cleaning all elements on a schedule that spaces out all duties. One week you can replace the filter while the next you clean the cover or shock the tub. This makes it very easy to keep your hot tub sanitized. When it comes to bio-film, you need to clean everything all at once to guarantee that as much of the bacterias are eliminated.

    It’s wise to start from the top of your tub and move down. Start with your hot tub cover. Use ThermoSpas All-Purpose Cleaner to wipe down your cover and remove and filth. Make sure to clean all possible crevices. Move onto your hot tub filters, skimmer, and any elements of the hot tub that you can reach that are not underwater at the time. Allow all removable parts, including the filter, to sit in a strong solution of shock treatment sanitizer such as ThermoSpas’ ThermoClear Spa Activator Shock.

    Shock Your Tub

    Next you’ll want to shock your hot tub water to kill all possible bacteria and organisms. We recommend using 4x as much shock as you would when you normally shock your water. Turn on the jets and let the hot tub pump water through all of its pipes for 40 to 60 minutes with the hot tub cover on.

    Flush Your Tub

    As soon as shocking is over, drain your tub. This should help remove much of the bacteria and calcium build up inside the pipes.

    Once emptied, wipe down the shell of your tub with an All-Purpose cleaner doing your best to clean all areas including jets, and floor of tub. Once you believe you have successfully cleaned your hot tub, you can begin to fill it with water again.

    Balance Your Water

    You can now treat your hot tub as you would when you first fill up the tub. Shock, and balance your tub with the correct amount of sanitizer. If you still seem to be experiencing bio-film issues, we recommend connecting with hot tub technicians that can help ensure your hot tub is sanitary.

    Of course, none of this would be needed if you are able to maintain a cleaning and sanitizing schedule for your hot tub. It’s easy to do and takes very little time. Your diligence will pay off in the end. If you have any more questions about bio-film or how to properly maintain your hot tub, contact ThermoSpas today, we’d be happy to help.