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  1. Six of the Coolest Hot Tub Locations in the World

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    If you could go anywhere in the world, where would that be? We would go and visit the coolest and most luxurious hot tub resorts if we had the chance. So where would that take us? All around the world, of course. With hot tubs at resorts in China, New Zealand, South Africa, Belize, and the United States, we would have our travel plans booked for quite some time. Here’s our choices for six of the coolest hot tub spots in the world, do any of these awesome locations sounds good to you?

    Banyan Tree Lijiang Resort & Spa – Lijiang, China

    Lijiang is also known as “the Venice of Asia” as it too embraces a network of canals and bridges to transport between areas of the city. Banyan Tree is one of the most luxurious resorts in the city offering every guest their own private courtyard, garden, and two-person hot tub. Relax in 100-degree water, look out at the famous Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and sip some local plum wine. Doesn’t get much better than that.

    Matakauri Lodge – Queenstown, New Zealand

    Birthplace of bungee jumping, Queenstown offers a wide variety of adrenaline-rushing sports and adventures such as skydiving, jet boating, and downhill slopes for skiing or snowboarding. With all that excitement, you’ll need a good soak to relax your muscles and joints. That’s where the Matakauri Lodge steps in with an alpine cedar-and-schist stone hot tub. With floor-to-ceiling glass doors, you’ll feel one with nature while allowing the warm water to soothe your every nerve. But don’t rest too long, you’ll need to save time for more adrenaline-rushed adventures, because that’s what Queenstown is all about.

    The Hotel on Rivington – New York City, New York

    Life at the Hotel on Rivington is the kind of luxury most New Yorkers dream of living. Designed by famous New York developer Paul Stallings, this cedar wood hot tub is perched high above the bustling streets of Manhattan. Look out to the downtown skyline or further out to Brooklyn while soaking in this ten-person tub. All the while sip on the hotel’s famous Pearadise champagne cocktail.

    The Molori Safari Lodge – South Africa

    Relax and enjoy vast views of landscape and wildlife at this South African dream spot. Located just under the Dwarsberg Mountains, calm your mind in the six-person in-ground hot tub next to an infinity pool that looks across over 100,000 of the Madikwe Game Reserve. With exquisite dining, fitness center, and full spa, you might not spend as much time in this hot tub as you’d hope.

    Blzancaneaux Lodge  – San Ignacia, Belize

    Powered by an super-green hydroelectric plant, this hot tub was designed by Oscar winner Dean Travoularis for Francis Ford Coppola’s lodge. The horseshoe shaped hot tub uses local granite to hold over 11,000 gallons of water. Coppola chose the spot after using nearby areas for his film Apocalypse Now. The property is a collection of 10 cabanas, six villas, and a cottage all set in the jungle.

    Amangani – Jackson, Wyoming

    Here’s one of the most necessary luxury hot tubs in the middle of Jackson Hole’s East Gros Ventre Butte. The temperature can drop so dramatically in the winter that the resort staff often bring wool beanies to their guests stepping out of the steaming tub. Along side the quartzite-tiled pool, this slate hot tub will calm nerves while allowing you to soak in the beautiful views of the Snake River Valley. With white snow butting up against the hot tub and pool, this place makes more sense to dip into 103-degree water and keep warm than any other location on our list.

    What do you think of these great resorts and hot tubs? Any location we missed that you dream of visiting? Let us know, we would love to expand our own lists of places to visit