Spotlight on the Manhattan: 6 person Luxury hot tub from thermospas

manhattan hot tub lights

on February 20, 2013 in Lifestyle

The image above shows the beautiful state-of-the art design of the Manhattan Hot Tub with the Thermospa’s LED lighting system.

This is the ultimate in luxury hot tubs. Fits six comfortably but includes seating for eight.

Manhattan Hot Tub Features:

  • Deep, full body immersion
  • Plenty of leg room with over-sized foot wells
  • Extra long lounge seats and jets ideal for hot tub therapy
  • Large enough for a family or get-together
  • Built in ice tray that doubles as a table
  • Stunning LED lighting

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What Our Customers are Saying:

“I join my wife in the spa to relieve my own tension and stress which on occasion has triggered lower back problems of my own. My two teenage daughters use the spa to entertain their friends. The record number of teenagers in the spa at one time was fifteen! The spa has become an integral part of our weekly activities.”  Thermospas Manhattan owner, Richard M., of Fairfield CT

And one of our brave customers cleared off the snow and braved this year’s blizzard in their Manhattan Hot Tub:

“Cleared the snow off our Manhattan and braved the blizzard of 2013 to enjoy our hot tub!!” – Jason D.


Thermospas Manhattan in the Blizzard





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