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  1. Hosting a Safe Children’s Hot Tub Party

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    Children enjoy hot tubs just as much as their parents and other adults. When planning your child’s next birthday party, consider throwing a hot tub party for the birthday boy or girl and their friends. To throw a good children’s hot tub party though, there are a few safety measures one must take to ensure all children stay out of harms way.

    Age Limit:

    Children under the age of five should not be allowed in the hot tub. Their bodies can quickly overheat and they can become dehydrated and sick. We recommend waiting even longer to throw a hot tub party for your kid. Age 10 is a good, and fun time, to have your child and their friends around a hot tub.


    Always make sure there are parents available to keep an eye on all the children as they play in and around the hot tub. A simple accident or horse play can cause an unwanted injury. Chaperones should make sure children are staying seated inside the hot tub and not jumping/swimming around.


    We also recommend to lower the temperature of the hot tub a few degrees for a children’s party. Children are much more active than adults when it comes to hot tubs. They want to move around, get in and out of the water, and play with their friends. Their bodies are already warm from their hustle, so keeping the hot tub at a lower temperature will help make sure no one overheats.

    Snacks and Drinks

    Make sure to have plenty of snacks and drinks for the children, however leave them away from the hot tub. Nothing’s worse than having to clean out orange juice and chips from your hot tub. We recommend water and natural fruit juices for the children to drink to help them stay hydrated. For snacks, try to avoid extremely salty foods as they can often dehydrate the children faster than fruit slices and sweets.

    Time Limit / Games

    You may want to set a time limit as well for how long the children can be in the hot tub. A good way to arrange this is by having games played every 20 minutes that will force the children to get out of the hot tub and participate. If you have more guests than the hot tub can fit, you can have the children switch in and out when it’s not their turn to play.


    Be sure to have some fun music playing, but keep it to a reasonable volume. Children can often get hurt very easily in a hot tub, just as anywhere else, and the parental chaperones will need to have an ear to any distress.

    Dry Walkways

    Make sure to try and keep walkways as dry and possible around the hot tub. Use a path of towels or wipe up the floor every so often. You don’t want any children slipping on a wet floor as they’re making their way from the hot tub to the bathroom, or somewhere else.

    Extra Towels

    Last, make sure to have an abundance of towels. No one likes to be standing outside of the hot tub shivering and wet. Keep a large supply of dry towels ready so that kids can stay warm when leaving the hot tub.

    If you follow these safety tips, your children can have a great time playing games, eating snacks, and sitting in a bubbly hot tub. It’s a simple addition to a party that can make your birthday kid and their friends have a great time.