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  1. Ideal for One, Perfect for Two – Thermospas Gemini Hot Tub

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    If you have limited space or you are on a budget, you should consider the luxury 2 person portable hot tub line by Thermospas.

    Holding less than 175 gallons,the 2 person Gemini hot tub has many of the features of a full size spa less expensive to run and easier to maintain.

    At 81″ long and sitting only 30″ from the ground, the Gemini has the luxury of a full size hot tub with the ability to fit in just about any space. This makes the Gemini perfect for an apartment, condo, bedroom, or small house.

    The sleek design and beautiful wood finish and cabinetry make the hot tub an asset to your indoor space.

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  2. Water Jets and The Bubbling System Explained

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    Hot Tubs are designed to work in two separate ways, waterjets and air bubbling systems. The most commonly used by all spa manufacturers are the waterjets. A pump draws in water from the hot tub and sends it through a series of jets. Topside valves mix air into the water stream creating a more vibrant water pressure. ThermoSpas unique manifold plumbing system not only allows us to install more jets but also a larger variety of water jets than any other spa. (more…)